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Transgender actress reflects on ‘complicated’ role of playing trans character in hit Netflix drama

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  1. Paula Thomas 9 Aug 2013, 7:05pm

    I got netflix so that I could see this series. Having read the book (and I do recomend that people do it in that order) I was pumped for the series.

    It didn’t disappoint although it only takes the book as the starting point* it keeps true to the spirit of the book asking the same questions and pointing the viewer to similar answers.

    *for instance the main charater doesn’t meet her ex-lover in the prison until they are both transferred to Chicago to testify in a trail, in the series they meet on day one and there is no transfer)

  2. It’s quite heartwarming in a funny way a bit light but brilliant acting. All the characters are believable. I have a crush on pornstach too.

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