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Protest against Russian anti-gay laws to take place in London on Saturday

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 9 Aug 2013, 2:27pm

    I fully support this but wonder if Downing Street is the Right place.

    Why not protest outside the Russian Embassy?

    Either way a protest is seriously needed. Russia cannot, must not get away with it’s actions.

  2. I think the Russian Embassy needs to be occupied.

    The ambassador of the fascist Putin regime in Britain needs to be expelled from here until this evil, murderous potentially genocidal law is overturned.

  3. Colin (London) 9 Aug 2013, 3:02pm

    Boys by all our efforts this is main stream now and the world is wakening up. Lets just be grateful we have gotten here but the work must go on until either Russia relents or the world condemns Russia and removes the Olympics from Russia.

    1. I agree.

      Last week my Guardian account was banned for linking to this story (seemed to gay to them). Now even they are covering it.

  4. Agree . . . it should be outside the Russian Embassy with a march / parade / walk to Downing Street . . .

    We seem to have a parade for everthing else – why not something as important as this?


  5. Robert in S. Kensington 9 Aug 2013, 6:00pm

    There probably won’t be many outside Downing Street on a Saturday. Cameron is probably at Chequers for the weekend anyway.

    I’m more for a protest outside the Russian Embassy.

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