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Canada: Gay author receives threats from Russia over children’s story

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Reader comments

  1. My god, Russia really is stupid. Like, shockingly stupid and ignorant, they just do not ‘get it’ whatsoever. I imagine once they’ve been educated and enlightened in a few years these laws will be a source of shame for Russian citizens for many years to come; and rightly so too.


    Love Conquers Hate
    Always has, always will
    It’s just a matter of time…

    Mr. Pink

  2. That There Other David 4 Aug 2013, 8:06pm

    There’s a reason why Western Europe is now so full of Russians. If you were Russian, would you want to stay iin the country you were born in and put up with all this sort of crap? Or would you move somewhere that has cultural civilisation and the rule of law?

  3. “In Russia, the word for pedophile and gay is the same word,” Greene said to CTV British Columbia. “They don’t differentiate the two.”
    those words were different, but state-controlled media connected homosexuality to paedophilia, zoophilia, freaks, prostitutes.. etc.
    I’m gay from Russia

    1. Charlie Owens 4 Aug 2013, 11:02pm

      A little friendly advice, Vadim: MOVE. Putin’s lost it and you aren’t safe. Time to go.

      1. Charlie, Vadim said he’s from Russia. They didn’t say he currently lives there. But good advice nonetheless. However, if only moving to another country were that easy. Russians do have to get visas and residency. They’re not in the EU so it’s not as easy for them as it is for us to move.

    2. Thanks for that information, Vadim. The power of the media to suppress and distort information is indeed horrifying.

  4. Can Russian LGBTs claim asylum in the UK due to their horrific treatment at home? I hope so, as it looks like Russia is descending into a fascist state.

    1. Asylum isn’t that easy. For one, you’ve got to be able to demonstrate that your life is being threatened and you’re in danger. Then, you’ve got to seek asylum in the first port of entry. For example, you can’t claim asylum in say Ireland if there are no different flights there from your country. Then in Western Europe immigration policies in many countries have tightened.

  5. Russia is very quickly becoming the world’s greatest joke.
    Their ignorance is astonishing.

    1. Please read Vadim’s comment above for an indication of why this is so.

  6. That There Other David 5 Aug 2013, 2:31pm

    LOL. “often” Keith? Not always then. But of course you already know that….

    Thanks for the ringing endorsement for global legalisation of same-sex marriage too.

  7. Christopher in Canada 5 Aug 2013, 2:33pm

    Wow. Your ignorance astounds, despite living in the age of information. Home schooled?

    1. Unfortunately you are ignorant, and about AIDS too.
      The hatefulness that you spread as a representative of the oppressive, conservative segment of society is the reason that so many gay men have avoided monogamous relationships. Gay men did live in fear of attack but we have found our community’s strength and are fighting back. YOU WILL NOT be a threat to us anymore because we look at you with the same shame that God has for hateful children such as you. GOODNIGHT!

  8. Christopher in Canada 5 Aug 2013, 2:36pm

    Keith, you may see yourself as an “eventual winner”, but it’s moot. After that you’ll be old, and after THAT, you’ll be dead… so tell yourself whatever you have to in order to get through today. In the meantime, the rest of us see you for what you really are, and “winner” is not the word that comes to mind.

    1. You’ll die a lonely, bitter old man.
      We know your type, you’re sitting there completley alone, bitter, because of your tragically mundane and empty life, and the only way you can feel good about yourself is to come to sites like this. You do not realise we can see right through you, sir. I pity you a great deal, you must live a very tragic existance. I hope you find happiness one day.

      Mr. Pink

  9. Why are you morons constantly feeding this troll? This makes you worse than him in my book because if there weren’t losers who always give him the attention he obviously craves, he would go away…

    1. Nice try…

    2. He even calls himself the eventual winner, because he’s a troll, he wins every time someone replies.

  10. Hiroshima was rebuilt by the attackers because it was such a horrific display of power and hatefulness. Keith wants to continue his attack but all he is doing is proving to his God how undeserving he is for any chance of salvation.
    By the way, heterosexuals have just as many sexually transmitted diseases as any other segment of society. Educate yourself before you spew undeserved hatefulness Keith.

    1. Scott Rose 6 Aug 2013, 2:30pm

      Your trouble is that you want to use the Center for Disease Control’s study to smear and to stigmatize all gay people, which is exactly the opposite of what the CDC says should happen towards ameliorating public health. You should go to the CDC’s website and read what their public health experts have to say about the roles of stigma and discrimination in exacerbating the spread of HIV and other STDs. Notably, the rate of new infections among MSMs of color is dramatically higher than that for white gay Americans. We do not expect a hateful ninny like you to care about what the CDC actually says, yet it is important to note that they consider YOU to be a bigger part of the overall public health problem, than they do the mere existence of gay people. To give you an idea of how stupid you seem for saying that gay equals AIDs, imagine somebody saying that sugar equals diabetes.

  11. Why would a Canadian write a story about a Russian prince falling in love with a boy? This author sounds like he deliberately provoked Russians or is a publicity hound. I guess it worked.

    1. Robert Christofle 6 Aug 2013, 7:54am

      I am the publicist for Icon Empire Press. I thought I would let you know that the short story was written in 2011. It is from his book ‘The Gay Icon Classics of the World” which is a collection of gay love stories from different cultures. Mr. Greene’s purpose for writing the book was to prove to the World that LGBT people are in every culture.

      So, he wrote the story years before the law was past.

      The LGBT activists in Russia contacted Mr. Greene (it was not the other way around) to use his story as part of their protest.

      Mr. Greene does not have books written in Russian.

      It would be a very cruel publicity stunt. In fact, for people to suffer from his writing has really upset him and he has really committed himself to get Russia to change their laws.

      The story is NOT about a prince falling in love with a “boy.” It’s about a prince who falls in love with another man his own age.

      I just thought it is important to bring the “facts” before people make poor assumptions.

      1. Very interesting. Thank you. The Pinknews article is badly written.

      2. David Myers 6 Aug 2013, 10:57am

        Thank you Robert for setting the record “straight”.

  12. Love is self sacrifice (not typical homosexual hedonism), loyalty, (not typical homosexual promiscuity) and monogamy.

    What exactly do you know of love, Keith old fruit? From the way you write it seems as though you’ve been deprived of any form of love, whether agape, philia, eros or storge, all your life.

  13. Scott Rose 6 Aug 2013, 2:11pm

    Edith Windsor was together with Thea Speyer for decades. Her lawsuit challenging the so-called Defense of Marriage Act went to the U.S. Supreme Court, and she won, resulting in federal equality for married U.S. gay and lesbian couples in states with equality.

    Do you really think that you are presenting a cogent argument against love conquering hate, by smearing Edith Windsor and Thea Speyer as having had sex in toilets and saunas?

    Have you made any effort, actually to get to know any long-term same-sex couples? Or are you just mudslinging, as though there were no such thing as promiscuous heterosexuals and/or heterosexuals with sexually transmitted diseases?

    Do you personally know any same-sex couples raising children, even to know what “love” means? Have you asked yourself this question: “Am I a bigot?”

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