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Sir Ian McKellen shows his solidarity with LGBT Russians

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Reader comments

  1. Yes, it’s great that celebrities are showing their solidarity with the Russian LGBT population, but the regimes of Putin’s presidency and those of administrations across the Russian Federation probably don’t care at all what western celebrities think, say or do. They could even be laughing at them.

    It does help LGBT Russians realise that there is support for them, but change can only possibly occur when world leaders pressurise or convince Putin to end the oppression.

    Obama is president of a nation described as the most powerful on earth. If he can’t do anything, nobody can. He must at least try but is it naïve to think that he probably could do quite a lot? With his power surely he could also influence Uganda and Zimbabwe with promises or sanctions?

    Ugandan LGBTs have bravely held a gay pride parade – their bravery is also deserving of more publicised support from leading western celebrities.

  2. Thank you! I’m from Russia.

  3. Frank Boulton 6 Aug 2013, 6:32am

    We’re constantly being reminded of MR. Mutko’s demand that “sportsmen should respect the laws of the country.” In my experience, those who most vociferously demand respect of others, are those who least deserve. Lady Gaga is right to call what is happening criminal. All that these new laws are promoting is hatred, violence and killing.

  4. Michael Petrelis 6 Aug 2013, 6:54am

    Hello, Thanks for sharing the photo and reporting on Sir Ian’s stand of solidarity with the Gay Russians. Two requests though.

    First, please lower the caption on the photo down an inch so it does not obscure the full wording of the sign he is holding.

    Second, we took the photo at the Berkleley Repertory across the San Francisco Bay, after the evening performance.

    We need more celebrities showing support for the queer Russians.

  5. So it’s time to sign the following petition to the Olympic Committee re. taking a stand against Russian homophobia.

    The number of signatures is just short of 300,000. Your signature is needed. Please sign.

  6. Keith, I find it amazing that you call yourself the eventual winner when you are clearly a sad loser who has nothing better to do than keep posting your bile and ridiculous comments on gay news websites.

    Do us all a favour and f**k right off!

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