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France: Woman posts ad offering breastfeeding service to babies of gay couples

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  1. bargain

  2. Well, that is a rather clever way of making money ! If I was female I’d be tempted to do the same as a job seeker who struggles to find work or earn money.

    I’ve always thought about what it would be like to be a parent, but breast-feeding has never once crossed my mind.

    Kids do better with breast milk that is true, but would I be comfortable letting my child suckle on a stranger? Or would it be better to ask a friend? Would even be appropiate to ask a woman to do such a thing for you?

    Gives you something to think about, that’s for sure…

    1. “Kids do better with breast milk that is true”. Please provide peer reviewed proof and references that breastfeeding children is superior to milk formula.

      1. Ciaran McHale 7 Aug 2013, 10:04am

        I don’t have any such references to hand, but I suspect that Google searches and reading “The Politics of Breastfeeding” by Gabrielle Palmer might provide some relevant information for you.

  3. Ahh, whet nursing. An age-old parental assistance profession.

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