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Foreign Office: The UK is extremely concerned over the continual persecution of gay people in Russia

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Reader comments

  1. This is an inadequate response.

    What practical financial consequrnces will Russia face for its declaration of war on the gay community there?

    Actions are needed. Nor words.

  2. Godric Godricson 2 Aug 2013, 4:22pm

    The days when Britain could send a gun ship are long gone. Britain will have to speak to Russia along with partner countries. Dealing with tyranny is never easy or comfortable?

    1. When did Britain ever send a gun ship for the good of humanity? Granted the Second World War was an effort to stop Nazi Germany taking over Europe but the other wars? Most of the other wars involved competing colonial powers (First World War), fighting over land or dominance (our wars with France and Spain) or invading other lands to add to our empire (half the world).

      War has very rarely been fought for just or honourable causes and anyway, would you have suggesting Britain should have sent a gun boat to invade the Soviet Union? Germany tried to invade and look what happened there.

      It almost sounds like you’re yearning for the days of imperialism. It was hardly an honourable part of Britain’s history.

      1. Loads of people have this bizarre idea that Britain goes to war to save the world, although it’s probably more true of the way US citizens view their countries foreign policy.

        There was not a single solitary day when Britain or the USA could send a gunship to Russia. The idea is madness and historically ignorant.

        1. Crimean war?

          1. I wasn’t aware we had gunships during the Crimean war?

      2. Godric Godricsoc 2 Aug 2013, 9:46pm

        Get a grip! When have I advocated Imperialism?

  3. Yeah yeah yeah, everyone can talk the talk but nobody can walk the walk. All the ‘statements’ in the world won’t stop that Russian teenager getting raped with a sickle and hammer though will it.

    Twiddle your thumbs and ‘speak out’ or take action to stop genocide, the choice is yours.

    Mr. Pink

    1. What kind of action can the government reasonably take though given that Russia has gas and Russia has nuclear weapons, which rules out a) sanctions and b) “liberation” “shock and awe” style. People make comparisons with Nazi Germany, Nazi Germany didn’t have a nuclear arsenal.

      I think in this case it’s down to individuals and people power. If something could be done about Russia by any world government then the USA would be mad with glee.

      We have to offer these people asylum and make sure the whole world knows what’s happening, rather than just the lgbt press. People need to stop going there on holiday etc.

      1. For a start they can provide the Russian authorities with the facts about homosexuality and highlight how horrificly wrong they have it or even attempt to educate Putin & his thugs about it…

        Mr. Pink

    2. Kirill Kalugin, a very brave Russian LGBT today protested the gay propaganda law BY HIMSELF at a gathering of Russian paratroopers. A riot ensued with police rushing to protect (and arrest) Kalugin, along with several paratroopers. Hopefully the video will go viral:

  4. I wrote to the FCO in May and recently received a reply which stressed similar points about Government concern at the growing restrictions on LGBT freedoms in Russia.

  5. Equality Network 2 Aug 2013, 5:05pm

    If you want to contact the UK Govt over this, one way to doi it is here:

  6. They should do better than this, the message should be sent that Russia’s laws are unacceptable and inhumane.

  7. If the foreign office are concerned about a country where anti-gay laws are oppressing the basic human rights of LGBT people., then why isn’t the government doing something? Ah, yes – they have money and oil. Sound familiar? As for Manchester not severing ties because they want to maintain “dialogue” that sounds abut as plausible as those athletes who’ve said they won’t boycott because they can show their support for LGBT people when they are there. Maybe they really are stupid enough to believe that. Most of the rest of us aren’t and can spot self serving hypocrisy when we see it.

  8. Lets not forget all the other really hostile countries,which will be most of Africa and the middle east.

  9. I really support the idea to ask Team GB to wear rainbow colors in their uniform + think we should petition ALL civilized countries to do the same!

    In Vancouver, pride is always specifically inclusive of EVERYBODY, to go with the meaning of the rainbow. So I think we could get all athletes on board. Lots of straight athletes in Canada are already up in arms about Russia.

  10. I hope this isn’t just words and that action will be taken if Russia cannot demonstrate that LGBTs will be safe to travel to Russia for sports events, the Eurovision Song Contest (if they host it again), etc. We need to know before the Winter Olympics.

    Although, to be honest, we should be taking action already as the Russian police are involved in raping, torturing and murdering gay people.

    The Foreign Office publicise their concerns about human rights in other countries, but seldom do anything. Action please! Also, it should be doing something about that despot of Zimbabwe.

  11. Keith, the eventual winner. 2 Aug 2013, 10:37pm

    All this nonsense about human rights is a diversion from the truth that the gays are blocking their ears to.
    Russians have more freedom to pursue all manner of sexual avenues than Britain or the US have ever had. In Russia, homosexuality , de-facto polygamy, consensual adult incest and bestiality are all legal. Not so in Britain and the US where all such things are criminal except homosexuality.
    However, the gays take exception to the rules about propaganda. These rules are not a breach of human rights and the promotion of legal yet perverses acts such homosexuality, bestiality and consensual adult incest were never enshrined in the human rights convention.
    Even Peter Tatchell will acknowledge this if asked.
    It remains to say that all sovereign, self determining nations have the right and authority to create laws as they see fit for it’s citizens.
    Do you see Russians boycotting Britsih products on account of our criminalization of consensual adult acts such as polygamy and incest?

    1. “In Russia, homosexuality , de-facto polygamy, consensual adult incest and bestiality are all legal. Not so in Britain and the US where all such things are criminal except homosexuality”.

      That says a lot about Russia, doesn’t it! A man can have sex with his mother (probably popular in Russia) but can’t have sex with another man without fearing the consequences if raided by the police who then torture or rape them with objects to rip apart their intestines. No action is taken against those police and if they then went home and had sex with their families and family pets they’d probably get a pat on the back from Putin. If that’s the kind of society that appeals to you Keith, you won’t get it in the UK.

      1. Keith, the eventual winner. 2 Aug 2013, 10:57pm

        \\you are wrong. Homosexuality is legal in Russia as well as other consensual adultacts such as incest and polygamy. Clearly Russians are free to practice more consensual adult sexual act than they are in Britain, a point you have ignored.
        Russian law asks (reasonably) that you do not promote such consensual filth or mengage in it’s propagana. Seems reasonable to me.

        1. You’re on the wrong site mate! Find an incest discussion site if that’s what rocks your boat, but keep your Russianist MF or GILF – related comments away from here. None of us are interested.

          1. @James Click report, down vote him so his comment is hidden, then walk away. If everyone did this he’d get bored and give up.

            What’s the fun in trolling without a reaction?

  12. What did you all really expect?

    Is the penny finally starting to drop?

    You have all been lulled into a false sense of security by a a few platitudes from some doddering old men in the H of L over marriage equality.

    65 million people in the UK. Where is all the support now?

    Easy to say you agree with gay equality and rights when all you have to do is tick a box or answer a question on the way to the pub.

    If gay rights are human rights, why did you not call for a boycott of Beijing in 2008? The Chinese communists have been persecuting minorities for decades – gays, Muslims, Christians, Tibetans, forcing women to have abortions. Why didn’t you protest then?

    You didn’t care a fig that’s why and it would have caused repercussions for the London 2012 Olympics?

    A sports hungry world vs the rights and welfare of some “poofs” deep in the heart of Russia.

    Hmmm…I wonder on which side your average hetero in the street is going to come down on?

  13. Colin Fallesen 3 Aug 2013, 11:03am

    I think we are WAY beyond just reminding them every now and again. Surely all governments that respect human rights should now be taking direct action against Russia.

  14. BlokeToys 6 Aug 2013, 1:10pm

    There should be travel warnings issued by the foreign office. If the same video evidence was coming out of another country showing attacks on Christians, or black people, or women, there would be outrage and warnings in place within 24 hours.

    The fact that Foreign Office has not issued this appropriate warning to UK citizens is another example of how they view the LGBT community as less than worthy of the same rights as others.

    This is telling, and it shows that our government really doesn’t give a rats arse.

    I wonder how long it’ll be before British tourists are assaulted or killed in Russia for being gay, and whether that will prompt them to sit up and take notice?

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