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Cosby show star tweets to come out as gay and says she is grateful for equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. OMG raven is gay ! this is so awesome ! I loved That’s So Raven as a kid, I thought she was really funny and cool. I’m glad she’s come out, more LGBT role models like her can make a big difference. If I knew she was gay when I was a kid it would have helped me for sure. Go raven ! Thank you

    Mr. Pink

  2. I say good for her

    She’s a nice lady :)

  3. Ivor Casey 3 Aug 2013, 1:22pm

    Delighted for her and always liked her too. Fair play to her for making her stand :)

  4. What do we care that a has-been is trying to make a name for herself again?

    1. a “has been” is someone who is simply no longer in the mainstream/public eye. Careers in entertainment wether it’s music, film, tv etc. tend to have about 5-10 years of fame/acclaim, and then they drift out of the public psyche as new and younger people take their place for the new generation.

      I don’t like the term “has been” because it basically says if someone cannot maintain a high level of popularity for a number of years, which the vast majority of people can’t, it somehow means they’re no longer relevent or even worthy of acklowledgement or that their talent has diminished in some way.

      You’re just buying into this consumer culture of disposable celebrities who pass their sell-by-date after only a few years on the shelf…

      And to insinuate she would come out just for the publicity is pretty unfair. She’s been a “has been” for a few years now, so she could have come out any time if she felt it would “boost” her career which lets be honest, it probably wouldn’t do.

      Mr. Pink

    2. If it was a bloke as fab as her I bet you’d be first in the queue to blow him.

  5. That’s so Raven

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