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Australia: Court allows trans teenagers to undergo hormone therapy

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Reader comments

  1. Colin (London) 8 Aug 2013, 5:40pm

    What a judgement for common sense.

    Get this story out there so others will have the courage to live their lives as they feel appropriate and the rest of society will be accepting and happy for the individual.

    Education Education Education. Well done Australia.

  2. If both had their parents support, why the hell did this even need to go to/through a court? Talk about ridiculous. And why is it that a kid must first be willing to kill and harm themselves before being allowed to do what they need to do?

  3. I am pleased these two teens are now getting more appropriate treatment, but it should not have to get to this extreme situation.
    In many European countries hormone blockers will be administered to delay puberty a little for those who from an early age insist they are the “wrong “sex to allow assessment, and by the time they reach 16 will have gone through puberty once, in the gender they believe is the correct one.
    I am surprised they needed to do this through a court in Australia and had not commenced some of the treatment stages earlier, given their background illustrated in the article.

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