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UK: National Transgender Memorial vandalised

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Reader comments

  1. “No cameras in the area” – then shouldn’t cameras be installed before they start putting licensing curfews on the bars that are in the same area???

    1. The area being the gardens. Last time I checked there weren’t any bars in Sackville Gardens. But well done on trying to bring in an unrelated topic.

  2. CCTV cameras would protect the memorial, or at least make action more viable. Not sure how surveillance might make people who want to visit the memorial in peace might feel – Am not qualified to say so but wonder how much of a valid concern that may be and wonder at community consultation (absolutely willing to yield the point, as I concede I don’t have authority).

    If anyone is caught for this, absolutely a hate crime and the time for zero tolerance and robust enforcement is long overdue. Name, shame and bring the force of the law down on them.

  3. Carol Uren 7 Aug 2013, 3:03pm

    Hope the morons who did this are caught and suitably punished. Such behaviour is completely inexcusable

  4. gentlemind 7 Aug 2013, 3:18pm

    Would a simple factual statement such as, “Is it physically impossible to change sex” constitute a “Transphobic Hate Crime”?

    It surprises me how much news space Pink News gives to “Transsexual” stories. People who believe they can change sex do not need legal protection from the truth – they need emotional help.

    I cannot support vandalism or violence against the person. But neither can I support a memorial that perpetuates a mirage.

    1. It’s perfectly possible to change sex. And I’m not a mirage.

    2. And you chose your sexuality when gentlemind? There, that’s two of us who’ve made ignorant comments now.

    3. and welcome to TRANSPHOBIA.. as always a troll stumps up and calls all transsexuals LIARS and DELUDED.. oh to have cis-privilege and not instantly be assumed to be some kind of GAY MAN playing dressing up games or for trickery or fraud..

      Lets tear down the Beacon of Hope, because it perpetuates the MYTH that only gays get AIDS.. oh yes.. lets do that shall we?

    4. How about you actually read up on scientific and medical studies and get a clue before you start spouting off uninformed twaddle and showing how ignorant you actually are?

      You might find it’ll help you save face in the future and maybe you’ll come off as less of a fool that clearly has no understanding of which they speak.

      We can all be ‘experts’ like that. However some of us choose to read up and actually form an opinion based on evidence from actual experts in the field rather than opinion formed on…what exactly? Maybe you are a gender expert and have just been keeping your vast knowledge from us until now? I highly doubt this somehow.

      You need help. Not the trans* community. The problem is quite clearly with you.

      1. gentlemind 7 Aug 2013, 7:48pm

        Because there are no scientific or medical studies that show it is possible to change sex. There are none, because it is not scientifically or medically possible. It is only possibl
        e legally.
        And yes, i am an expert – Gender Theory.

        1. There have been many attempts to try and “treat” trans folk with therapy etc, none of which have worked. It is now established medical knowledge that the best way to deal with trans people and allow then to live happy, functional lives is to allow and support us to transition and to live our lives as the gender we feel we are.

          1. gentlemind 7 Aug 2013, 11:18pm

            The medical world takes what is abnormal, and seeks to move it back towards the norm. That is treatment. The entrenchment of an abnormality cannot be a form of treatment. Nor can a deliberate move away from the norm.

            A happy life is one in harmony with truth. “Transsexualism” is an emotional reality. There is no physical truth in it. We are born male or female, and that way we die. Everybody deserves the chance to live a life in line with the truth of their own body.

        2. Because the dozen or so neurological studies undertaken over the last two decades that point towards a physiological cause for gender dysphoria don’t exist?

          1. gentlemind 8 Aug 2013, 2:20pm

            Those studies would support what I say: that the problem lies with the mind’s perception of its own body, rather than with the sexed structure of the body itself. Since no body can become a body of the other sex, any treatment can only ever exist in relation to the mind. We can feel that we have the wrong body, but the body itself cannot be wrong. Treatment that regards the body as wrong is wrong treatment.

    5. Please, leave us alone. The only reason I need emotional help today is because I had to read this.

    6. Carol Uren 8 Aug 2013, 12:52pm

      Oh dear, I am a mirage and the last 40 years of my existence have just been an imaginary blip as to what actually happened in my life.
      Would you prefer that we are locked away in institutions Gentlemind to protect ourselves from our “delusions”?? That way of thinking went out with the dinosaur that you are.
      Please read up about the subject before pontificating about it and maybe people might treat you a little more seriously.

  5. Tony Cooper 7 Aug 2013, 4:56pm

    Transgender Memorial
    The community came together to correct something that was wrong and that was there was no place to remember our Transgender Sisters and Brothers, the very same community will come together to repair the damage that some mindless person has done to this community garden and statue.
    The damage that has been done is very symbolic of the damage done to all communities by hate crime and I will call it what it is, an act of transphobia and a hate crime.
    We do not avoid doing something because it may get damaged or defaced we do it because it is right, hopefully the person concerned will have their opinions changed as quickly as we repair the damage and hopefully they will learn to live by the words at the bottom of the memorial plaque “Love will always conquer hate”
    Tony Cooper
    Friends of Sackville Park Association

    1. Carol Uren 8 Aug 2013, 1:00pm

      Well said Tony, I have circulated the photograph that you took of the damage to the memorial to trans groups online and also on Twitter in the hope that somebody can identify the individual concerned and bring whoever it was to justice.
      Unfortunately one cannot reproduce it here as the comments page does not allow for that, but can be seen here:-

  6. Charles Irvine 7 Aug 2013, 9:24pm

    There is a camera a matter of meters from the monument…naughty of those who said there is no CCTV

  7. Colin (London) 7 Aug 2013, 9:27pm

    This is so sad.

    Even if you don’t understand transgender issues surely you must know that people do things for a reason. Take a moment and think what a person has to go through to change their gender.

    These are incredible people. These are brave, intelligent, driven, emotionally deep people who have lived a life so threatened and have been punished for trying to be or become what they know is correct.

    If you think being gay is hard then transgender people are incredible in my book. Many give up and kill themselves because of societies attitudes and religious bigots. That is so wrong what ever way you at it.

    To those who destroyed the memorial please step forward and put this right. I would respect you more for doing this than to be caught by the police and serve time.

    We all of us are just people getting by and trying to enjoy our lives.

    A sad day indeep.

  8. This Memorial – the first of it’s kind, we believe, in the World – was funded, not by Public Money, or by Lottery Grants, but by ordinary people putting their hands into their respective pockets. It was built by the community, for the community. This crime has, therefore, not been committed against a piece of public sculpture, but against the people in whose memory it was erected. Against that community which dared to openly mourn the victims of Transphobic Hate – this crime being an example of this. Against the wider LGB&T community. And against the great city of Manchester itself.
    The sad little no-body who did this, should hang their head in shame and beg forgiveness of all.

  9. I took some photos yesterday (9 Aug) which you can see here:

    I reckon there may be two handwriting styles? Is it a grafitti tag with a Leicester connection that someone may recognise?

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