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US: Catholic school teacher sacked for being gay days after marrying his partner

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  1. Mattinvan 1 Aug 2013, 5:08pm

    It’s time we took schools out of the hand of churches and back into the state….such horrible treatment should not be occurring in the modern world. Say NO to Church Bullying!!!!

  2. RoughRugger 1 Aug 2013, 5:11pm

    On the one hand, the school is acting pretty shady here: “The Diocese of San Bernardino said its discrimination policy bans action against teachers based on lifestyle choice, but that entering a same-sex marriage goes contrary to church teachings.” Um…pretty sure banging a dude is “contrary to church teaching” whether they’re married or not.

    On the other hand, dude, you’re a gay man in a long term relationship and working for a Catholic entity?? REALLY??? What did you expect???

  3. The church is the first to claim the right of conscience for itself, but does it extend that right of conscience to others? No of course not.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Aug 2013, 5:31pm

    Don’t these schools get some kind of state funding? If that’s the case, then once they accept public money they are subject to anti-discrimination employment laws surely? This is not the first time a catholic school has sacked someone for this but should come as no surprise to the man for what happened.

    1. Not sure if they get any funding from the state Robert. Here is an extract from Wikki
      ‘St. Lucy’s Priory High School, founded by the Benedictine Sisters in 1962, is a private Roman Catholic school for women, grades 9–12’

      Howver I would like to see the state accreditation taken away

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Aug 2013, 8:00pm

        A friend of mine who is a retired teacher in New York told me that catholic schools in his state do receive some kind of funding. Perhaps it differs from state to state, maybe not in California.

  5. GulliverUK 1 Aug 2013, 8:27pm

    This is what American Catholic bishops demand – their leaders are the worst. They have sacked so many people over the last few years, my inbox has many examples.

    This is the truth, and I don’t think the new Pope’s words have or will make any difference. Only a change of law will fix this. In the UK if this happened they would not get away with it, the law does not allow that.

  6. Mumbo Jumbo 1 Aug 2013, 8:44pm

    New Pope, new spin, same crap.

  7. Michael Stevens 1 Aug 2013, 9:32pm

    If you sign up to work in a Catholic school they are allowed to enforce their rules, no matter how stupid and oppressive. I don’t see how he can complain really. Personally I’d like to see religion taken out of all education, but this is the USA…

    1. GulliverUK 1 Aug 2013, 10:05pm

      In the US, because of lack of federal laws, but there in the UK – no, they can’t.

  8. Whilst I feel for him, what reaction did he expect from the Catholic Church.

  9. The Catholic Church and the Russian State are becoming increasingly similar over this. It seems that the teacher’s real mistake was the publicity over his marriage – i.e. ‘propaganda’. He had embarrassed the skirted Benedictine eunuchs by being healthily open about his love. Compare this with the ongoing reports about abuse by Benedictine monks at Fort Augustus Abbey School in Scotland – new allegations made this week. Or with the Lawrence Murphy case in Milwaukee – it took the Church a long time to move that predatory priest away from his prey.

  10. RJ Abada, OFM 2 Aug 2013, 8:54am

    sad. homophobia rears its ugly head despite the Pope’s recent comments vs marginalization of gays

  11. Mohamed Salieu Kamara 2 Aug 2013, 9:39am

    Gay and Lesbians have their rights also. The rise in homosexuality, Lesbianism and bisexualism may seem to many a new way to express erotic Love. These sexual practices are not new. People who practice such sexual acts are now coming out because of the erosion of societal taboos, globalization and the freedom to do what one likes as long as it does not affect others. Because of medical improvements, transgender practices are now more frequent.

    We all have our likes and dislikes. Going to great lengths in expressing our individual likes and dislikes in uncalled-for and should not forget that it takes all sorts to make the world; a reason why all should not be expected to behave or do things the same way.

  12. Mohamed Salieu Kamara 2 Aug 2013, 9:44am

    We all have our likes and dislikes. Going to great lengths in expressing our individual likes and dislikes in uncalled-for and should not forget that it takes all sorts to make the world; a reason why all should not be expected to behave or do things the same way.

    The discrimination, stigma, harassment and attacks of gays, lesbians and bisexual are sometimes unbearable. What two or more consenting adults decide to do in private should not be the business of anybody. The freedom we want for ourselves should be the freedom that we should want for others, homosexuals and lesbians not excepted. The media, religious bodies some civil society associations and organizations sometimes condemn same sex relationship and marriages. News of killing and molesting of Gays and lesbians is rampant.

  13. If this is how their treating staff members what if a young student at the school was homosexual, what kind of example is that setting to them? That they can grow up, try hard and that it still wont matter because they will be cast down purely for how they are born? Regardless if they believe in god or not.

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