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Caroline Lucas: The FA needs to take action against the anti-gay abuse faced by Brighton fans

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Reader comments

  1. Leeds Fan 6 Aug 2013, 8:18pm

    Why target gay abuse – What about brightons “northern dole scum” comments to Leeds. Leeds Munich chants to the Mancs (as a Leeds fan I hate those chants) – The Mancs & others Turks carrying knives chants ….. The problem isn’t gay chants at Brighton, it’s endemic in football & it all needs sorting – To claim Brighton get it worse than anyone else (how many times do you hear “we all hate Brighton” when the are not playing, as opposed to Leeds) is a purely homocentric view on things and hypocritical ……………. Stamp it all out, unfortunately that needs a sea change in human attitudes and won’t happen in my lifetime.

    1. I know what would bring about a sea change: get some football supporting scum on YouTube mouthing off homophobic and racist bile, and ensuring the video, and the names of the perpetrators go viral. It would be fun to see such people drown in condemnation, losing their jobs, homes, family etc. We need to focus on a couple of thugs, make an example of them. The Daily Mail, admittedly homophobic, is crying out for stories like that because it fits their ‘broken Britain’ narrative. Hidden cameras attached to shirts aren’t all that expensive, encouragingly.

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  4. Sussex White 6 Aug 2013, 8:39pm

    There were nearly 34 thousand fans in that stadium on Saturday, my wife and I (Leeds fans FROM Brighton) and 4 of my Brighton mates were in the Away end were there. I cannot recall one chant, indeed it was commented on in the Kop how no-one had heard any homophobic ‘we can see you holding hands’ or ‘does ya boyfriend know your hear’ style chanting at all. My mates all agree they never heard anything their end either other than they hate “Leeds Scum” but doesn’t everyone. What I am trying to get at is these incidents were few and far between, they occurred outside the ground and it appears it was a very small minority of small minded individuals targeting individuals around taxis etc, probably after a skin film of yorkshires finest ales. This is not a Leeds problem, neither I believe is it a football or FA problem it is an issue of a few ‘idiots’. If you did your homework, Leeds as a City had a gay pride event that weekend as did Brighton, hardly an homophobic act.

    1. Midnighter 6 Aug 2013, 9:13pm

      Several people have reported abuse; with respect, it is irrelevant whether you or your friends witnessed it or not, and hardly surprising that you didn’t with such a large attendance. The fact remains that there are others who do claim to have witnessed it.

      If it was indeed “few and far between”, great. I’m sure you don’t mean to suggest that any individuals should be allowed to get away with it simply because there were a few of them, or they were drunk.

      It seems reasonable to expect a response from the club and the FA about what their intentions are with regards to those individuals and this issue in general.

      Clearly this is very much a football problem when this is a recurring issue at matches, as evidenced when PFA feel the need to run sessions to combat it. If Leeds United were involved in any overt manner in Leeds Pride, Brighton fans might be convinced that LU were actively addressing the issue of homophobia; as it stands they have every reason to challenge them on this.

      1. Sussex White 6 Aug 2013, 10:29pm

        To be fair and I’m not homophobic one bit and im not in any sense sticking up for or making excuses for these idiots but if it happened outside the ground which I am led to believe it did following the few tweets about it (and subsequent RTs) then it becomes a criminal and police matter and not a football / FA issue directly. As P (Leeds fan commenting) said, Brighton is not a special case, these individuals will spout their crap wherever they are, I agree it shouldn’t happen and it didn’t in the ground on the day, outside cannot be controlled by the FA. Football wouldn’t be football without bante aimed at fansr, majority is friendly and 2-way – blatant personal abuse is a different thing totally and shouldn’t be a part of it.

        1. Midnighter 7 Aug 2013, 9:14am

          I think you’re drawing very artificial lines there. The police can still become involved inside the grounds, and there is plenty of precedent for both clubs and the FA taking responsibility for behaviours occurring well outside the grounds. It isn’t an either/ or choice about which group gets to deal with such issues.

          In this case, if the individuals are identified, in my view all Leeds United would need to do is bar them to send a message that their type wasn’t welcome at the club and to reassure their critics that they aren’t apathetic on this issue.

  5. Like I said in another thread, homophobic abuse just does not happen with Brighton, abuse happens at different clubs up and down the country. I am gay Leeds fan and it does happen at other clubs and I have been targeted. Homophobia happens all over the country and Brighton is not a special case. It should not happen anywhere and the FA needs to do something and that does not mean encroaching on one or two clubs but all clubs because that is what the FA will do. Their should be an all cross club amendment in England and all teams should be made up to sign a charter too protect the LGBT community.

    1. crimson avenger 6 Aug 2013, 11:42pm

      Just spent an hour constructing an intelligent well argued response to this when all was lost!
      Basically, I was saying I hate homophobia, I hate neanderthal morons who drag their knuckles on the ground and shout ‘rule Britannia’ but I also suspect political capital is made when it is Leeds United’s brand of Neanderthal because no one takes notice when it is anyone else’s.

      1. I totally agree, Leeds is a big, big club and when something happens as Leeds fans we are put under the microscope. It’s almost like people, especially in the media have a phobia against Leeds itself. Homophobia will never be right but too ostracise one club is not on. We also need too show a united front in this fight at the same time we need too pull away from the victimisation situation as we are better than that (MOT). All clubs need too show solidarity with this problem this why I suggested a charter.

  6. Gay MP Stewart Andrew was at the game and I would be interested to know if he heard any homophobic comments or chants.
    Certain he hasn’t commented on Twitter.

    1. He attends most games, I see him a lot round Pudsey and in Horsforth. He is a good friend of David Haigh the Leeds Managing Director :)

  7. Sussex White 6 Aug 2013, 10:50pm

    Few twitter posts tonight stating that they “Understand Brighton fans booed Newport player whose leg was “being held together by physio” and clapped their player at same time. Classy” – this is the player that broke his leg after a challenge from a Brighton player… I suppose this is acceptable though? maybe Caroline Lucas could bring this up with the FA too while she is there.

    1. Awful and predictable behaviour at football grounds, but not remotely in the same class. Homophobic chanting is about ostracising a small group of players and fans because of the way they are. The difference between tribal chants and homophobic chants is that in the latter case, it is never safe to answer back, and it hurts your own fans and players, especially vulnerable teenagers, as much as those of the opposition. If you care about your club, you would be as keen to root such vermin out. Mocking a town because it was once a place where gay people could be accepted is not banter. It is hate and club sponsors need to see it that way.

      1. crimson avenger 7 Aug 2013, 12:01am

        I agree. Is this the first time it has happened to Brighton fans? My sister in law was on her way to Brighton Pride and my family has regularly attended pride events around the country. As a straight man and Leeds United supporter I have myself done HIV/AIDS training in the 80s when homophobia was rife and we had to address attitudes before people understood what really constituted risk of infection, nothing to do with sexuality. I am always ashamed when Leeds United fans are portrayed as anachronistic neanderthals, because I don’t believe these are the majority. I do think that people make political capital from the worldwide name of Leeds United because more people take notice when it involves us than most other clubs barring Man U and Chelsea. Obnoxious behaviour anyway should not be tolerated nor should people be subject to it. There is no justification for it. Are so called Leeds United fans really any worse than any other fan or city in England?

  8. Is there not enough work to do as an MP regarding the economy and the environment ? Bloody Tory / Liberal shambles destroying peoples lives and you’re bleating about a few chants at a football match. Bloody Idiot

    1. DCBrighton 7 Aug 2013, 1:17am

      Do you have a problem with racism at football games?

      Is ” Dirty Nig**r bast**s ” okay? when a black player misses/scores a goal depending on your team?, surely that’s just football chanting?

  9. Football clubs and fans (fans that are loutish and aggressive, that is) often appear to exempt from the law.

    If everyday people across the nation where to behave in the same way in public, prisons would be overflowing. Police and judges wouldn’t accept it and they’d clamp down on such anti-social behaviour. Yet, it seems to be generally accepted that it’s ‘normal’ and expected behaviour of football fans.

    They’ll continue doing it until the authorities treat this Neanderthal chest-thumping type of behaviour as no longer acceptable.

  10. Alison Smith 7 Aug 2013, 1:24pm

    Dr Lucas is just trying to catch up with Simon Kirby MP for Brighton Kemptown, who has been raising this issue for a long time. Conservative MP Simon Kirby is a lifelong Albion fan & season ticket holder at the Amex where as I suspect Lucas is band-wagon jumping as the 2015 General Election is getting close.

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