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US Senator Elizabeth Warren: I learnt about the gay blood ban through the Boston bombing

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  1. Brian Sallis 5 Aug 2013, 3:27pm

    How many gay men have given blood and did Not declare that they are gay ?

  2. You have to admire a nation that can still function with leaders as ignorant of the laws of their own country as she is.

    1. Learn more about her – she’s anything but ignorant.

      I have to admire a politician who can say “I didn’t know.” and use newly learned information to take action:

      “For me, this has been a basic issue of fairness and of science – blood donation policies should be grounded in science, not ugly and inaccurate stereotypes,” Senator Warren said in a statement.

      Oh, and the ban is a Health and Human Services Department policy, not a law.

    2. Of course she should know every single law by rote what an ignorant nation of morons.


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