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British Olympic Association: Boycotting Russian Winter Olympics would ‘penalise athletes’

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Reader comments

  1. In other words, we don’t care about the hum rights abuses that are currently taking place. All care about is medals in the multi-national sponsors.

    What an absolute tosspot!

    1. *human rights*

  2. It’s called “principle”, maybe they should ry it.

    And I defy anyone to watch the video of the torturing of young gay men (notice how the faces of the assailants were visible, wonder why that might be) and then snotbubble about the poor little athletes being hard done by.

    The liberty, safety and lives of the oppressed come first always.

  3. Chester666666 9 Aug 2013, 3:55pm

    How does it penalise athletes when all they need to do is travel to a different country?
    Surely the homophobia should mean a different venue would be a practical solution? Empty words are stupid

  4. not sure what i think about an overall boycott – it may work, however boycotts in the past have also been ineffective

    obviously it’s great for people to campaign for it, and in the end the government and boa will decide what they think rightly or wrongly

    what i object to is making individual athletes a scapegoat for one’s own anger about what is happening in russia

    that video made me very angry too, and i wish i could do something about what is happening over there, but unfortunately i can’t very easily do that

    but if there is no universal boycott individual athletes have the right to make their own decision about competing

  5. Because sport is more important than the lives of gay people. Thanks for confirming that to us BOA, I’ll make a note of how little Darry Seibel thinks of our lives

  6. This response it utterly disgusting and unacceptable.

    So according to the bigot scum of the BOA the ‘right ti compete’ of a tiny handful of people, who are ‘good at sport’ trumps the human rights of millions of Russian LGBT citizens.

    Darryl Siebel is a fascist collaborator.

  7. Don’t boycott.
    RELOCATE … to a country which isn’t homophobic!!!

  8. Colin (London) 9 Aug 2013, 4:06pm

    My blood boils.
    Move the Olympics. Simple

    1. Only it’s not simple.
      There’s a reason why the announcement is made several years ahead. Remember how much time it took London to get ready.

  9. In other words; we care about sponsorship and money money money, but we couldn’t care less about human right’s abuses in Russia. Boycott the lot of them.

  10. NaomiClareNL 9 Aug 2013, 4:17pm

    Well, the IOC banned Afghanistan for not letting women compete, they banned South Africa and Rhodesia for apartheid.
    Can’t see why Russia can’t be banned from their own games.

  11. The very fact that you are gay seems to be enough to make you a criminal in Russia under this new law. so how will the IOC square that circle then? Athletes (including Russian Athletes) being immunised temporarily from Russian state sanctioned hate? It sounds like the IOC are quite happy to be complicit with rape, violence, torture and murder of innocent people.

  12. BlokeToys 9 Aug 2013, 4:25pm

    Boycott Coca-Cola, MacDonalds, Panasonic, and the other companies supporting the Sochi Olympics.

    They are the ones handing over millions of $’s for advertising and participation of their brands.

    Target them, make them aware that they will face global boycotts and be pressured for decades to come for their support of this.

    The only thing the BOA, IOC and their backers care about is money. If the athletes are too spineless to take an ethical stand then we have to do this ourselves against those companies.

  13. Let’s not penalize the athletes. MOVE THE VENUE- to another country where this is not an issue. There have already been too many instances of documented abuse under this law, of which Russian authorities demand respect.

  14. Bollocks!

    Olympic athletes would not be penalised in any way if the Winter Olympics were moved to another venue, like Vancouver.

    I am afraid that the BOA has shown its appalling political view on the matter of the persecution of LGBTs in Russia.

    We must take action now against the BOA!

    The BOA must be shamed into taking appropriate political action.

    Everything in life is political. There’s no way out. No excuse.

  15. Auntie Babs 9 Aug 2013, 5:00pm

    Disgraceful and unacceptable reply.For the last 2 years LGBT History month has been about fighting homophobia in sport and you sir have made a mockery of the principle.

  16. Robert in S. Kensington 9 Aug 2013, 5:05pm

    Unacceptable! And what if those guarantees aren’t what they’re cracked up to be and some athletes are harassed, intimidated or physically harmed? What then BOC? Move the bloody games to Vancouver now! Isolate Russia!

    1. Serves only one purpose and that is to “..penalise the athletes?
      Give us a break, we gays and lesbians are not going to be penalised any longer.
      Move the games.

  17. Better to boycott any company that advertises at the Olimpics

  18. matthew Phillips 9 Aug 2013, 5:42pm

    I honestly don’t care that the athletes could be penalised by this , they should be supporting lgbt people and refusing to take part in the games on principal, no matter how long they have been practicing. If enough people refuse they will have to change the location of the games. Apparently their own desire to take part in the games and win medals is more important than civil liberties. (I do however understand how awful it must be to decide to not compete when you would have been working for the competition your whole life, and for this I am truly sorry). Human rights should come first.

    1. matthew Phillips 9 Aug 2013, 5:48pm

      I possibly wrote this in a rage, I do care about the athletes , but moving the venue is not going to penalise the athletes just Russia.

  19. It would be a different story for the IOC and BOA if Russia’s persecution were directed at race or religion or gender – the fact that it’s just the ‘queers’ speaks volumes about the homophobia in sport that both the IOC and BOA are supporting by allowing the games to go ahead in a homophobic country. Disgusting.

    We shouldn’t be surprised though. It’s just about money, and too many people have been paid off with big bribes.

    If only the BOA was strong enough to stand up for something, but they’re not, they’re weak. Sad and pathetic.

    I hope my tax doesn’t fund these athletes that are going to support a homophobic country?

  20. Does the BOA think that Russia is a suitable host country for the Winter Olympics considering the heinous laws against homosexuality there?

    If not then what is the BOA doing to get the Games moved to Vancouver (which says it can host them again, seeing as all the facilities are still in place from the 2010 Winter Olympics).

    Does the BOA think that Russia should be barred from competing in the Winter Olympics while these laws are in place? If so, then why?

    If the BOA thinks that Russia is an appropriate country to hold these Games, then boycott and protest, and targetting sponsors, is an absolutely justifiable and necessary action.

    The considerations of the athletes pale into insignificance compared to what is happening to LGBT Russians.

  21. Nick Davis 9 Aug 2013, 7:24pm

    I don’t understand why people didn’t expect the BOC to be spineless.
    On every important issue in the last 100 years they have wobbled like jelly.

  22. Kate Griffiths 9 Aug 2013, 8:05pm

    First of all moving the games with just 6 months to go is almost a non-starter/ It would take more than 6 months work plus a huge amount of money to get any alternative venue prepared.

    I can see where the BOA is coming from as athletes spend hours upon hours preparing for this moment. I know one of the athletes in Team GB for Sochi.

    I very much doubt that the IOC can take away the games from Russia legally as contracts would have been signed guaranteeing the Games. I’m not a big fan of the IOC as they discriminate against trans athletes by banning them from all Olympic sports until 2 years after surgery. that includes sports where there is no gender advantage. But I can really see their dilemma. If they pull the Games from Russia they leave themselves open to a multi billion dollar lawsuit

    1. A voice of reason, which is so rarely heard these days. :(

  23. Stephen Frost 9 Aug 2013, 11:39pm

    Who gives a toss? Some bloody idiots playing a few games is NOT more important than the rights of the LGBT community of an entire nation! And it’s a bigger statement to go and compete? How does that work? They get away with it and make a ton of money. They can’t even go and protest, because they’ve already said they’ll arrest spectators and athletes who do so. I hope none of you watch it on TV. Just ignore its existence.

    1. I love Johnny Weir calling a boycott “silly” Need I say more?!

  24. Its like the pre-war Berlin olympics. Better not upset Herr Putin.

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