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Russia: Partygoers attacked in Moscow bar for ‘looking gay’

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Reader comments

  1. The whole point of these “propaganda” laws was precisely this – to give Russian law enforcement officers carte blanche to attack people. As was planned from the outset, “propaganda” is now being extended to mean mentioning the word gay or looking gay in the opinion of government-hired thugs. The saddest thing of all is that Russians celebrate the defeat of fascism every year in May, yet too few of them realise they have been defeated by it from within in the modern age. The Jews and the Sudetenland were to Nazi Germany what gay people and Abkhazia/South Ossetia are to today’s Russia. Just as Hitler chose to co-opt the German public into exterminating a group he knew people were prejudiced against and could easily be persuaded to hate, Putin is doing the same. Although he distances himself from the pogrom by hiring thugs and officials to do his dirty work, Putin is looking more and more like Hitler every day. What will it take for Russians to wake up?

    1. Unfortunatey many Russians still adore Putin despite his corruption, they see him as a “real” man who they respect for not letting “Mother Russia” become “weak” like the west.

      The poor fools are brainwashed to mindlessly obey their government without question even worse than Americans are, very very sad.

      Mr. Pink

  2. It’s actually sickening. Never again will I step foot in Russia. It’s turned into a barbarity.

  3. Has this site turned into a russian tabloid newspaper?
    We get it, they are uncivilised, barbaric thugs unfamiliar with the concept of human rights but we don’t have to read about their atrocities every day.

    We have had enough.

    1. It needs to be reported as the main stream press are clearly turning a blind eye to what is happening there.

    2. “Daddy David, what did you do to help prevent the nasty genocide that happened in Russia, Uganda, or elsewhere before I was born?”

      “Well son, I went on news sites and complained I was sick of hearing about it.”

      I’m sure your kids would be very proud !!

      Mr. Pink

    3. It is more newsworthy than those ridiculous WBC / US radio host nonsense that Pk NewsC usually prints.

  4. GulliverUK 6 Aug 2013, 12:40pm

    The best way Putin can save face and row back from this is to say that the law was badly thought through by MPs and that it has caused a lot of harm, some deaths even, and that he’s repealing it. In addition, because of the fear of people who are gay which has been whipped up by fascist elements in society that he’s implementing protections for people who are gay with severe punishments for those who discriminate or harm others. That would be something he could do, it would perhaps help repair his image in the world.

    That would be a start, otherwise we’re just going to be getting more and more stories of violence towards people who are gay, and those perceived to be gay.

    1. Are you really naïve enough to consider that as a possibility?
      Putin and the rest of the filth will pretend nothing is happening. And blame gay people to have provoked homophobes.

    2. Colin (London) 6 Aug 2013, 2:31pm

      Excellent idea…please get this to the PM and suggest the Foreign Office pass it on quietly.
      Love your solution based thinking. Well done

    3. I dont think Gulliver is naive, that he is suggesting Putin will actually do this, but that it is a possible way for Russia to come back into compliance,(and not lose face), with the obligations his country has under their treaty with the Council of Europe and their signature of, and agreement under the “Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms”, the other possibilities are that the Russian Courts could declare the “propaganda act” too widley drawn, vague and unenforcable, against the constitution and treaty obligations.
      I do not expect any of these things to happen, but these type of laws have a habit of comming back to bite the hands that feed them and to be used against political opponents and create unintended consequences.
      Perhaps one of the most insideous will be a spread of HIV and other STI’s, as sexual expression is driven further underground.

      1. I am only worring more severe anti LGBT laws will be passed to “stand against the west”. Russia is too weak to acknowledge the universal value, which often end up in a self-destructing way to defend itself in so-called ideological confrontation.

  5. There is, potentially, a much more sinister outcome to all this. Emascualted countries which feel they’ve lost power and respect, could WELL turn their anger outwards. The International Community should be watching the current homophobic situation very carefully and take it as a warning that Russia is feeling weakened on the world stage. Victimisation of a minority within your own country is a classic sign of aggression. I’m thinking Hitler – and Jews …..
    The world should act before things get REALLY out of hand ….

    1. Then lets just take the next step and declare Russia a genocidal country whose President sanctions it by the signing of the anti gay propaganda law.

      Germany knows well what it was like, being branded with that name, after WW2, and how long it took them to rid themselves of being considered persona non grata.

      Genocide is still a word that makes countries step back in haste so as not to be condemned by association with the labeled offender.

  6. Laws to embolden abuse and cover up murders, that’s the new Russia.
    Shame on all who abuse others under the cover of law. God will exact revenge.

  7. Being a homosexual in Russia is like being a Jewish person in Nazi Germany. This is what happens when nationalism runs amok.

    And this is a place where Olympic athletes want to compete?

    Mind Blown.

  8. Andrew Quinn 7 Aug 2013, 4:32pm

    I’m too busy throwing up blood in revulsion to comment

  9. Russia is a country I once wanted to visit. But whilst laws like this are in place, I shall never step foot i that country!!

  10. Kyle Wheeler USA TN 29 Nov 2013, 4:58pm

    I wish these dickless bigetes would have attacted me while I was partying with my friends…. I would have shot each one of them (I have a carrying permit). Or if it was only two or three I would have done my best to wax the floor with there faces… One day folks will learn! Maybe they won’t have to be shot in the face to do so… Messing with the wrong crowd! We are goin to stick together! Sad! Every sad! I beat they were uneducated highschool drop outs…

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