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Human Rights Watch condemns killing of Jamaican transgender teenager

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Reader comments

  1. What will Dan savage say? Absolutely nothing

  2. Such a shame we live in a world with so many weak men who can’t handle the idea of a man in a dress and turn into panic stricken animals! Homophobia stems from sexism and misogyny, if you make efforts to wipe out these, homophobia will naturally follow suit. Even in the UK it’s ok to be gay as long as you’re “straight acting” but cross dressers and camp men are still taboo.

    End sexism and you take a giant step to end homophobia !

    We need to educate the people about gender identity, and stamp out the idea that a man wearing a dress is “Embarassing himself” or “shaming men everywhere” by dressing as a ‘mere’ woman.

    Jamaica has a long way to go before it can crack that sexist shell. Men there won’t even get a prostrate exam… too much masculine pride. RIP my friend

    Love Conquers Hate

    Mr. Pink

    1. I know you didn’t mean it that way but “man in a dress” was quite possibly a poor choice of words, which is why you’ve been given a little red thumb by someone I should imagine. However, you’re absolutely right about homophobia and misogyny being inextricably linked.

  3. I guess the poor man threw caution to the wind and decided to live his life they way he wants. RIP

    1. nixiotemba 2 Aug 2013, 4:29pm

      SHE decided to live HER life, wouldnt you better say?

  4. Jamaica’s religion, public opinion, and laws make for open season on any LGBT people.

    That being said men who dress as women and surprise their partners are victims even in the San Francisco Bay area.

    It’s never right to kill or injure someone for that.

    Jamaica must realize that it’s laws promote murder and spread HIV-AIDS

    1. If they don’t place any value on LGBT life then they won’t care how many people are murdered, and ignorance surrounding HIV means that many people think it’s a gay disease that people “deserve” to get due to their “lifestyle”.

      I think Jamaica’s realisations must start at a more basic level i.e. that LGBT people have as much value as anyone else. You can replace “Jamaica” with many countries around the world the sentence will still work.

  5. Shelly Ann 1A 2 Aug 2013, 11:50pm

    All can I say about this is, young LADY may you rest peacefully in the arms of our Most Merciful Father.

    I am a Hetero-female, and I do not feel threatened by a person who wants to live a life they think is right for them.

    Again, Rest In Peace Young Lady.

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