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Canada: Foreign Affairs Minister brushes off criticism over pro-LGBT stance

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  1. Beelzeebub 9 Aug 2013, 3:13am

    Dear PN editor.

    Can I get a job on your paper.

    This news was published over 24 hours ago on the Vancouver Times.

    May I suggest to readers of this better late than never p!ss poor attempt at Journalism to head over to

    You will get the stories hours before PN plagiarizes them.

    And PS. Ditch the Adobe Flash crap advertising. Even Adobe are ditching it. It crashes browsers. Go HTML5. Employ IT people that know what they are doing and Journalists that can keep up.

  2. It is just as well he is in a position in Government and not that dried up witch Gwendolyn Landolt

  3. As such a staunch supporter of Russian values, I wonder when Gwendolyn Landolt will be moving to Moscow? Weird how things change. A right-wing bigot in perfect harmony with a former communist regime … united in their hatred of a minority. And what makes her believe SHE represents the majority view among Canadians?

  4. Good for him!

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