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Christine Quinn: President Obama must stop Russia from attacking its LGBT citizens

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Reader comments

  1. Off topic but she looks like Kerry Katona.

  2. Godric Godricson 5 Aug 2013, 5:50pm

    Come on Christine….be fair to Obama…what can he do in the face of such monumental wrong doing by the Russian State and people.

    1. Er…..don’t lend Putin the kudos of a state visit by the most powerful an on earth?…it might not do much, but it would be a start…..twin Putin with Mugabe on the international stage a see how he likes it….

    2. Obama is president of a nation described as the most powerful in the world. If he can’t do SOMETHING, then nobody can. He must at least TRY, but if he’s as powerful as he’s made out to be then he probably could do quite a lot.

      1. Though, adding to that, he hasn’t exactly done anything that we are aware of to solve the even more oppressive situations in Uganda or Zimbabwe – two countries that he should have no difficultly in influencing via promises or sanctions.

      2. He can’t do anything in Russia if he refuses to talk to Russia though.

        If he refuses to meet Putin, I don’t think Putin will give a toss.

        I don’t know why you all think the USA has influence over Russia, look at the Snowden debacle.

        As you say what has Obama done in Uganda or Zimbabwe where he has a much greater chance of sucess?

        1. If Obama refuses to talk to Russia because of Edward Snowden, then he’s only concerned about covering-up dark secrets of his administration. His stubbornness about that could enable Russia to do whatever it wants. Obama’s ‘legacy’ will be forever tarnished as a result. It’s very probable that he could have influence over Russia. The US is supposedly the world’s most powerful nation. Russia is one of the world’s powerful nations, but not the most powerful. It has been trying to adjust to post-communism for 20 years or so, but in doing so it has drifted to the opposite end of the political spectrum. It doesn’t appear to be stable. If not even the US can do something to influence Putin, then it might as well just hand over the “world’s most powerful” status to Russia. If there’s an increasing similarity between the state-sponsored persecution of LGBTs today in Russia and that of Gays and Jews in pre-World War II Germany, then Obama should feel morally obliged to act.

  3. Samuel B. 5 Aug 2013, 6:49pm

    I just do not get Russia at all.

    On the one hand they express their humanity and humility by allowing Edward Snowden refuge and protection from the despicable Obama regime who would otherwise subject this pulic hero to torture and a hell hole for exposing their tyrannical global spying/control grid.

    On the other hand they their own allow gay people to be subjected to the kind of barbaric treatment they are protecting Snowden from.

    I think we all need to wake up and realise how we are all – gay and straight – just cannon fodder for tyrannical, self-serving and point scoring governments everywhere.

    Humanity needs to reclaim its power and send these megalomaniacal psychopaths packing.

    1. “On the one hand they express their humanity and humility by allowing Edward Snowden refuge and protection”

      As if they give sh¡t about Snowden’s human rights. It’s all a ruse to p¡ss off the USA. These exKGB morons are still stuck in the cold war mentality alongside many in the US. Nowadays all they can do is petty back and forth. LGBT people will just become another pawn in this pointless, pathetic game.

      We need the Russian people to grow some balls and show some humanity because the USA is pretty powerless in this situation. Meanwhile we need to keep the Russian LGBTs in the public eye so that people are so disgusted by their actions that they think twice about buying Russian goods or taking Russian holidays.

      Boycott the Olympic Sponsors. Send a message to them and whoever is sponsoring Fifa 2018. Fifa will not cancel the World Cup in Russia if football fans complain but if sponsors do it will send a message. We don’t have to rely on “self-serving and point scoring governments”.

  4. Fűck russia. It will always stay a rathole.

    1. F*ck Russian homophobes, but not Russia in its entirety! I know comments have been previously about Northern Ireland, but it’s Governments that are to blame and Governments can be formed with a minority of the popular vote. The actions of a nation’s Government are not necessarily representative of the beliefs of a nation’s people. Political systems can be rigged or created in such a way so that the same people get in at each election, even when more than 50% of the electorate didn’t vote for them. Being dismissive about a whole nation doesn’t help its LGBT community. It does appear that a large proportion of Russian people are supportive of the repression of LGBTs, but Putin’s regime and those of administrations across the Russian Federation are probably so oppressive that there could be many people who don’t agree with what’s happening but are afraid to say so.

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