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Gay US figure skater: I am a ‘hardcore Russophile’ — don’t boycott the Olympics

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Reader comments

  1. Johnny Weir, you are an idiot!

    The fact that the Government is bigoted is also the reason why so many of the populace are the same because they see it as acceptable.

    1. If the games go ahead and he attends…
      I don’t fancy Johnny Weir’s chances should he venture out alone in the streets there.

      1. Don’t worry he has promised to look and act as straight as he can according to this article.

        No rainbow flag and no mixing being gay with what he does on the ice.

        Full marks to Putin then.

        Shallow selfish attention seeking sports person. Aren’t they all?

      2. I bet the idiot wouldn’t be brave enough to venture out alone.

        As a know gay man he would be targeted straight away.

  2. Pathetic snivelling quisling willing to throw LGBT people under the bus so he can flounce about in bloody spandex.

    I wish him every miserable bloody failure – as I would ever swine who attends. And will not only be boycotting the event, but paying close attention to all advertisers and future sponsors.

    It is called having principles, sometimes they involve a sacrifice. And part of that sacrifice is not picturing yourself on a podium with a medal in hand, conveniently overlooking the savagery and violence taking place as Russia looks to be working itself up to a pogrom against LGBT people.

    Of COURSE it is the fault of the public. It is the fault of those who are passive, hateful and weak. Just like him.

    1. Well said Valsky!

    2. frank wilde 7 Aug 2013, 8:57pm

      i agree. 100%!

    3. It is not like anyone is asking him to go to prison or get beaten up like the Russians. All he has to do is not get on the plane and tell the world why. Spineless.

    4. Weir has a rather low chance of medalling this time, so it’s really not the reason.

      It’s just that it’s really difficult to understand why he’s saying what he’s saying when you didn’t have to get up at 4 am every day for a couple of decades and spend hours on the rinks freezing your ass off. When your parents didn’t have to mortgage their house three times over so that you could continue training. When you’re 25 and there is not a single frigging morning when you wake up and nothing hurts like you’re going to fall apart any minute now.

      I don’t really like Weir, his skating is too feminine and he often behaves like a real diva, but I see where he’s coming from.

      And it’s really not nice to wish the failure on people who have devoted all their lives to the sports. Wish it on Putin, wish it on Duma’s MPs, wish it on Mizulina and Milonov; those are the people who you should be targeting, not athletes.

  3. Oh, of course not, nothing ever stands in the way of sport. (But of course he doesn’t have to live there.)

  4. I remember the same idiotic statements coming from Olympians before the China Olympics too, excusing their participation by following the IOC and their statements about it “opening up” China to the rest of the world…

    Looking at China now, nothing has changed. Human rights abuses are still widespread, people are still forced from their homes and their land by corrupt members of the leadership for personal profit, millions still live without basic freedoms.

    So, to hear this little sniveling runt suggesting that this time the Olympics will “help” the situation is not only an insult to the LGBT people of Russia, it’s an insult to those of us who saw that it had zero effect on the average trampled upon citizen of China.

    These participants are selfish, whiny, privileged and ignorant. They place their own selfish wants above the rights of others. These horrid little people are more concerned with winning in their field than they are with the suffering of people.


    1. Beellzeebub 7 Aug 2013, 11:58am

      “These participants are selfish, whiny, privileged and ignorant.”

      Too true.

      I’m sick of listening to them when they get interviewed.

      Its always all about me, me me. I’m number 1. Look at me. Look at me.

      It’s the very nature of “competitive” sports.

      Sycophantic goons.

    2. Every time you buy a shirt made in China, an iPhone made in China, anything made in China, you’re contributing to further trampling upon of citizens of China. You make the exploitation possible because you make it profitable. Think about it.

  5. And other than going there and increasing his profile, exactly how does he show his support for persecuted GBLT people? Or is he showing support for the same bigoted government?

    I think the latter

  6. sorry but…

    let the one without sin cast the first stone

    this guy has worked his entire life for this moment, and people are asking him to give it up just like that

    not everyone has to be an activist

    plus he will be showing an image of a successful and out and proud (and obviously out) gay man

    would it have had the same impact if jesse owens had boycotted the berlin olympics?

    i don’t recall him making a protest against hitler’s regime

    i think it’s a bit unfair to ask an individual to give up so much to be honest – especially when the impact it would have is not entirely clear

    1. GulliverUK 7 Aug 2013, 12:11pm

      Not sure HE should give up going, just that he shouldn’t expect anyone else to. He can go, but we can boycott if we want, each of us has that right. We also have the right to encourage others by discussing why we might be doing that.

      1. sure agree with that – everyone has the right to take their own stand and state their own opinion on it

        (i just don’t see the need for some of the name calling above)

    2. I certainly wouldn’t give up this opportunity if I was in his position.

      1. well that’s great, but you’re not in his position – and if you would do that kudos to you

        i just feel this guy has given up a lot. for an elite sportsman like him or michael phelps or whoever to get to the top, they basically have to give up their life as a teenager and young adult

        whilst other teenagers are lying in bed, these guys are waking up at 5 in the middle of winter and going to a pool / rink to train and do weights and stuff

        they spend their whole life working for this one moment, and a whole load of armchair warriors here are saying – yeah just give it up

        i think that letter stephen fry wrote is great (i really do) but lets look at what he had to give up personally to write it:

        1 hour of his time? 3 hours?

        and that letter will have more of an impact than this guys boycott, yet you are asking him to give up something he has worked his whole life for

        right, i’m done commenting on this thread because i’m not going to agree with anyone it seems

  7. GulliverUK 7 Aug 2013, 12:08pm

    I respect his opinion, although I disagree. It is difficult, there are two or three different ways to handle this.

    One is to flood the place with so many gay tourists they dare not take action against anyone, the other is to boycott something, or everything which is Russian, and then there is the international pressure — which honestly I don’t think we can rely on. Things are hotting up,with more and more towns and cities cutting their ties with twin towns and cities in Russia.

    The last option is for Russia to say that the law was never meant to harm people, and it has, including deaths and murder and suicides, and that it is suspended or abolished at this time, because it is harming Russian citizens.

    So although I can see his point of view, I don’t think people want to put their lives or freedom in jeopardy by going there, or risk that it is somehow making a success of the Olympics whilst this law is still on the books, somehow condoning Russian persecution of LGBT.

    1. Tim Hanafin 7 Aug 2013, 12:22pm

      He should Stephen Fry’s open letter to David Cameron (in the PN) to hear a persuasive argument for a boycott.

      1. Tim Hanafin 7 Aug 2013, 12:23pm

        Sorry – He should read …..

    2. I’m sorry, but the first one is irrelevant. I am sure there will be all sorts of pro-LGBT “gestures” if it goes ahead (and I imagine it will) and the people who do it will go home swaggering and thinking they are heroes when really precisely NOTHING of value will actually have happened. The Russian LGBT people will still be at risk of loss of liberty, safety and life while a few non-Russians pat themselves on the back.

      And your second point, about the law doing harm? What on earth makes you think that people in Russia – especially the Government – could give a damn?

      When South Africa still had apartheid, we sanctioned them and denied them a great deal of international participation in sports etc. This is no different. None.

      And he doesn’t want to be an activist? Typical bloody narcissist enjoying the benefits that others have worked for, now and in the generations past.

      1. i think it is different

        individuals didn’t have to make a decision to give up their dream of their own volition under apartheid – the olympics would never have been held there for example, and others had to like it or lump it – it was governments taking a stand

        secondly i don’t think it’s true that nothing of value will have happened if people make lgbt protests in russia – as examples, tommy smith and that other guy doing the black power salute, and henry olonga and andy flower’s protest about the death of democracy in zimbabwe

        in both those cases more was achieved than if they had stayed away

        same could possibly be true here – johnny weir may achieve more by winning a gold medal, than if he stays away and noone in russia even hears of him

        one final thought – the 1984 and 1980 olympic boycotts didn’t achieve much

        1. I find it very hard to place “give up his dream” beside “young gay man tortured, violated and suspected to have died of his injuries” and see any bloody valid relationship.

          One man’s dream of two minutes of glory in a podium is insignificant when placed beside one man’s liberty, safety or life.

          Do you really think that they will be so “impressed” by his triple salchow that they will re-consider the law after all?

          1. please don’t imply i am being shallow

            the case you mention in russia is disgusting of course

            however, i think it is not clear that him boycotting will have a more positive impact than him competing

            i’m not how how much impact either will have in the scheme of things, although i suspect competing would have more of a positive impact for the reasons / examples i stated

            finally i would find it extremely difficult to give up my dream for which i worked all my life (which will be home ownership and a pension :) ) for a point of principle, no matter how many people tell me i am being shallow

            (i also wonder how many people commenting here would give up their own current lives to go and help victims of violence in other countries for example)

      2. GulliverUK 7 Aug 2013, 1:13pm

        To you point; “And your second point, about the law doing harm? What on earth makes you think that people in Russia – especially the Government – could give a damn?

        I didn’t get to make my point about the Russian government, and people, now feeling the heat and worrying about their reputation, how they are perceived internationally. Although I did make the point that Putin will want the games to be a success, and these boycott actions and the reputational damage is growing.

        Primarily we all want the law gone, and if there can be a way where it is, that is the best option. For for that to happen there has to be a fall guy, or an excuse, otherwise Russian MPs and Putin will lose face, and that’s not going to happen. Given that the IOC switching the Olympics elsewhere is very unlikely, and that the primary goal has to be to repeal the law, you have to be pragmatic. Putin has to row back carefully to preserve face.

        ps. I’m for boycotts / cancelling the Olympics if needed.

    3. Robbie AZ 8 Aug 2013, 1:12am

      Johnny Weir married Victor Voronov, a 28 year old lawyer of Russian Jewish descent on December 31, 2011 in New York City. According to Wikipedia, “Weir’s representative said, “The couple has taken the new surname, Weir-Voronov, but professionally, Johnny will continue to be known as Johnny Weir.”
      Now, I know nothing about the personal information on passports and visas, but I would guess one has to indicate “married” or “single” on at least one of these documents. Is his husband going to accompany him to the Olympics? What will Russian officials say when he or his husband shows his/their documents? Will they question the name Weir-Voronov? What will Russian police do when he and husband go shopping outside of the Olympic Village? Will Johnny be able to “pass” as straight?
      If he wins a medal, will NBC ignore his interaction with his husband like NBC ignored Matthew Mitcham (and his boyfriend) after winning the gold in Beijing with the highest scoring dive in Olympic history?

      1. He won’t win a medal. He’s past his prime and, frankly, if there’s someone that could safely stay home, it’s Weir. :) He’s already had his shot at the Olympics. Still, I understand why he would want to go again, even if he understands that he won’t win anything.

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Aug 2013, 12:24pm

    It’s not the Russian public’s fault? Really Johnny Weir? The Russian public overwhelmingly support it. On which planet is he living?

    Though I support an outright boycott, such an action could of course increase homophobia and LGBT Russians would become even more of a target of retaliation far worse than has occurred thus far. It’s a catch 22 situation in my view. Sanctions, EU, ECHR and UN condemnation might have an impact even though Russia is one of the five permanent members of the latter. Perhaps threaten it with expulsion?

  9. yes, until he gets a punch in the face while in Russia, then he will change his mind.

  10. Have fun over there! As an openly gay male I wouldn’t step foot in that country, but hey, let us all know how they treat you in jail will ya?

  11. He seems quite naive and somewhat shallow if the reporting is accurate. I wonder will he change his mind from inside a Russian jail?

  12. It’s the first time that I’ve ever heard Evan Davies conducting an interview on a gay news item.

    Needless to say, after an exhaustive search they managed to find a gay person in favour of Russia. Of course, there was no opposing interview for the sake of balance.

    Seeing how Evan has turned out to be the BBC’s answer to the Daily Mail’s Andrew Pierce, I hope it’s his last gay interview.

  13. This clueless buffoon had better keep his stupidity to himself.

  14. All he is interested in is getting a gold medal … over the dead bodies of his fellow gays …

    there is nothing worse than a gay homophobe.

  15. This guy is so deluded. Why is he making this about him anyway?
    Yes, we have every right to voice our big time disapproval with both the Russian government and people. The people are now given the excuse to commit heinous crimes. Hasn’t he been reading the news lately?
    If the Olympics takes place in Russia, I am never watching them again. Ever. They can be moved.

  16. Mihangel apYrs 7 Aug 2013, 1:10pm

    someone who hasn’t had the fists to his oh so pretty face, nor has ever had to stand up for himslef.

    Effectively parasitic on the work of everybody who has gone before and said “no”.

    He can say and behave as he wants, but he can’t try to hide behind the “purety” of sport, ‘cos we know it’s all self-aggrandisement, celebrity and nationalism

  17. They like him because he is a “baffoon gay”
    They wouldn’t like it if he was a masculine or normal gay guy living his life in a small town in Russia – That means he would have to be hunted and killed.
    Why does he equate wearing makeup and acting like a stupid gay stereotype with being gay? I guess that’s what he expects all gay people to be like in Russia – in order to survive – act like a caricature.
    Oh god what an idiot.

    1. yes only “masculine” or “normal” gay guys are worth bothering with

      people who “act gay” and wear make-up – total idiots


  18. Mumbo Jumbo 7 Aug 2013, 1:28pm

    This half-baked patsy interview broadcast this morning on the Today programme was the BBC’s pathetic response to a campaign of the vilest propaganda followed by arrests, beatings, torture, killings and suicides.

    If this had involved Jewish people or people of colour, it would have been very different.

    Listen here (starts after 1:42):

    Complain here:

    1. I agree. When i heard this farce on radio4 this morning i thought of filing a complaint. If this was an interview about jewish people in germany in the 30ies and the interviewer would suggest to “jew is up a bit” he would have to answer his editor.

  19. This man is the worst kind of Gay trash.

  20. Jim Nashville Tn 7 Aug 2013, 2:45pm

    he may call himself a white gay male ..but I call him a bigoted asshole ..
    same as the russian gov and IOC .. if he dont want to be a activist fine and dandy .. but to think it is acceptable for a gay man .to believe that a government can imprison you for simply say the word gay is acceptable
    is mind boggling .. has he not read the reports coming out of russia ..
    my plans were to boycott the event
    and now i will add Weir to the list of
    people, companies and governments
    to watch and boycott.. maybe he should go join the westboro baptist church .. be a good place for him
    the poor misguided man . my opinion wasnt very high after seeing his show and watching him in interviews and such .. one day when he is old and needs the support of the gblt community we need to make sure that his words and opinions are remembered ..

  21. Weir is so dumb and so egocentric. Read the blog at about the real lesson of the Nazi Olympics and think about whether we want to give another fascist dictator a propaganda victory even as the pogram against gays is underway. Here is a link:

    1. thank-you for that link.
      I’ve reposted it elsewhere in hopes of giving it as much visibility as possible, I hope others will as well.

  22. Johnny, who has always been the most self absorbed man in sport (which is saying something) has ALWAYS been an out and proud Russian (even though he’s NOT) but hid, avoided, angrily rebuffed claims that he was gay (even though he was and is). Coming from him, this is absolutely no surprise. He’s never given a toss for anyone but himself.

  23. The Jews had their Kapos and the gays have their Johnny’s.

  24. I think he is going to be VERY openly gay in Russia, maybe he want s to go to prison for 15 days, you know some people have this kind of fantasy.

  25. Steve Sampson 7 Aug 2013, 3:51pm

    If he were on the ground with bloody boots kicking him, he may formulate a different opinion.

  26. Christopher Coleman 7 Aug 2013, 4:24pm

    Athletes have been trained to consider their participation in major tournaments as the highest points in life. Let them go and do their thing, whatever their opinions. Those among us who support a boycott can choose not to follow the games at all and to take no interest in who wins medals. It would, of course, be wonderful if our country boycotted the games altogether, but that is unlikely.

  27. Colin (London) 7 Aug 2013, 5:05pm

    I was horrified when I heard the interview on BBC Today programme. Enough to write to the programme a letter pointing out the shock at the attitude of Weir and the BBC for not mentioning the killings going on in Russia. All I heard was a soft sell for the upcoming BBC coverage.

    I am seriously asking everyone to boycott the BBC. during the Olympics and any channel that promotes it. Simply delete the channels from your TV during the Olympics. Will take you 2 minutes to do. Let the BBC waste its money but we send a message to BBC and government. Letter below. I also sent it to Pinknews this morning.

    1. Colin (London) 7 Aug 2013, 5:06pm

      Dear Sirs
      I have listened to your great programme for 10 plus years. I enjoy it but definitely notice it has become a dumbed down version of what it was as has the BBC generally.
      I am a 52 year old gay man ex director of 2 small public companies uncle to 2 gay nieces one of which did a significant amount of work covering the tax situation of the gay couple (women) in the USA..the Windsor case and has spoken to all the top law firms in London. I did a lot of work covering gay marriage and was outside Parliament when Evan Davis walked past us and gave us an acknowledging wave for which I am grateful.

      Your article today covering the Skater Johnny Weir to me was shallow, outrageous, egotistical and all I sometimes hate about my fellow gays. People are DYING EVERY DAY in Russia simply for being gay and all the BBC can talk about is “I can give Elton John a run for his money” How shallow, how ignorant how uncaring can you be. I have blogging for ages now on Pinknews etc trying to get

      1. 7 Aug 2013, 5:08pm

        the Olympics moved from Russia and asking if the UN would ask Canada to take the Olympics on as a stand up to Russia. I am asking everyone to delete the channels covering the winter olympics from their boxes as a world protest.

        Read on pinknews
        Russia: Orthodox priest who supported pro-gay punk band Pussy Riot band found stabbed to death
        Russia: Party goers attacked in Moscow bar for ‘looking gay’
        Gay teenager kidnapped and tortured by Russian homophobes claimed to have died from injuries
        Video: Russian Paratroopers violently attack lone gay rights activist in St Petersburg.
        There are many more deaths….one a young man stamped on to death put in his can and it set alight.

        1. Colin (London) 7 Aug 2013, 5:09pm

          This is serious and and all you can do is a camp mememe story of a talented skater who only sees the world through a rather selfish eyes..(my opinion)

          We gay people are 6% of the world (as per the UN) That is 420m people or the whole population of Europe. or 1.3 times the population of the USA or 6.6 times the population of the UK

          I do feel we are under represented in the BBC. I want to see 6% of programmes with gay content.

          Please I beg you do some serious articles on what is going on in Russia. These are people who are forced to live a life in silence , in fear for their jobs, their families, their lives. Come on BBC you are the best in the world but of late you are dumbing down. Educate us, educate the world. Thats why we are happy to pay your licence fee.

          Please help us show what is going on in Russia and play your part in getting Russias laws changed. We need world outrage. We need the UN to demand change. Use your resources for good as well as entertainment.

          1. Colin (London) 7 Aug 2013, 5:10pm

            I am and always will love UK for Marriage and played my part. Many people will live with hiding themselves in many countries. We need education in every part of the globe. Do some great programs and offer them to other countries so that they can over dub them in their languages

            I am going on now…Sorry…..Please do some serious reporting on the gay issues in Russia today….Please

            Regards and best wishes
            Colin Campbell.

  28. Now why would it be silly to boycott the Sochi Olympics, Weir?

    I think it’s because there would be less of a spotlight on you!! You are indirectly saying let’s forget about our suffering LGBT sisters & brothers there for a few weeks while you shine!

    What a selfish, self-obessed flaming weasel!!

  29. he won’t think it’s funny when they arrest his ass. and torture and kill him

  30. Johnny, It’s said that “A word to the wise is sufficient.” In your case, it would take several paragraphs to produce a similar result.

  31. The reason no one wants the games boycotted is due to the money that’s already been spent on everything ranging from sponsorships to leasing the satellite space used to broadcast the games. Would not be surprised if he was being forced to say this by some dirty politician…
    A boycott is definitely what will make them feel the pressure, lets jut see if everyone puts their money where their mouth is though…

  32. Ah, well …if he’s GAY and he supports Russia and its homophobia then so should we, right? …Right?
    Sounds like the “I’m gay so I can’t be homophobic” line.

  33. Has he never heard of solidarity? He’d achieve more by supporting a boycott. Where’s the honour of trying to win a medal sponsored by hooligans and thugs?

  34. James Savik 7 Aug 2013, 8:07pm

    Only the silliest little self-possessed twerp would think this is all about him and his inconvenience.

  35. These are athletes who train their whole lives to compete in olympic games. It is unfair on them to expect them to boycott. Johnny weir is very camp and skates in the most magically, celebratory camp fashion. He doesn’t need a rainbow flag. His skating will do the talking. I can’t wait to see him skate. I think it will be epic and far more gay in your face than a rainbow flag.

  36. Scott Larsen 7 Aug 2013, 9:59pm

    “So why should I celebrate being gay?” asks US skater Johnny Weir. Sounds like he needs to get off the fence in trying to have it both ways in trying to garner gay support while downplaying his sexuality. Only thing he’ll get is splinters up his ass. He is only concerned about Johnny Weir not being able to compete in the 2014 Sochi Winter Games. How can he be a “hardcore Russophile” while Russia targets Russian and international GLBT people and proponents? Sounds like a latter-day Quisling to me…

  37. In addition to all of the comments…

    What the hell does Johnny Weir want to say with he is “very gay” and he doesn’t “know if there is anywhere more gay to go”?

    Way to go for linking “gayness” to general human behavior. Rarely read such a bs statement here.

  38. I sincerely hope that you’re able to “show your support” from inside a jail cell. Because that’s where you’ll be heading if your express your ‘non traditional’ sexuality at all whilst in Russia. This man’s an utter moron.

  39. As a person from Russia, I can say that he has no idea what he’s getting into. The Russians will not listen to him or any Western figure; after more than a decade of dictatorship and Orthodox primacy, xenophobia is rampant. There is nothing we can do except try and save as many gay people as possible before they are all killed. There is no reasoning with these people.

  40. I would put more responsibility on the IOC than the athlete. Why does the IOC say they want to stay out of politics and then try to convince of the positive changes the Olympics will make to a country. The Olympics did nothing to make any positive changes to the Chinese government, which is still a human rights abuser.

    1. mikeysussex 8 Aug 2013, 12:03pm

      The IOC are totally corrupt and have been for years. It’s all about money.

      1. Agreed. See reply below.

  41. Of course it’s the Russian public’s fault. Who else voted the government into power?

    1. Let’s hear about honest elections in Russia, now shall we. :)

  42. mikeysussex 8 Aug 2013, 12:01pm

    This is the same attitude stars like Cliff Richard had for performing in South Africa under apartheid. He really must need the exposure, sponsorship and money AND he has a Russian boyfriend.

    1. Robbie AZ 8 Aug 2013, 8:22pm

      Not boyfriend. Husband. Johnny Weir married Victor Voronov, a 28 year old lawyer of Russian Jewish descent on December 31, 2011 in New York City. According to Wikipedia, “Weir’s representative said, “The couple has taken the new surname, Weir-Voronov, but professionally, Johnny will continue to be known as Johnny Weir.”

  43. The fact of the matter is that he still wants his trophy. His ambition exceeds his empathy for his Russian brothers and sisters.

    Also I understand that he doesn’t wished to labelled by his sexuality but there is no such thing as ‘just being a gay man’ – the prejudice we grow up with, the life long scars many of us live with and the insight into life that this gives us means there is no ‘just’ being a gay man. Anyone should be proud of ‘just being a gay man’.

    His statements sound very immature, I googled his age and was surprised to find he is 29!

  44. Luke Hardcastle 8 Aug 2013, 1:14pm

    Mr. Weir needs to grow up and realise this is far bigger than the Olympics and being as out and proud as he apparently says he is should take a stand for what really matters instead of sitting on the fence.

  45. justusboyz 8 Aug 2013, 1:30pm

    Disagree with Johnny. As far as Im concerned it would be like going only a Caribbean holiday to Jamaica! They have anti gay laws but…So long as i enjoy myself.Dont support, dont go end of.

    1. justusboyz 8 Aug 2013, 1:31pm



  47. Personally I will not watch the Olympics in Russia, I tell others to do the same. But if those Olympians are going to be there, like Johnny Weir, then they better carry a gay pride flag as big as their Olympian sized bodies can hold above their heads. And I mean ALL Olympians in support of gay rights, not just the LGBT ones. If they go there, they better martyr.

  48. In reply to mikeysussex & Ra:

    Money is the focus here, when I went to London and saw what they were preparing for the Olympics about 2-3 years ago, it was found that more than 300 million pounds were spent to revamp the city: buildings to house the actual games, revamp and add subway lines, grants for roads, etc. But the country experienced about 13 billion pounds in profit. That is A LOT of profit for the economy and economists estimate that more profit will come in because of it for another 4 years at least afterward. Money, money, money. Russia is indirectly saying, “Oh we want to look good so we can take your western money and use it to fuel your antagonists, like us… Russia, but we still want you all dead. Its not that we hate you… well it is, but we won’t say that in public, just in our laws… which…are …public…OLYMPICS, just come to give us your money.” Proof that this is true- Madonna’s lawsuit was dropped when she waived flags and destroyed orthodox crucifixes.

  49. I’m not fooled by his attempts to disguise his self serving actions with an obviously bogus statement of support and solidarity for Russian LGBT people. Judging from the comments on here, quite a few other people can see through him too. If he finds himself falling foul of the anti-gay legislation I’m sure his tune will change in an instant.

  50. The fact that you are gay means everything. You are free to live your life as a gay man because others fought the fight for you. How can you support a country that has blatantly murdered and abused people just for being what you seem to take for granted? I can not presume how you grew up or the support you may have had in doing what you choose but, not every other citizen of the world is as lucky as you. If you support these murdering thugs, it makes you no better than them and that is a shame. A shame for you and every gay person out there who is dead because of indifferent people like you.

  51. I see some of his point, but at the same time I have to wonder if he will be saying the same thing when he doesn’t win and/or he gets hurt or KILLED because of the country he is in.

  52. I don’t give a rat’s ass what Joannie Queer has to say about anything!!

  53. This kid is not capable of complex thought. There is nothing more audacious than an ignorant fool!

    1. Love it when the ultimate silly calles a boycott “silly”.

  54. .....Paddyswurds 11 Aug 2013, 1:03pm

    Western athletes who support the Russian anti gay pogroms by attending the Winter Olympics in Sochi should be ostracised and vilified at every opportunity and they should have fair warning of this before they go. We have little time left in which to bring as much pressure as possible on western Olympic committees to boycott the Russian games and we must step up our game. Athletes who go there will be hoping to gain medals with which they will then approach commercial concerns in order to make as much money as possible from such wins. The gay community is an important economic block when these companies are marketing as we have the disposable income. If we make it clear that participants in these games will be shunned then I am betting things will change in our favour and more importantly in the disgraceful and inhuman anti gay laws in Russia. Buyer and supporter of these laws beware; supporting and taking part in these games is giving tacit support to these dreadful, WE ARE WATCHING!

  55. Stephen Pati 16 Aug 2013, 3:56pm

    This Mr. Weir and his gayness! Who cares? Why does it have to be flaunted? Nobody wants to see him or hear him. He’s so feminine. What a disgrace!

  56. These games are no better than Berlin 36

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