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Lady Gaga: The Russian Government is criminal in its oppression of LGBT people

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  1. Lady Gaga speaks sense again.

    1. Well done, Lady Gaga, and can everyone please sign the following petition to the Olympic Committee re. taking a stand against Russian homophobia.

      The number of signatures is just short of 300,000. Your signature is needed. Please sign.


  2. Tamoso Deep 5 Aug 2013, 7:53pm

    Salute to you!

  3. That’s hardly a comparison. How are you defining promotion?

  4. Wow, where did you learn to do such good copy/pastes? I wish I could do it as well as you do.
    I’m sooo jealous <3

  5. Thanks for the warm words! I’m gay from Russia and I’m really thankful for support from around the world!

    1. You ought to flee from Russia. I think it will only get worse.

  6. dorsetbob 5 Aug 2013, 8:19pm

    Loving the lady Gaga. She is right of course. Russia has gone badly wrong with this law, making itself look backward. You would think that after decades of state repression they might be a bit more liberally inclined. The world athletics championship starts in a few days, wonder how they will handle the inevitable protests ?

    1. The Russian Orthodox Church won’t allow it, and Putin relies on the church for support for his policies. Orthodoxy has declared war on LGBTs and has become a kind of terrorist organization, encouraging violent protest. Russian LGBTs are at risk and have been threatened repeatedly with fines and imprisonment. And it’s all “legal.”

  7. Moving right along with innovation and the times… Darn the PN “Read previous” post innovation is F’ing annoying! Seeing that fly on to the screen every time one reaches the bottom of the page is like having to read a post from WBC in every comment column.

    1. So…there IS somebody else that’s being irritated by it! It’s REALLY annoying! Turn it off, PN!

      1. J. The more you encounter it the more annoying it becomes! It is far from being “user friendly” I am already at a point where I can’t be bothered to read previous post, I just close all windows and leave the site!

        1. I agree completely. Screen clutter is again becoming widespread on the Internet (and TV). These slide-out widgets recommending other articles exist to drive traffic on websites. There’s a common browser add-on to block these elements, but it’s a shame that one must resort to it in the first place.

  8. Yes, everyone likes Lady Gaga, but Russian politicians probably couldn’t care less about what she had said, nor about what any celebrity has said. It’s good that they speak out against the Russian regime, but it’s Prime Ministers and Presidents that need to speak out against this – loudly. World leaders against the persecution of LGBTs in Russia need to get together (as they often do) and convince Putin or decide on an agreed way forward to deal with this before it gets worse.

  9. Commander Thor 5 Aug 2013, 10:24pm

    We wouldn’t lock them up or torture them – that’s the difference between a civilised society and a dictatorship. In a civilised society, they are allowed to campaign.

    But I guess that doesn’t make any sense to you…go sniff some poop.

  10. CanadianChris 5 Aug 2013, 11:01pm


    Sc@t isn’t a sexual orientation, it’s a sexual proclivity.

    Homosexuality is a sexual orientation, a significant portion of the population is Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual. The sex acts they engage in are the same sex acts that the majority of straight people engage in, including an@l sex. Or at least the majority of straight guys engage in (or at least wish too, lol). But the sex acts are just one portion of the lgb orientations. Love, bonds, and commitment is the main part. Unlike sc@t. In addition to being commonly found in humans, which makes homosexuality natural in human nature, it is also commonly found in hundreds of other species which makes it natural in nature in general.

    The Russian criminalization of the “promotion of homosexuality” does not just apply to campaigning and protesting for gay rights, it is really nothing more than a criminalization of homosexuality itself. Run along confused scared fool.

  11. Russia had a brief period of freedom after the collapse of communism and its people have been let down again. Now a virtual failed state with dysfunctional institutions and a collapsing civic society, I detect a regime that has long abandoned decency by scapegoating our brothers and sisters to distract attention away from what is really happening there.

    Some eighty years after the rise of Hitler, once again is a vulnerable minority being scapegoated. LGBT people are “the new Jews” it would seem in that sad and desperate country. What I really fear is that there may come a new Holocaust.

    I really do fear for the long term future and wellbeing of LGBT in Russia.

  12. Commander Thor 6 Aug 2013, 10:22am

    We wouldn’t lock them up or torture them – that’s the difference between a civilised society and a dictatorship. In a civilised society, they are allowed to campaign.

    But I guess that doesn’t make any sense to you…go sniff some poop.

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