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Scarborough: ‘Fixers’ campaign to stop homophobic bullying in schools

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Reader comments

  1. Andrew Dobbin 6 Aug 2013, 3:35pm

    Is it possible for them to be put in touch with us at Schools OUT? This is just the thing we have been involved with since 1974. As we are all teachers here We can help them with classroom materials and help them get across the ideas of usualising and actualising.

    or myself

    1. Michael 2912 7 Aug 2013, 9:02am

      Gosh – how I wish I’d been taught by someone like you. My experience in a Durham city Catholic comprehensive was pretty grim. It seemed to occur to no one that wanting to live a non-traditional lifestyle or loving someone of your own sex was even remotely ok. Ignorance is such a cruel guide.

    2. Hi contact them via Yorkshire MESMAC Thank you for your support

  2. MUCH more needs to be done to explain the resons FOR homophobia. Any phobia is an irrational fear of something. So the way to tackle this particular ‘phobia’ is, perhaps, to expose the REAL reason behind it – ‘self-loathing’. “Show me a homophobe – I’ll show you someone gay, in denial”.

    1. Michael 2912 7 Aug 2013, 8:56am

      I so wish it was that simple. As an argument it’s defeated by counterfactuals: Show me a Nazi and I’ll show you a Jew; or show me a racist and I’ll show you someone who’s black.

      So where to start with its complexity: gender stereotyping; the willingness of the mob to coalesce around a group hatred of difference; the influence of certain religious traditions. Wherever you start and stop what you end up with us a toxic mix that just has to be dealt with by all of us however we can. Those who put themselves on the line are nothing short of heroic.

  3. Good on these two young folk for taking something negative and turning it into a positive.

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