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Amazon founder and major equal marriage campaign funder Jeff Bezos acquires the Washington Post

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Reader comments

  1. Gosh, that photo makes him looks like villain in Austin Powers movie.

    1. He looks as if he’s thinking “Oohhh, Get You, dear”!

      I wasn’t aware of him or his support of the same-sex marriage campaign in the US. I’ve only ever heard about poor working conditions of Amazon employees. So, on one hand he’s Mr Good Guy and on the other hand he’s Mr Bad Guy!

  2. Although what you’ve written is strictly not wrong, you know, of course, that the Washington Post is a Washington DC newspaper (as in the US capital) and has nothing to do with Washington state (in the Pacific Northwest) where Bezos campaigned.

  3. He may have been a major funder for same-sex marriage but I find it very very worrying that Amazon’s founder is taking over the very reputable Washington Post.

    Amazon is destroying, and already has destroyed, thousands of independent booksellers. Amazon is also making it more and more difficult for writers, and other artists, to make a living.

    Amazon’s techniques for taking over the marketplace have been and continue to be insidious.

    Amazon’s ambition is to become the ONE big department store on the Internet. If we let them continue, the day will come when Amazon will have totally succeeded . . . and then Amazon will have a monopoly. And THEN we will all be Amazon’s hostages. Amazon will be able to charge high prices and we will have no alternative.

    Say “No!” to Amazon. Don’t be lured by their cheap prices. Buy anywhere but at Amazon.

    1. You left out the bit where they treat their staff like slaves

      1. Plus it doesn’t pay its taxes in the UK.

  4. Neon Genesis 11 Aug 2013, 5:03am

    While I’m all for better treatment of workers and requiring companies to pay taxes, I fail to see how a company being ambitious somehow makes them bad or evil. I’m sure even Pink News wants to be the dominant British gay blog site and to outperform other gay sites. Isn’t being ambitious what companies supposed to do?

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