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Actress Kristen Bell says she’ll get ‘gay married’ to her male fiance Dax Shepard

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Reader comments

  1. Who cares if you get married or not,at least you have a f..ken choice we don’t Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  2. Tired of straight people appropriating gay terms. No you are not getting “gay married”, you are a straight couple and have lived a life of straight privilege. You will never know what it’s like to be gay no matter how many acts of solidarity you choose to partake of.

    1. Can people please for the love of GOD stop with this ‘appropriation’ bull????? PLEASE

    2. This kind of comment actually isolates the LGBTQ community, how about instead of ghettoizing yourself, learn to accept people who are supporting the same cause? Not all straight people are homophobic bigots. Really, do grow up.

  3. Well I think it was sweet of them. I think her choice of words (gay married) might annoy some people. However, I think what she is trying to get across is that marriage is marriage regardless of sex I.e. to her a gay marriage is the same as a straight marriage, and unless gay marriage is allowed and/or recognised as such, then there was no point in her partaking in “traditional marriage”

  4. Kristen is awesome, and a long time GLBT causes supporter.

    I wish her lifetime of happiness with Dax!
    (and I hope she will be back to the Late Late Show!)

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