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Police: 40 arrests at Brighton Pride

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Reader comments

  1. Staircase2 5 Aug 2013, 12:04pm

    I honestly don’t see how there would be more people attending Preston Park event now than ever before…

    Aside from anything else the rationale behind making it a ticketed event was allegedly that the crowd sizes were too large and that they could only be controlled/limited by selling tickets…

    So either they lied then, or if they didnt they’re incompetently selling too many tickets.

    Or the information Pride is now giving out about attendance figures is a lie or woefully wrong…

    I heard that there was a sudden rush of cheap price tickets being sold to locals at £9 just a few days before in ICELAND of all places…

    Something doesn’t quite add up…

    So either the ticketing experiment was a complete waste of time or they’re lying to make it look like they’re more popular than they really are…

    Which is it…?

    1. I think it depends on how you use the word “Largest” – they nay be describing the quality of the acts, the number of people on the streets watching, the number of entries for the parade.

      I was in the park and I think the atmosphere is much better than it was two years ago, at least with a ticket price you get people who want an LGBT oriented day, rather than those who just want a free drink and drug fuelled mini-festival.

      1. Staircase2 6 Aug 2013, 5:29pm

        The article specifically says “An estimated 25,000 people attended the main event in Preston Park on Saturday – the largest in Brighton Pride’s history.”

        I simply don’t see how that’s possible given, as I said, the official reason why ticketing was ‘necessary’ was to REDUCE crowds in the park festival in line with Fire Safety ‘advice’.

        It didn’t feel at the time that that was actually the case, and now, if these figures are to be believed, it’s pretty clear it never was and still isn’t…

  2. seems remarkable yet again that the police didn’t state weather the drunk and disorderly and drug fulled people were Gay or Straight…how convenient.

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