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Spain: Madrid’s Jewish community denies authenticity of anti-gay interview by Chief Rabbi

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  1. Religious leaders in general are arch-liars.

  2. Maybe the community doesn’t know its leader quite as well as they think?

  3. JackAlison 8 Aug 2013, 6:16am

    here we go again!!!
    “I didnt mean it..I apologise unreservedly to the gay community blah blah blah….I really luv gay ppl…..im really not a homophophobe…blah blah”

  4. I hope their denial is truthful. The Jewish community may well need all the support it can get if what is happeing in Russia isn’t contained soon.

  5. I wouldn’t say English city of London, when it’s the capital of the UK. Same applies to Spain.

    And yes religions sucks, we were lucky to have the civil code changed so that lgbt people can marry. So it’s not a gay marriage, it’s marriage for everybody, and despite all the catholics in Spain.

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