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Video: Partially state-funded Russian news channel runs report saying Western coverage of anti-gay laws is ‘warped’

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Reader comments

  1. I have spoken to Gay Russians now living here in the UK after being victims of homophobia in Russia… RT news is the REAL propaganda… And that British guy had his interview edited, as well as knowing that he would be busted if he told it as it is

  2. Foreign news channels can be interesting for their different perspective, but if they just push unbalanced reports or propaganda, surely they are breaching our broadcasting laws.

  3. “Russia Today” is an example of how Putin influences on public opinion in Russia. But it’s soft pro-putin propaganda. You must watch russian-speaking TV channels for an example of real anti-gay propaganda in Russia.

  4. That There Other David 8 Aug 2013, 7:47pm

    That channel is basically a load of old rubbish. Even worse is their website, which seems to be infested with tinfoil hat wearers ranting on about Zionist conspiracies.

    You’d have to be insane to consider it news rather than propaganda.

    1. I imagine the website is worse, however the TV news coverage regularly has an inbuilt bias against the structure of western multicultural societies, which it describes using the far right’s term “multiculti”. They also give a platform to far right personalities such as Griffin and Yaxley-Lennon, who are given an easy ride. The BNP website often has comments praising the channel and I can see why.

      1. To be fair, we could say the BBC is just as much propaganda for our own countries right wing corporate and religious interests, and is very biased towards the east, and makes the entire east out to be a morally bankrupt hell hole. It’s exactly the same on both sides – a cliche good vs. evil mud-slinging match that is completley biased and is designed to make you detest the other side.

        1. What’s curious about the BBC is that the Left claim it’s biased against the Left and the Right claim it’s biased against the Right. I’d suggest that that reflects the fact that the BBC are getting things about right!

  5. RT is Russia’s answer to Fox News.

  6. Carry on loves, we almost believe you!

    Do they really think that we are that stupid to fall for their propaganda?

    I think that the raw footage that we are seeing really is speaking for itself.

  7. How ironic this Pink News story is so partisan and distorted it reads like something from Pravda.
    Obviously no coverage of Russia in the West merely pukes up the party line and serves state power (like this by PN)…

    1. That There Other David 8 Aug 2013, 8:41pm

      You, also, are convincing nobody. Do you honestly think none of us here know actual Russians or hear this stuff first hand? The LGBT abuse is the tip of the iceberg as to how messed up that revolting shambles of a country has become. There are no human rights and there is no rule of law. Just a bunch of thugs feathering their own nests at the expense of every other Russian.

      1. If this is just evil propaganda why did Nikolay Alexeyev agree to be interviewed by RT again today?
        Obviously you know more about LGBT life in Russia than err, Russia’s leading LGBT campaigner…

        1. Try exporting goods to Russia if you want to see what corruption is.

          It is on a par with exporting goods to Egypt, virtually impossible unless you join in the corruption and lies.

        2. That There Other David 9 Aug 2013, 8:31am

          The sound you hear is my point whooshing above your head.

          Russia is one step away from falling to pieces. The Russians know it, as do their government.

        3. Because it is state funded and he knows it will portray him in a ‘good’ light.

          As I mentioned in my original post, you just have to see all the original raw footage that is being placed online to see what is happening there.

  8. Russia is warped!

  9. Anyone heard of this:
    Institution of Democracy and Co-Operation in Paris, NewYork, Moscow.
    & John Laughland “Director of Studies”.
    Just happened to be watching France 24, when this shill was discussing “Czar” Putin’s Propaganda law. Reminded me of watching one of those US apologist republican “think tank” institutes trying to explain why the sun revolved about the earth, and why this is a revolutionary discovery and so beneficial. Bit of an exaggeration but you get the general idea.
    Does anyone know anything about this “institute” ?

  10. Her dress is warped, for sure! She looks like a nun, poor thing.
    That British guy… What a traitor!

  11. Is it bad that I kept hoping the presenter would trip over her heels?

  12. The British guy talks about the West focusing on Russia and not other places. Firstly that is not true but also Russia is now part of the West. Its Capitalist and right next to Europe where such evil laws do not exist. Yes, 70 countries around the world outlaw homosexuality but when its one that seems like a neighbour of course we will beat on their door a little louder.

  13. “because the laws only make the crime punishable by fines, rather than criminal punishment.”

    Now I get it.
    State sanctioned murder of the undesirables, let the public carry out the genocide, and make some easy cash off the vulnerable in the process.

    Truly, truly grotesque.

  14. Helge Vladimir Tiller 9 Aug 2013, 7:43am

    I do think this discussion is somewhat unbalanced. I have just been to Stockholm Pride- talked with and listened to gay Russian activists as well as mothers of gay and lesbian children. Their views are far more nuanced than these jumping to conclusions you often find in western media. Hard and unjust facts for the LGBTQ community surely exists ( ex; these New laws)—as well as positive facts. I recommend you to contact:—-
    Ligovsky pr. 87, Office 606, St. Petersburg, 191040, Russia. THEY can give you correct info. Please, do not misunderstand me. I hate all kinds of suppression and violence of gay and transgender persons- no matter where this occurs. RUSSIA INCLUDED !

  15. The fact that these laws are called “anti-propaganda” laws, to me suggests there is a serious problem.

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