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Ed Sheeran to the Westboro Baptist Church: ‘Keep your homophobic views to yourself’

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Reader comments

  1. RoughRugger 5 Aug 2013, 6:36pm

    …and yet again, y’all give WBC the coverage and exposure they crave.

  2. How can the WBC keep its views to itself when Pink News is so adamant on reporting every single thing about them.

    Pink News is instrumental in advertising WBC extremism.

    Pink News is part of the problem here.

  3. god hates Ed Sheeran -your rot in hell Ed for that comment Ed :)

  4. Tamoso Deep 5 Aug 2013, 7:56pm

    Twisted and rotten bustards they are!
    I just wonder how could the churches be so backward even in America still now?
    Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran won’t bow down I hope.

  5. Stop obsessing over this tiny tiny tiny group. We and you have wasted enough time on this speck of humanity.

  6. They are such a small insignificant group of Christian weirdos. Please PN stop giving them publicity.

    1. michael seymour 6 Aug 2013, 1:28am

      Everyone knows they’re a bunch of loonies – best to ignore them and hope the US Feds come to their senses and cut off their tax-exempt status.

  7. Telling WBC to keep its homophobic views to itself is like squeezing toothpaste back in the tube.
    If they listened or cared what others thought of them they would’ve quit long ago.
    They are trolls who thrive on negative publicity and frivolous lawsuits and exploit the first amendment to their own twisted ends.
    Best ignored completely and that goes for reporting their activities here.

  8. Openmindedwriter 22 Aug 2013, 5:59am

    The funnier part is, they whine about the Queen but cannot go and harass her, having been banned from the UK.

  9. Michael Wander 23 Aug 2013, 9:34pm

    Speck of inhumanity

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