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Brighton Pride’s video message: ‘From Russia, Without Love’

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Reader comments

  1. Mike Wallace 5 Aug 2013, 1:10pm

    Ideally countries should boycott the games. Alternatively athletes should show their support by wearing a rainbow badge.

  2. The IOC should boycot Russia for the games and award it to a country with equal rights for all, several have come forward and have the infrastructure in-place to stage the event, so instead of wasting our time with the Russian government, who clearly have no intention in backing down, perhaps efforts would be better served in putting pressure on the IOC to pull out, imagine what a clear message that would send to Russia if they did award it to another country instead

  3. Beelzeebub 5 Aug 2013, 4:50pm

    Now even Russian politicians are becoming victims of these vile laws.


  4. Shocking though it may be to you, but some of us are in stable, monogamous relationships with one person, as opposed to casually with many people. We are in relationships with human beings. And are in relationships with people who are not actually related to us. As much as it pains you to be told this, LGBT Russians do not happily receive the near daily beatings knowing that hypothetical daddy may or may not be free to have sex with hypothetical daughter #1, hypothetical daughter #2, and hypothetical puppy, all at the same time (woe betide him if he ever goes after hypothetical son). It is not what they are interested in. It is not what they are asking for. And it is not what some of them are being killed for.
    If you like Russia so much. Please, do go there!

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