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Tel Aviv: Gay orthodox Jewish man is one of Israel’s few religious drag queens

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Reader comments

  1. You go gurl! I’m so happy you’re finally living at peace and in happiness after so many years of pain. We need to remember that the closet doesn’t just damage the person, it damages his family and if he marries in desperate denial, it damages his wife and children also ! That is why acceptance is so important. Forcing a man or woman to live a life that is not their destiny hurts everyone in their family and friends, not just the individual. I wish you the best of luck in the future :)

    Mr. Pink

    1. P.S that skirt is freakin fabulous, rock on !

      Mr. Pink

  2. ‘… ‘Drag Yourself’, a Tel Aviv school offering 10-month courses for upcoming drag performers…’

    looking at the pic, total waste of time and money

    1. you stupid, ignorant, prejudiced and foulmouthed fool. HOW DARE YOU sneer at someone as brave as this person has been, for the way he looks, or dresses, or indeed for anything at all, arising from this article?

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