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Nick Clegg: ‘It is worrying and depressing that Russia is taking steps backwards for LGBT rights’

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Reader comments

  1. He does look pretty depressed but maybe that is because of the godawful photograph you always use on a Nick Clegg article. If you compare it to the photos of other politicians used by pn it’s quite clear to see the bias. You may not like the lib dem leader but he’s always been very supportive of lgbt people so why the childishness?

    1. Benjamin Cohen 9 Aug 2013, 6:12pm

      We do not dislike Nick Clegg. Far from it. He is among our most regular columnists and is a friend of PinkNews

      1. Well said Ben . . .

        Nick has always a supporter of the LGBT community and am pleased that he has spoken out . . . now for action from this Coalition Government and ALL political parties across the UK.


  2. That is a woefully inadequate response from Nick Clegg.

    When is the Russian ambassador to be summoned to explain what is going on in Russia?

    If he does not give a firm commitment and date by which time this fascist law is rescinded will he be expelled.

    What form of trade sanctions are to be applied to Russia for their gross abuses of human rights?

    Will there be automatic asylum in Britain for any Russian LGBT person enduring this pogrom?

    We need action on this – not empty words.

  3. It is a VERY sinister situation. Impotent and emasculated regimes look for scapegoats to distract attention from their inadequacies. Hitler did exactly the same before WW2. Then, religious leaders turned a blind eye to the persecution of the Jews. Sound familiar ….?

    1. Good point, truth. Also, if you were to travel back 100 years’ ago to Tsarist Russia you would find that the paranoid Russian government of the time was scapegoating its Jewish population in a very similar way, including exploiting age-old superstitions and existing anti-Semitism amongst certain sections of society. Now, 100 years’ later, the victims seem to have changed to LGBT people – maybe Putin and the elements who support him have taken their ideas from this in order to cover up their own inadequacies, both political and personal?

  4. GulliverIK 9 Aug 2013, 5:57pm

    He and his party are ones I could vote for. I welcome him speaking out, twice now.

    Where is the condemnation from other UK leaders and ALL religious groups?

    Where is the Church of England, Catholic Bishops, Evangelical Alliance, Muslim Council of Britain, Sikh community?

    1. To be clear – Nick Clegg has not condemned Russia.

      He has expressed worry and disappointment.

      Meanwhile the pogrom against gay Russia continues.

      1. GulliverUK 10 Aug 2013, 8:20am

        They speak a different language than you or I in any case, but I think “…It is just totally out of order it is unacceptable in this day and age for any athlete to feel in any way intimidated or certainly to be discriminated against because of their sexuality.” expresses a strength of feeling that is condemning. Doesn’t it?

        As much as we want to denomise Putin and his government for their breech of human rights, a pragmatic approach will need to allow him to row backwards in a managed way, to find a some method to undo this law, or neuter it, and not just for February, whilst saving at least some face. I don’t know if that’s possible, but it should be. He’s now in a tight hole, keeping it will harm the reputation of Russia, with an increasing plethora of boycotts and international condemnation, and harm the Olympics, ditching the law would have to be done carefully, so as not to appear weak. He must give in without being seen to give in !

  5. It is more tha worrying. It is disgusting and homophobic. The rest of the democratic world should shun Russia so they can see what it’s like to be a minority and dicriminated against.
    We will stand up for you LGBTs in Russia and eventually destroy Putin and his allies.

  6. Stephen Fry published a powerful letter two days ago. Why haven’t numerous other celebrities followed suit?

    C’mon “names”! Get behind this cause. Build a worldwide cordon around Russia.

    Let Russia really tremble for its appalling behaviour towards homosexual people.

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