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LGBT sport groups urge IOC to make sure Winter Olympics are safe for gay athletes

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Reader comments

  1. What I find most contemptible about this response is that it focuses solely on participants in the Games.

    What about the 7-10 million LGBT Russians who are being targeted and persecuted?

    Do these groups accept that the ‘right’ of people who are Good At Sport to participate in a Sports Event, where they might Win A Medal, does not trump the human rights of a vulnerable minority?

    Russia is not fit for purpose to host the Olympics while practising fascist persecution against LGBT people.

    If that means that some people who are Good At Sport, do not Win A Medal, then too bad for them.

    That is a minor consideration compared to what is happening in Russia.

  2. Alistair Sonaram 9 Aug 2013, 6:16pm

    really, LGBT groups want to make sure it’s safe. OH COME ON! Russia is a danger country, and now more so towards LGBT people. The actually motion of the IOC should be to retract its commitment to Russia as its host country and Russia should labeled a country under possible siege with this amount of hate crimes occurring, worse being condoned by its government!

  3. The IOC simply cannot garuntee safety, the situation is inherently unpredictable and dangerous, it’s impossible to ensure people are completely safe in Russia for being perceived as LGBTQ, or anywhere for that matter.

    What exactly do they expect the IOC to say, and do they really think it will hold any influence, comfort or closure ?

  4. The IOC should be held solely responsible for this.

    There are many countries in the world the Olympics could have been held in, who do not threaten the any minority group, but the IOC specifically chose one who does threaten athletes and spectators. So the IOC gets the entire blame for this.

  5. It’s astonishing that the Olympic Charter is not already formally opposed to discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

    Ensuring countries that discriminate against people on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity should not be qualified to bid for or host Olympic Games, would prevent this scandal from occurring again so hopefully that proposal is accepted.

    Surely the protection of ALL athletes is a top priority of the IOC? It is incredible that they haven’t received that assurance from Russia already at this late stage. Mixed messages are coming from Russian politicians which means that the issue is far from settled. Very poor governance in the IOC.

    Having said all that, I wish the international community’s minds and eyes would primarily focus on the actual cases of anti-gay persecution occurring in Russia, rather than the Winter Games and athletes competing at it.

  6. No gay person is safe in Russia as Putin has called for death or physical violence against all gay people. The IOC can not and will not protect the athletes/visitors/media from the DEATH to ALL GAY people that exists and is advocated in Russia. To think they can remember Munich 1972, those athletes thought they were safe and protected too until they were kidnapped and murdered in the Olympic village as the whole world watched and did nothing. I boycott anything to do with Russia as I will not fund their hatred and ignorance.

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