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Irish youth groups hand letter of concern to Russian Ambassador over anti-LGBT violence

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Reader comments

  1. Nick Clegg get your act together it’s not just about the Winter Olympics these people are being persecuted everyday. This must be condemned by all world ‘leaders’ and it must be done immediately!

  2. Good kids.

    Sadly what needs to happen is for powerful politicians to pull their fingers out of their goddamn arses instead of just sitting back and watching.

    Stephen Fry is spot on.

  3. Very good blogpost about an Irish expat living in Russia here:

  4. Colin (London) 7 Aug 2013, 10:21pm

    Great to hear louder voices and groups coming together… love it and hope it works.

    Well done Irish Youth Groups… Politicians take note…. why are you quiet!!!!!!!

    1. The atrocity they are complaining about may not have happened.

  5. “It remains a possibility that the videos do not reflect what actually has been claimed to have occurred.” – I think that commentary was a wise precaution on the original reportage. I was unable to find confirmation anywhere.

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