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Brighton football fans receive anti-gay abuse after Leeds United game

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Reader comments

  1. Homophobia is directly linked with inteligence.

    Many football fans have the IQ of a potato, and like to drink themselves silly so it’s hardly a surprise people shout abuse at football matches.

    The problem is these men think they can get away with it because they have always gotten away with it, and still do. The people waiting for the taxi’s would have just took it, because we’re all too happy to play the victim.

    Men like that need to learn that they can no longer get away with it, they need to be challenged. For the love of god, BASH BACK!!!

    the “bystander effect” happens when a lot of people are gathered at one place, responsibility is diminished and nobody helps or does anything because they assume someone else will; so of course, nobody does.

    People need to take it upon themselves to be that brave person, to stand up and say NO!

    Somebody has to do it, it has to start with someone. That somebody is you.

    Don’t be the bystander.

    Mr. Pink

  2. GulliverUK 6 Aug 2013, 2:49pm

    The easiest way to fix that, whilst allowing clubs to continue on, is to add a policing element to every ticket, and have it printed on there. After each incident the policing cost will rise, they will see it, and it will, eventually, twig, that they are being charged more and more because of this behavior. Those not committing this behavior will make clear in no uncertain terms to the people carrying out this behavior, that they want it to stop. The fans will regulate themselves. The behavior will stop, the policing element on the ticket will drop. They will get the message.

  3. In my opinion, homophobia is driven by self-loathing. From an early age, we are taught (particularly by religion) that homosexuality is wrong. 1: It is religion that is wrong for brainwashing children to believe stupid fairy-stories. 2: Homophobes are really self-loathers – scared that their inner same-sex attractions may be visible to others. So, they project those fears outwardly – not only to convince others of their ‘straightness’ but also in an attempt to convince themselves. The more we can get this message across, the less likely it is that homophobes will want to ‘out’ themselves.

    1. 1, you said
      2, Self-loathing, as you said
      3, To scapegoat for politcal gain or to take your hate/anger out on, as LGBT are ‘easy targets’
      4, Misconception that you are born with it, but it’s a “glitch”, “accident”, “mistake”, “sin” or “against nature” – this is due to a terminal lack of education on the subject & the fact that we are drilled into us that the only purpose of life is to reproduce & so if life cannot pro-create it immediatley becomes obselete.
      5, Belief that it’s a choice, either a mental illness or a deviance practiced to deliberatley undermine “traditional family values”, rebel, seek attention etc.
      6. The fact that homophobia has always been acceptable and encouraged, &people feel it’s still acceptable to hold or express such views.
      7. To get a rung up on the social ladder; used by teens to dominate peer groups; used by adults to ascert alphadom & other minorities to gain acceptance…

      Education is key
      Knowledge is Power
      Love Conquers Hate

  4. It doesn’t matter which football venue Brighton visit there will always be morons and I don’t see this ending in the near future.
    Sorry to the Brighton fans from a Leeds resident (though not a Leeds Utd fan)

    1. hmmm are you in Leeds now Lee or do you live abroad? You remind me of somebody I used to go to school with about 15 years ago……

  5. I’m a Leeds fan, openly homosexual and have not had any bother. I have met Robbie Rogers when he played for Leeds and most fans where supportive of him when he came out. It was a shame the club terminated his contract – this was before he came out.

    The late great Gary Speed had lots of abuse thrown at him when he was a leeds player about his sexuality. In fact it was Leeds Pride on Sunday and I know their where plenty of gay Leeds fans out and about enjoying the party. They where also at the Brighton match. In fact one Leeds player (Noel Hunt) tweeted “Just in Leeds and noticed its Gay Pride weekend! Wether ur Adam and Eve, Eve and Niamh or Adam and Steve! Rock on people have a good time”

    I have heard worse chanting at Liverpool, Newcastle and Cardiff. I know their is a small bad element of fans in Leeds but they are not the only team. Their is nastiness spouted but I would not say Leeds where the worst. I’ve been spat at, ridiculed and had tippex thrown at me at Anfield.

    1. Oh and by the way I know of two other ex Leeds players who are gay and are still in the game and another bi-sexual…………..

    2. Nobody is going to assume that all Leeds United fans are homophobic bigots, people generally know better than to lump entire crowds of people into one box, especially LGBT people.

      I am from Liverpool and not suprised to hear the worst chanting takes place at Anfield and would not think to defend it for a moment, because homophobia exists in every football stadium, so I wouldn’t see the point in saying “well I’m gay and from Liverpool but _______ and _____ are worse… ” because that’s just like saying “well homophobia is exists in England but Russia and Uganda are worse” and just turns it into a game of hot potato/oppression olympics.

      Mr. Pink

      1. I understand that but I felt that I had defend the majority over the minority. I wanted to point out it was not just the city of Leeds that has a problem. I know a lot of people on here don’t follow football but their are certain teams in the media that are tainted and Leeds are one Millwall another and their teams who are out their who are media darlings. Reporting is not balanced so I must admit I do try to make sure that their is a lop sided reaction. Homophobia is a nationwide problem and does not happen in jus at certain area’s of the country.

        I will apologise and say that I did not mean to say one area is worse than the other :)

        1. * Not

          Sticky key board……..

  6. John Wilson 6 Aug 2013, 8:22pm

    I am a straight Leeds season ticket holder. I.also lived in Brighton in the Clough Lawrenson era. Every Club has its fair share of morons and Leeds is no exception. Rest assured that not all Leeds fans are racists, homophobes etc etc. A lot of what fans chant is offensive on all kinds of levels but there is a sense in which this is a pantomine and fans love the approbation. There is also an added North-South schism fueled by stereotypical views of soft southerners and Yorkshire chauvinism. The harder thing is to devise a strategy that would somehow

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