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Video: Russian paratroopers violently attack lone gay rights activist in St Petersburg

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Reader comments

  1. Sickening,

    1. Time for us all to sign the following petition to the Olympic Committee re. taking a stand against Russian homophobia.

      The number of signatures is just short of 300,000. Your signature is needed. Please sign.

  2. disgusting… and Manchester City Council wants to retain links to this abhorent city? Scum, they are just cowardice scum

    1. They want to maintain a dialogue with the city, and i believe that is a good thing. Severing ties will not help the LGTB community in St. Petersburg.

  3. If a nation’s soldiers treated its racial or religious minorities in this way the western world would be in uproar.

    These events in Russia need to be more widely publicised and reported in mainstream newspapers and television.

    Western Governments however, are aware of atrocities happening against gay people in Russia (and elsewhere) and now they really must do something.

    LGBT organisations across the world should be arranging protests at Russian embassies. A mass protest on the same day, perhaps, would gain widespread publicity in mainstream media outlets and give a strong message to government leaders.

  4. Hat off to this guy.

    Really disgusting those monsters, and the Russian government.

  5. First and foremost my concerns are for the safety and well being of Krill Kalugin. In the face of the adversity his determination to speak out in solitude was selfless and brave.

    The video showed a sickening vision. A show of force in Russia when paratroopers and police clash with such aggression . Further that these paratroopers all had jackets printed with HOMO across the back indicates preparation for events like this are premeditated. Even sadder is the younger age of paratroopers displaying lack of respect for their fellow generation.

    1. It doesn’t say homo it says омон which is like riot police or SWAT. They were not the paratroopers, they were arresting the paratroopers.

      1. Frank Boulton 6 Aug 2013, 6:14am

        Yes, but the mirror image of “OMOH” is “HOMO”. I wonder if the Russian authorities are aware of this.

        1. As their alphabet is not the same as ours, I doubt they really care. A possible typographical coincidence is hardly the point here, wouldn’t you say?

        2. nixiotemba 6 Aug 2013, 8:53am

          so they are not closeted, but mirrored cases, nice
          well, turn on your lovelights then

        3. I am embarrassed be reading comments, to realize my error! I was incensed when viewing by what registered “HOMO” I now clearly observe the video is not mirror image “OMOH” is as read. Non the less, read backward/forward, I reacted to a perceived pejorative with anger and distaste.

          1. The letter that looks like ‘H’ to us is actually pronounced like our ‘N’.

  6. Raymond Whitham 6 Aug 2013, 1:43am

    How many Russian paratroopers does it take to beat one peaceful citizen – a lot because they are worthless cowards!

  7. Well thank god they arrested those nasty men and not the poor kid, at least we can take solace in that. I would have expected them to get away with it or even be joined by the police ! Such courage that guy has to stand strong surrounded by thugs.

    Major respect and kudos to you Krill, you are a brave warrior, a true hero !! You should be very proud of yourself. I am very proud of you :)

    Mr. Pink

  8. According to “Russia Today”, the Russian propaganda program in English, America and the rest of the West is overreacting to a law that is supported by over 50% of the Russian people, and that Russian LGBTs are not being singled-out for prosecution:

    1. Russia Today is russian state-controlled English-language TV channel. Putin’s crap.

      1. Agreed, it is crap! I believe the video is an example of the kind of propaganda that is widespread in Russia, and it is supported by both the Russian gov’t and the perverse Russian Orthodox Church. I also believe it’s useful to know how seriously they’re beginning to understand how strongly the West feels about this vicious anti-propaganda law, that’s why I posted the link to the video.

    2. The german people also fully “supported” the Nazi’s at the time… just because the majority of people “support” something doesn’t mean they are right !

      Mr. Pink

  9. Gay couple was forced to leave their hometown to save their lives in the same day.

  10. Barbaric thugs

  11. this video really needs a programme! why do the thugs who are accosting that gay man look like they just came from a gay porn shoot? and then why do the men in camouflage who come to break things up have the word HOMO emblazened on their uniforms? Who are the players, and what is going on, here?

    1. Have to admit I found the footage a bit confusing when the ginger kid with the banner was surrounded by a group of guys who look like they walked off the set of a Jean Paul Gautier aftershave ad in their stripey vests.

      Doesn’t quite match my preconceived idea of what a homophobic thug would wear (at least in public).

      Subtitles might have helped here.

      1. Flapjack-I thought that too. This all looks a bit “staged” to me-or am I being nieve? How come all those cameras and press were there? Is it a PR stunt???? I don’t know-apologies for thinking this-but its just the way it “looks”

        1. Сергей 6 Aug 2013, 8:30pm

          The men are wearing “telnyashkas” which are blue-and-white striped tank tops traditionally worn by Russian soldiers. Specifically, the men belong to Russia’s VDV (Russian Airborne Troops) and this event occurred on VDV Day, a national holiday in honor of these troops that is marked every year on August 2. On this day, VDV veterans usually go out and get very drunk and run around in public harassing people and making noise. Sorry for my English.

          1. That goes someway to explaining it, though it still fixed in my head as the branding motif in this homoerotically charged Gaultier aftershave commercial…


            funny how the exact same stripey tanktop is intended as a symbol of red-blooded hetrosexuality in Russia!

    2. As somebody already wrote here, its a 2nd of August, national airborne forces day. On this day all men all over the country who’ve been in those forces, from young guys who r just out of the army to veterans 50-60 years old get together, go out and go crazy. It’s a very hard day for police, that’s why they are using OMOH (not HOMO), the SWAT, but as you could see even for special police forces it was hard to handle those guys who are elite forces of the army. That white and blue striped thing they are wearing is an undershirt, an iconic uniform of the Russian Navy, Airborne Forces and Marines. It has been a symbol of great military pride and gradually became a broader symbol of masculinity. Anyway, on 2nd of August really anybody can get into trouble when passing by those paratroopers celebrating their day. Honestly, I think the poor guy might have been sent there to provoke them. At the beginning of the video they just asked him to leave the square, coz it was their day.

  12. Frank Boulton 6 Aug 2013, 6:20am

    The really sickening thing is that, in the super-macho culture promoted by Putin, these paratroopers think themselves to be “real me.” It’s taking maybe a dozen of them to assault one man. The courage of this lone protester makes me feel proud to be part of the LGBTI Community.

  13. They said police: “Take this banner. It’s an evidence of gay-propaganda…”

  14. I couldn’t bear to watch the whole thing, and while it’s a good thing that people record such incidents so that they are publicised, why does no-one stand up for the boy? I suppose everyone’s too scared for their own safety.

    Kalugin’s bravery is extraordinary.

    1. Because most of them feel the same way. That’s what’s so dangerous about this, the former USSR is primarily fascist, homophobic and racist. You can look at numerous countries in the former bloc and see the same kinds of rampant xenophobia and bigotry.

      This could become a lot worse with the inaction of the authorities and the public. They really wouldn’t give a damn if the state started rounding up gay people for prison camps, that’s how messed up Russia is, and how dangerous it is to all LGBT people living there or traveling there.

      All this law has done is give the authorities and the radical groups an opportunity and permission to attack at will.

  15. Oatcake15 6 Aug 2013, 7:34am

    Did I miss the ‘violent’ attack on the gay activist? I didn’t see that and was in fact shocked by how un-violent it was! It must have been terrifying for him, and I think he was extremely brave, but it was really only pushing and shoving.

    What I was surprised by was how the OMOH team (who I think may be equivalent of a SWAT team) treated the paratroopers by dragging them away, in my opinion that was the violent aspect of the video, I thought they would have been shaking their hands, giving them a slap on the back and congratulating them. I am happy that they treated them like this after how they reacted to the victim.

    However, I am concerned about what happened to Krill Kalugin after he was taken away in the police car, I’m sure he will have received some sort of punishment. I am eager to find out how he is.

    Western governments really need to do something about what is happening in Russia at the moment!!

    1. Being physically thrown to the floor isn’t violent, I know film has desensitised us all but that is still violent. A group of thugs given power by an evil regime.

  16. barriejohn 6 Aug 2013, 8:33am

    And none of THEM look in the least bit gay, do they? Hahahahaha!!!

    1. barriejohn 6 Aug 2013, 8:35am

      He’s a very brave guy, BTW, and I, also, wonder what happened to him later.

  17. Bunch of knuckle dragging neanderthals.

    I hope that Mr Kalugin is OK?

    Funny though how those paratroopers are dressed in a stereotypical gay look, army fatigues and vest tops.

  18. Savage damned beasts, under-pinned by orthodox filth. “Visibility” for the Olympics? To hell with that – Boycott. Boycott everything Russian.

  19. Johnny Wessex 6 Aug 2013, 10:33am

    What a scummy country Russia is. Shame on them and all that tolerate this.

  20. pretty hilarious how the russian paratroopers looks like they’ve been for a night out at G-A-Y nightclub

  21. Someone should tell these monsters they all look like Gay porn stars – How ironic!

  22. This should be forwarded to the IOC and we should demand an answer as to how they presume they will be able to protect athletes and visitors to the country.

    Russia is on the cusp of becoming the next fascist state, and I dread to think of what’s going to happen to minorities there. If I were there, I would be getting out now, before the night time raids start and before they start opening prison camps to “protect” minorities from attack.

    Russia is now officially becoming a dangerous country to visit, and I think it’s time that people started pressuring our own governments to issue travel warnings on their sites, advising LGBT people not to visit Russia.

    We all know where this is going, and the fact that our governments are still not speaking out about it is shocking to me.

  23. Anyone up for doing sometime outside the Russian Embassy?

  24. Krill Kalugin, my hero

  25. Alan Graham Sloan 6 Aug 2013, 3:40pm

    look at the way these Russians dress and hold each other and hug, in another situation I would say wow what a pretty bunch of Russian Gay Guys!

    I have always found the people who shout the loudest that they hate gays ARE GAY THEMSELVES lets all post on our Facebook & social Media Pages – ALL RUSSIAN HOMOPHOBES ARE CLOSET GAYS – let’s keep posting it every day till they get the message!

  26. Sick and horrifying . . .

    At least the police intervened . . . I hope for the safety of the lone gay man and not to arrest him . . . however, I feel it may be the latter.


  27. SHAME ON RUSSIA!!! They are all morally sick if they support the hateful anti-gay propaganda laws.

  28. …did Putin dress them up like that?

    I swear, that guy is just… the world’s biggest closet case.

  29. Where’s the BBC reporting on this? Oh, f course; lacking.

  30. My heart goes out to this poor man. Why on gods earth would anyone deserve the treatment being shown throughout Russia right now, aimed at lgbt people!
    It makes me sick and in my eyes I could die today if it made a change. Equal rights for all!
    The backward politicians in this backward country deserve much worse levels of treatment! They are the real ones who are robbing everyone of their liberties and freedom, and money too!
    I have never felt hatred towards anything or anyone, until I have seen this disgusting behaviour by a bunch of steroided up ‘closet’ gays. They probably go home for a massive orgy anyway.
    Rant over! Lets do something about this!

  31. Those were the gayest looking paratroopers ever. Tight stripped vests and matching berets…please! Had me confused at first as to who were the gay demonstrators.

  32. Jay Jayman 6 Aug 2013, 11:55pm

    Abhorrent. For 21st Century society and supposedly civilised, democratic and tolerant governments to stand by allow Putin’s homophobic agenda stand is a disgrace.

    Why is this issue not even being touched by the mainstream media? Murdoch’s empire I can understand, but the BBC??? A vodka ban aside, SHAME ON YOU.

    I really hope this issue gets the public exposure it deserves. Have we learnt NO lessons from 1940s Germany? Who is next??

  33. So obviously stage-managed to showcase the Russian police as “protecting” the protester from a grassroots mob. You can’t believe anything you see on film coming out of this once again dictatorship.

  34. Alexander Fairgrieve 7 Aug 2013, 4:26am

    Please Send my support to this young man. I’m in awe that he didn’t look scared or cry. what an awful experience he went through. He is truly courageous.

  35. Sunny Khosa 7 Aug 2013, 12:45pm

    how are we to comment when we don’t know what anyone is saying!??? Pink news! yet again coming across to straights as gay propaganda! sort. it. out!

  36. Russian paratroopers have pretty arms with pretty striped shirts that make them look like they are pretty much in the closet. This is why they hate gays, and the fact that they are insecure and hate themselves. I hope that poor man is okay.

  37. Derek massey 7 Aug 2013, 8:29pm

    Its ironic that the soldiers are wearing uniforms identifying them as OMOH…..or homo spelt backwards.

  38. Those paratroopers look so gay in those striped tank tops, especially when they link arms.

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