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Shadow Foreign Minister Kerry McCarthy: The UK needs to raise the issue of gay rights in Russia at the G20

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  1. Colin (London) 8 Aug 2013, 12:41pm

    Thanks Kerry….I know this is almost impossible but I believe people are good.

    Can we get this raised for debate in Parliament. I know we probably cannot fall out with Russia and maybe the world is better for that but a big boy in the world is acting as a indignant child. The other adults need to sort this out.

    G20 great stuff …yes please.

  2. Now that is a sort of McCarthyism I can get behind.

  3. That is a woefully inadequate response.

    Why has the Russian ambassador not been summoned to parliament to explain the fascist laws?

    What economic sanctions are to be applied against Russia for its support for fascist persecution of gay people?

    1. Well said, SteveC. It may be gay people today …. who will it be tomorrow? The Jews? Emascualted, impotent leaderships like that of the vertically-challenged Putin, will inevitably look for scapegoats to blame for their own inadequacies. These developments are, in my opinion, VERY sinister and can ONLY leads to trouble – perhaps on a world-wide scale. We ignore the plight of Russia’s gay community at our peril.

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