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BNP leader Nick Griffin tells Stephen Fry to ‘get over’ his fears about Russia’s anti-gay laws

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Reader comments

  1. Griffin is a complete and utter moron!

    Yes, Russia does have rights but what it should not be doing is allowing the persecution of one particular group of people. Standing idly by while innocent people are violently abused or murdered just because they are gay or ‘look’ gay to the perpetrators.

    1. “Some people & nations just favour traditional values – get over it! Russia has rights too.”

      Only some Russians have rights. I am so traditional I think we should lock up fascists. Okay Nick?

    2. UrgH . . .

      HORRENDOUS . . . so he agrees with the rape, murder and executions of openly LGBT individuals? . . . I bet he does . . .

      and we STILL have members of the LGBT community voting for him and his ilk . . . bleugh !


  2. Jock S. Trap 8 Aug 2013, 3:23pm

    Fears? OK so Nick Griffin clearly thinks that innocent children killing themselves as well as other being beaten, tortured and murdered is fine.

    Nasty ignorant man!!

  3. I thought this bloke was dead? Oh well his party is. Will lose even more of their deposits next time round. RIP

    1. Carol Uren 8 Aug 2013, 4:07pm

      Why on earth would you want such a party to “Rest in Peace”??
      Unless of course you meant “Rot in Purgatory” instead LOL

      1. I don’t believe in purgatory, so I suggest roll in poo as an alternative.

  4. If this pathetic buffoon thinks anyone takes him seriously he is even more stupid than he looks.

    1. As he is a EUP MP it is clear some voters do , that`s life .

  5. Andrew Quinn 8 Aug 2013, 3:32pm

    Nick go to Russia get beaten and raped for “looking gay” then you try and get over it you twat

  6. Says it all really… Maybe we should all chip in a few quid and see if we can get a one way plane ticket for him to go and live there?

    Hell… I will pay for the lot myself!

    1. Don Harrison 9 Aug 2013, 9:12am

      Good plan, How about another for Nick Farage?

  7. Mattress Fever 8 Aug 2013, 3:51pm

    you get OVER IT GRIFFIN!…ANY draconain ways of think’n is utterly mental in this day and age…PERIOD!

  8. When will UKIP leader Nigel Fargage publicly come out in support of Putin as well?

  9. I remember my father talking about creeps like Griffin.
    Mosely was in the same sentence.

  10. Ahhh, the good old traditional values.

    Slavery, witch burning, public executions, defecating out of second floor windows into the street below, women barefoot and pregnant and homosexuals thrown in jail… makes you all misty eyed just thinking about it, don’t it?

    Whatever happened to the good old days eh, Nick?

  11. BNP is homophobic? I’ll file this under such shocking news as their sister party, UKIP being homophobic.

    Sadly, we can expect no better from the bigots in this country

  12. theotherone 8 Aug 2013, 4:15pm

    and there was me thinking nick was bisexual

    1. Yes, one of Griffin’s colleagues has posted videos on YouTube recounting Nick Griffin’s apparent enjoyment of gay relationships.

      1. This is Martin Webster who used to be NUMBER TWO in the
        National Front in the 1970’s whilst that party had extreme anti-homosexual and anti-bisexual viewpoints. I am a previous supporter of the BNP (and former party member) but I am still a nationalist. This just goes to who how politically STUPID the BNP and former NF were. I mean, their homophobic policies drove away potential homosexual and bisexual voters and also enabled the far left to portray them as hypocrites as they didn’t explicitly ban gays or bisexuals from joining them (the early BNP did though)

  13. This is the same Nick Griffin who thinks Russia’s last election was free, fair, and a system that should be copied by more civilized countries.

  14. How dare this lowly WORM of an individual even DARE to speak DOWN to such a statement as Stephen Fry uttered yesterday.

    This proves, not that any further proof is needed, that Nicholas Griffin is utterly ignorant and utterly arrogant.

  15. Why do we give this waste of skin the attention he obviously craves when he makes these remarks? We should treat him like an internet troll and just ignore him, don’t reward his behaviour by reporting it.

  16. Christopher Coleman 8 Aug 2013, 4:25pm

    What is it that made those rather disgusting values “traditional”?

    I think we should consider fermenting a movement that targets ugly, fat-faced politicians.

  17. Professional spouter of drivel.

    While aware of PN’s general editorial standard – given how this situation is escalating, I really do think if it is necessary at this point to stop repeating breathlessly every piece of inane blather by the vapid and irrelevant – choke off the oxygen of their publicity because it really is nothing but opportunism by them and it muddies the water and dilutes the focus.

    I honestly think that it would be wiser to pat this politically impotent bloviating fool on the head and tell him to toddle off and play with his crayons, because the adults are talking.

  18. Why have all my posts disappeared? I haven’t been abusive to ANYONE.

    1. All of my posts on this site have disappeared. I am not a troll, only a gay person making genuine, non-abusive, comments. I have no idea why this has happened.

      1. Mine have disappeared as well so think it may be the system. Unless i am a troll!! :(

        1. Henry, I’m not quite sure that it is the system, if you read my post below about yesterday.

      2. Did you swear? I’ve noticed my posts don’t process if I use a swear word.

        BTW pink news censorship is NOT cool~

        Mr. Pink

        1. If I use a swear word to describe homophobes, I use ‘*’, ‘@’, etc. within the word – just like most others do.

        2. I would understand, had I been including swear words. Only a few of my posts included disguised swearing, but that appears to be acceptable as others do that too.

          Also, I wouldn’t mind if my comments were only full of ‘throw-away’ remarks or only one sentence, but I had put effort into a lot of my posts, so having had them all removed has been a waste of my time.

          I have a niggling suspicion that it’s related to replying to Beelzeebub’s post (see below) yesterday, even though there was genuinely nothing in my comments that PN could take offence to.

    2. Someone with the name “Beelzeebub” posted yesterday on a thread containing abuse from “Keith”. He requested that PN should deal with his constant homophobic comments and added that his gay 17 year-old niece had committed suicide after reading the homophobic comments allowed to remain on view. I replied to this post, not mentioning his claims about PN, but expressed my sadness about his niece. I did agree with him that homophobic, abusive comments should be totally removed. I also mentioned that it was important for all of us to be aware of how we respond when opposing points of view, e.g. ‘put-downs’, hurtful remarks or personally-abusive language could nudge a depressed person closer to the edge.

      Beelzeebub’s post was removed. I can only speculate that as I replied to him (even though I did not mention his claims about PN) that I have had all my posts removed as well.

      I would like an explanation.

  19. Isn’t Nick Griffin the same guy who used to take solace in the company of older, wiser, wealthier gentleman as a youngster?

  20. thatblokeoverthere 8 Aug 2013, 4:43pm

    My thoughts on this are the same whenever I hear this guy speak on any topic.


  21. This guy only likes to make controversial comments such as these as it is the only way he can get publicity! There has hardly been any stories about the BNP lately and with the surge in UKIP stories and popularity he feels he needs to be even more controversial to make the headlines. Don’t give him the time of day!

  22. … another ‘self-loather’ if you ask me. WHY are these people SO OBSESSED with homosexuality? What is it about the subject that gets them so hot under the collar? Perhaps it’s because they have such a hard time suppressing their own same-sex longings? “Show me a homophopbe – I’ll show you a closet case”. Through research and psychology, I think we’re all begining to understand FULLY what drives these people …. are we not, Nick?

    1. It’s reasonably well known that Griffin has experimented with older men in his 20s.

      1. Game, set and match to me I think …?

    2. This does seem to be the case with many homophobes. We have evidence of it with the fact that quite a few Tory MPs in the past have made some unpleasant remarks about homosexuals and then even just a few months later have revealed to the world they are gay themselves. I WAS a BNP supporter. One of the ways, Nick Griffin failed to TOTALLY reform the party was to modernise its attitudes towards gays and bisexuals. He did move it on from John Tyndall’s frankly absurd position on the subject but not enough. The new British Democratic Party supports civil partnerships and once I become a member I will try to get them to support gay marriage too.

      The issue of homosexuality/bisexuality isn’t central to nationalism and too many ‘nationalists’ think it is. They are wrong. If we did reform our attitudes then I think we could get some of the so-called ‘pink vote’.

  23. Obviously Griffin has been slammed for his racist comments and do what the BNP ALWAYS do “Pick on the queens as they shout louder” to get their name in the media to let people know they are still there. What has GAy got to do with the BNP? But Out u racist Moron!

  24. The British public overwhelmingly don’t like the BNP. Get over it.

  25. Rufushound 8 Aug 2013, 4:59pm

    And apparently acoording to Griffin … “gays are creepy”. Has he looked in a mirror?!

  26. That There Other David 8 Aug 2013, 5:17pm

    Nick who?

  27. Commander Thor 8 Aug 2013, 5:19pm

    Keith, go sniff some poop!

  28. This Hitler wannabe should be locked up as far as I am concerned. He carefully steers a path between legality and illegality one day he is going to overstep the mark and I for one will be cheering as he is sent to prison.

    My grandfather would be turning in his grave to think we allowed people like this to be in mainstream politics. MEP my arse and shame on the NW of England for voting him in

    1. That There Other David 8 Aug 2013, 5:58pm

      The thing that saw him elected was apathy rather than support.

  29. Commander Thor 8 Aug 2013, 5:19pm

    You don’t get prosecuted if the dead person is LGBT.

  30. Why give yesterday’s man Griffin any publcity? It is what he craves. He is irrelevant, and he knows it

  31. Mark Young 8 Aug 2013, 6:45pm

    If you cover the left side of his face with your finger on the photo he looks like one of those orcs out of lord of the rings, or michael myers from halloween, can’t make my mind up.

  32. You’re know you’re right in standing up against something, if Nick Griffin is defending it

  33. Dont give Griffin the oxygen of publicity and let himcrawl back under his stone.

  34. Meh. No one cares what you think, Nick. Your party is no longer even the slightest bit relevant. Even the bigoted UKIP have more relevance than the Bigoted Nobodies Party.
    Your party’s dead in the water. And good riddance, I say.

    1. Yes, it is dead in the water and I say that as a former BNP supporter.It was beginning to make electoral progress. It is because Nick failed to change the party’s attitudes in this respect as much as he should have done that people have started to look towards UKIP even though they aren’t nationalists and just ‘Right-wing’ Tories.

      The new British Democratic Party DOES support civil partnerships like the French National Front does and once I become a member I will try to campaign to change that to supporting gay marriage too.

  35. I think Griffin uses his stance in a community populated by white racist & homophobic people his words that gay couples kissing is “creepy” hahaha guess what Griffin your creepy!!! .

    1. Y Cymro Saesneg 9 Aug 2013, 9:42am

      Until last year I lived comfortably in that community and can assure you that that the white racism and homophobia came came from retirees from England (“oh, he’s quite charming when you get to know him and ignore his political views”).

      In case you missed the news his address is:
      Y Gribin, Llanerfyl, SY21 0JQ 01938 820560

  36. “Traditional values” simply can’t be an excuse for brutal discrimination…nuff said !

  37. He is irrelevant anyhow, no one cares what he thinks.

  38. Well, what did we expect him to say. It’s a safe bet that, if alive in the 1930’s he would have said “Nazi’s have rights. Get over it!”

  39. thelostdot 8 Aug 2013, 8:23pm

    How can you expect Gay competitors to run at their best when they are under threat? Funny how Griffin can capitulate to Russia when it suits isn’t it! What happened to his loyalty to Brit. people? Only Brit people he likes is it by any chance? What a false patriot.

  40. Ironically, Nick Griffin doesn’t seem to realise that affording Putin the approval of a Hitler admirer like himself merely adds weight to Stephen Fry’s observation about the way that the governorship of Russia is headed.

  41. Never thought I’d say this but Thank You Griffin – – for proving Fry right. Anytime this odious toad opposes something – it is axiomatic that the ‘something’ is good, true and beautiful.

  42. Nick Griffin and Stalin would have had something in common in that they evidently share the belief that Russia has rights but not Russians.

  43. Rob Lindsey 8 Aug 2013, 10:29pm

    He’re clearly a self-loathing closeted POUF who looks like the creepy lovechild of Hugh Grant and John Barrowman!

  44. Game, set & match to me I think …?

  45. Gay people are ‘Creepy’.
    That’s bloody rich coming from him.

  46. j1mmyZeta 9 Aug 2013, 9:55am

    Yeah but…
    African for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White countries for everyone?

    1. So, white people out of South Africa and Hong Kong? And, while we’re at it, out of the Americas as well, or don’t Native Americans count?

      1. America will become majority non-White within this generation.
        This is also being done in many countries in Europe, including the UK, and will become majority non-White within two generations.

        Tell me, which African or Asian countries are currently being made non-African or non-Asian as official policy?
        It’s genocide.

  47. Nick Griffin is an odious man but I would never attempt to stop him spouting his poison.
    That will be the only way you can counter the idiot.

  48. Anyone who uses this excuse of a nations right to create its own laws obviously doesn’t believe in a nations responsibility to basic Human rights.

    That’s what it comes down to.

    Griffin is an imbecile, we all know this. How he ever came to “lead” any party is beyond me, even one as ridiculous as the BNP.

    In all honest, what would we all really expect from a bunch of Nazi’s in all but name?

    1. The BNP are homophobic but they aren’t ‘Nazis’. They are no more ‘Nazi’ than the nationalist government in Jerusalem is. I was a BNP supporter but one of the things that turned me away from them was this ridiculous obsession with the 4-7% of the population that is gay or bisexual. If the BNP had moderated its opinions on the subject, then some of the ‘pink vote’ could have been theirs.

  49. Russia does NOT have rights to beat and murder people. Screw you Griffin, you odious smear of sputum

    1. Your words are to kind!!!! :-))

  50. But Griffin will still be f@@@ing ugly moron in the morning.

  51. This arse is nothing but a band wagon jumper. A low life, a cretin and an insult to humans. Go and kiss the arse of Putrid Putin Griffin cause that’s all you are capable of.

  52. Griffin is the man your Mother warned you about.

  53. Russia has right too…But I take it Nick Griffin doesn’t believe it’s gay citizens do. Total abomination of a man.

  54. I propose that Nick Griffins should get over the idea that he should receive any more media coverage, as he can always live in Moscow.

  55. When will Nick Griffin finally get on with it and shag Vladimir Putin so they can both stop minding other people’s business?

  56. Craig Smith 12 Aug 2013, 9:30pm

    Would the IOC and Obama/Cameron still have the same position if Putin put out an order saying promoting black equality is now a criminal offence?

    I bet not! Whats the difference between that or Gay people.

  57. billforsyth 13 Aug 2013, 1:58am

    How reassuring to find that yet again Griffin and his ilk take the completely opposite point of view to my own.The time to worry is when you find yourself in agreement with this Z list Hitler.

  58. Gary Brean 13 Aug 2013, 4:06pm

    Nick Griffin realises that Homosexuality is wrong – we simply do not need this filthy lifestyle in society.

    1. I am was a BNP supporter (still a nationalist though) and he is wrong.

      The BNP is supposedly a ‘Right-wing’ party Now, I always though that the ‘Right’ in politics were believers in reality and not utopian like the ‘Left’ are. I say homosexuality, bisexuality and hetreosexuality are normal variants of human sexuality as a whole and there is nothing to be scared off. None of us get to choose a sexual orientation. If you took the influence of religion on the ‘Right’ out of politics it would be ‘Right-wing’ parties who would be most supportive of gay rights and NOT the ‘Left’.

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