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Russian Foreign Ministry: Anti-gay laws do not violate any ‘international obligations’

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 8 Aug 2013, 12:19pm

    … and just sitting idly by whilst many are beaten just for being Gay, many are tortured and the young accuse raped and driven to suicide.

    Is That your idea of ‘international obligations.

    I call it genocide, murder. Russia calls it obligation.

    Shameful and appalling!

    1. My thoughts exactly.
      Only humanity’s biggest bastards believe themselves to be obliged to bring injury and death to other people. The only international organizations that have such a requirement are those of religion, such as the orthodox church.

  2. Pretty sure the banning of gay pride marches would violate arts 10 (freedom of expression) and art 11 (freedom of assembly and association) under the European Convention which Russia is a signatory to. And yet people don’t seem to have realised this. Russia has always been shady for human rights but they still have to respect the European Court.

    1. Their violations go far beyond those two –
      Article 14 bans discrimination, and has been held to include sexual orientation.
      Article 8 the right to privacy and and the protection of family life, applies to gay couples too.
      The actions and inactions Article 13 and to provide a remedy within the state, if you cannot talk about the other violations, de facto this one becomes impossible.
      Article 17 Abuse of rights, you cannot use another right to deminish the rights of another person or group.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Aug 2013, 12:24pm

    About time the ECHR stepped in. What about the leaders of the EU governments issuing a joint condemnation and demanding that Russia adhere to its obligations or face expulsion including the UN of which it is one of the five permanent members?

    1. Won’t work because Russia has veto power and can veto any vote on its removal from the UN Security Council

  4. Screw Russia.

    Got six months or so – pull the event, take away their cash cow, fall back to the existing venues from 2010 (Vancouver) and show the world that progressive nations with rights for all citizens are rewarded, and barbaric festering theocratic ratholes are not.

    1. I would so love for that to happen!

      1. Colin (London) 8 Aug 2013, 1:50pm

        And me….One letter from each of us to a politician, a magazine, a television station.

        It will matter

  5. This is just game playing, isn’t it? He knows that what his government is doing is wrong. Everyone else knows what the Russian government is doing is wrong and, as Richard said above, they are already non-compliant with aspects of the European Convention.

  6. Konstantin Dolgov is a fascist pig

  7. Weasel words from a bunch of weasels – or rather, given how damaging their “ideas” are, a bunch of crocodiles. There seems to be no limit to how stupid and how detestable these politicians can be.

  8. Colin (London) 8 Aug 2013, 12:47pm

    Look Russia just admit you got this one wrong and face it. The world would respect you more if you did.

    Superpower…..yes with fists, guns and tanks

    Men no!… brains of a dog and hearts of stone.

    At this rate you will never have world respect and all the forward thinking nations are working hard to make sure we need nothing from Russia going forward.

    UN and G20…speak

  9. … and are these not the words of Hitler’s henchmen about the Jews prior to WW2? And the world turned it’s back. Do we learn NOTHING from history? We had better start taking heed of what’s happing in Russia or we may all regret it ….

  10. justusboyz 8 Aug 2013, 1:20pm

    So after the statement from the Olympics committee stating that they had received assurances from the Highest Levels of Russias Government, we have heard nothing! Speaks volumes.
    They must not have the Games it would be a disgrace to the spirit of the Games and to LGBT Russians who are being persecuted.

  11. This is an interesting idea. Instead of boycotting the games, ban Russia from participating in them.

  12. Obviously his comment has been deleted.

  13. Staircase2 8 Aug 2013, 2:52pm

    What a bloody idiot

  14. Don’t forget to share your views directly with the foreign ministry, their public email address =

  15. Commander Thor 8 Aug 2013, 3:21pm

    Keith, go sniff some poop.

  16. GulliverUK 8 Aug 2013, 5:12pm

    He’s wrong.

    “On 18 June 2013 the European Commission for Democracy through Law published its opinion on existing or proposed laws banning ‘propaganda of homosexuality’ in Russia, Ukraine and Moldova, and said that such laws should be repealed as “statutory provisions prohibiting ‘propaganda of homosexuality’ are incompatible with the ECHR and international human rights standards

  17. I expected much better from Russia.

    I would have thought they would have the balls to stand up and say “Yes, you may not agree with us, but we don’t care. We will do it anyway”

    THAT is much more their style, and at least deserving of respect, instead of painfully transparent and contrived head-in-the-sand denial.

    THAT is the sign of true weakness, I expected much better of Russia.

    Mr. Pink

  18. thelostdot 8 Aug 2013, 8:26pm

    Gay competitors can hardly compete properly without support from Gay spectators, and with constant worry hanging over them.

  19. Russia is also violating the free development of the personality of gay children by depriving them of freedom of expression, the freedom to impart and receive information, and freedom from discrimination. I agree Putin and the Duma members should be considered guilty of genocide and stripped of all diplomatic immunity for themselves and their family members (they have all sent their families abroad because of the genocide they committed against Chechen families). LGBTA family members are not the first victims of the Russian government – but is the first to have a global reach to hold the Russian government accountable.

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