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Tory MP Mike Weatherley receives death threat over opposition to Russian anti-gay laws

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Reader comments

  1. Tipsabell 9 Aug 2013, 4:45pm

    You do realise that the tweeter in question is a lesbian?

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 9 Aug 2013, 5:08pm

      Why should that matter! Hate doesn’t discriminate among the perpetrators. Hopefully Twitter will shut her account down.

    2. BlokeToys 9 Aug 2013, 6:05pm

      I find that hard to believe, considering some of their far-right views. Not impossible I guess, but even if true it makes no difference.

      In fact, if true, she should be doubly embarrassed and ashamed.

  2. This is not a death threat it’s another f#$king idiot with a twitter account.

    It’s a little different from the people who said they’d placed bombs outside certain women’s houses last week (?) or tweeted that they were going to rape people.

    She did not tweet, ‘I am going to kill him’ and I doubt she was leaving instructions to a secret hitman.

    If morons like this are taken seriously then they are going to be used as an excuse to erode freedoms of speech. There are plenty of real nutjobs out there who hound people to death on social media

    1. So “KILL WEATHERLEY” isn’t an incitement to other to do serious harm to a human being?

      1. No it isn’t in this context. It’s just an idiot on twitter trolling the Internet. I don’t want to see such morons prosecuted. It wastes time, money and resources. Take a look at how Mary Beard handled much worse abuse on twitter.

        @BlokeToys she isn’t far right she’s far left. She retweeted a tweet from someone who said they were suspicious of the world’s reaction to Russia. This suspicion is a far left argument I’ve seen around the web. They think people are sticking up for gay people because they’re punishing Russia for Snowden. It may be true for some but even Obama did not cite LGBT people as a reason for not meeting Putin, he only said “human rights” abuses. I think it’s a pretty dim witted chain of thought.

        Personally I don’t care if they’re right if it protects lgbt people. Snowden made a choice (he’s brave to do so but I’m sure he knew he’d be treated like a traitor, from his interviews) LGBT people have no choice they’re harassed and assaulted for being who they are.

        1. Somehow I think you’d feel differently if you were in the public eye in some way and someone made a similar threat to you or your family. To immediatley brush off an online threat as a bored lowlife trying to feel good about himself is dangerous because there are real psychos out there and the Internet is open to all and is a place where people can use anonymity to take off their mask and express their true monstrous forms

    2. BlokeToys 9 Aug 2013, 6:03pm

      Sorry, no excuses. There are plenty of idiots and real mentally challenged people out there who somehow manage to get their point across without making threats to kill or alluding to the use of physical violence.

      People who do should face some kind of action. If this were done in the street, there would be consequences if reported. Why is it any different when that person is hiding behind a computer screen?

      I am all for rights and anonymity on line, but it’s about time sites started taking responsibility for their users. If you were constantly attacking others in a bar (physically or verbally) you would expect to be removed – it’s not right of yours to arbitrarily attack anyone else using the excuse of “freedom of speech”.

      1. I think she should be banned from twitter to be clear.

  3. It’s great that Mike Weatherley has spoken out and is standing firm. Cameron has now had Weatherley and Mike Freer (are they more?) from his own party speaking out about the appalling situation for LGBT Russians. Cameron probably listens to Conservative MPs quicker than he would of those on the opposition. Though, Cameron will be perfectly aware of what is exactly happening as he would have been briefed by Hague. Unless, that is, leading FCO officials have the same agenda as the BBC, Sky, et. al. (in fact, almost all of the media) in attempting to obscure the full picture by not mentioning the brutal beatings, torture and killing of both adults and children suspected of being gay.

    As for the Twitter user, let’s be clear that her demand for others to kill Mr Weatherley is incitement to murder, so she should be brought to justice in Iceland.

    The recent advancements in technology has brought some very ugly-minded people to the fore that otherwise would have been ……. >

    1. …….. individuals with internalised anger-management problems. Twitter, Facebook etc. has now given them an outlet to vent that anger. Society has to accept that in the age of the internet, people who were once just sad, angry individuals now have the opportunity to be menace, even criminal. Online social networks and the judicial system haven’t quite realised their responsibilities as yet.

    2. Sorry…a spelling error in my first post: ‘Cameron has now had Weatherley and Mike Freer (are they more?) from his own party speaking out about the appalling situation for LGBT Russians’. *(are THERE more?)* !

  4. GulliverUK 10 Aug 2013, 8:32am

    Not a problem, the UK has an international extradition agreement with Iceland, although I suspect that Iceland would be more than capable of dealing with him/her. I saw that as incitement to commit a criminal act, as incitement to commit murder.

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