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UN Russian Ambassador says anti-gay law will remain in effect during Winter Olympics

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Reader comments

  1. So that’s it then. If you’re gay, compete, or even win a medal in the Winter Olympics, you will be found guilty of “promoting homosexual propaganda”, as presumably those under the age of 18 can watch the games take place.. What else does the IOC need?

    1. I saw on the BBC before there was an athlete who was disqualified for doping with the surname ‘gay’ and it was printed on his chest-paper thing. Could we technically say the word ‘gay’ printed on paper is propaganda? Is a rainbow flag somehow promoting homosexual behaviour to children and has the power to influence them to ‘become’ gay???

      The laws are insanely confusing to say the least…

  2. The headline states states that the UN Russian ambassador said that the anti-gay laws will remain in effect during the Winter Olympics.

    Wouldn’t it sort of be useful to state what he actually said to AllOut?

    This article doesn’t attribute any quote to the ambassador.

  3. Dustin Hamby 9 Aug 2013, 8:11pm

    This is such a poorly written article. I agree with SteveC; how can you write an article and not use direct quotes? Hyperlinks seem to encourage laziness nowadays.

  4. Did he say this in english? Do you think the IOC will need it in French as well in case they have translation issues?

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