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Russian sports minister: Gay athletes ‘must respect Russian law’

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Reader comments

  1. Vitaly Mutko really should have worded his message a bit better, all I see is an open invitation for athletes and spectators to do anything and everything they can think of to “make propaganda”.

  2. Har Davids 1 Aug 2013, 12:20pm

    For all the macho-posturing, Mr. Putin and his fellow-clowns, seem to fear homosexuality enough to come up with this ridiculous law, which contravenes the human rights. So why does this minister expects people to respect this brain-fart?

  3. Jock S. Trap 1 Aug 2013, 12:32pm

    One way for Russia to cheat at the Olympics I guess just turn on the ones they suspect as being Gay and send home.

    This really isn’t good enough. The Games should be moved to a country able to deal with the safety of the competitors!

    Free and Fair it certainly will not be!

  4. keith francis farrell 1 Aug 2013, 12:38pm

    I still think a total boycott of Russia is the only way forward. until LGBT people have equal rights, those countries should be banned from sports

  5. Scott Rose 1 Aug 2013, 12:40pm

    The real issue is not what will happen to Olympic participants and visitors. The real issue is that the country planning to host the Olympics progressively is enacting legislation that scapegoats the gay minority by alleging that it is harmful to children. This is a variation on the Blood Libel used against Jews. If a Russian policeman just “thinks” that a gay person is “acting gay” in public, he can then abuse that perceived gay person’s human rights, and the Russian system will then process that person as a criminal defendant. This is so outrageous and counter to human rights in the 21st century that nobody should be cooperating with giving Putin the showcase he wants as a “See how grand I am” face to the world. The situation is dire for Russian LGBTers, and for free speech there generally. The Dutch people were arrested for trying to make a documentary about gay rights in Russia? And the Olympics thinks it’s just hunky-dory to go along with the plans to hold the Olympics?

  6. Scott Rose 1 Aug 2013, 12:43pm

    I am adding this: the fact that Russian authorities arrested a few Dutch documentary film makers only because they were trying to document LGBT rights abuses in Russia, demonstrates that we don’t really know everything about the human rights abuses going on there. The Russian authorities are using intimidation tactics to prevent the outside world from knowing what is really going on.

    1. Kay Julia 2 Aug 2013, 3:59am

      I agree with you and fear that some terrible things are happening to LGBT people in Russia! When the truth comes out it will be ugly I fear.

  7. The term “non-traditional sexuality” is just absurd. What’s so un-traditional about homosexuality? Been around just as long as heterosexuality so don’t see what makes it so “un-traditional”.

    Either way I hope as many spectators as possible get arrested under the ridiculous “propaganda” laws to highlight just how ridiculous they truly are.

    Mr. Pink

    1. It’s silly because slavery, child marriage, genocide, rape and racism were all part of tradition back in the day. So why not implement laws like this too? Seriously traditions change all the time for the better!

  8. Wow guys Russia’s new anti piracy law is also coming in too

    Russia is really going down hill!! What ever happened to the freedom of the Russians? I guess it back to the nazi days for the Russians!

    Stupid Putin!!!

  9. Colin (London) 1 Aug 2013, 1:09pm

    There we have it. We can go but on their terms so they make money and get prestige….wrong wrong wrong on every level.

    Media of the world please turn your cameras off for this event. It can happen but a media blackout is what’s needed to show the world it has standards and Russia is lacking at most levels.

    Russia join the modern world please and release your talents. Take your place with countries who are trying to look after the planet and it’s people instead of being back stabbing, childish and inward looking run by a mafia.

  10. Colin (London) 1 Aug 2013, 1:11pm

    Please MR Gorbachev we need you back. Come out of retirement….The world needs your help

    1. I never thought I’d see the day when a Thatcherite would be begging for Gorbachev to come back, mon dieu! Not that I’m old enough to remember either, but still.

  11. Watch what happens if a gay athlete wins a medal over a Russian athlete. Want to bet he’ll be wisked away under this law and made disqualified?
    What do you guys think?

    1. People have long used homosexuality or percieved homosexuality or even false accusations of homosexuality to blackmail people and purge rivals. I wouldn’t be surprised if this law was made for the sole purpose of being able to say “they are gay” or “I saw that person promoting homosexuality” as an easy to way to take out a rival in any setting. Gays have long been used as scapegoats and easy targets in this way.

      Mr. Pink

  12. Russia is a disgrace to humanity.

  13. This law was used to try to get a rainbow removed from a milk carton (don’t know if that was successful). So anyone wearing a rainbow of any sort could be arrested.

    Protest outside Russian Embassy in Kensington, 1pm Saturday 10 August

  14. Perhaps when Russia respects international laws it will have the right to demand its laws are respected…until then it should expect to be treated as the 3rd world barbaric, totalitarian nation it is, along with most of Africa…

  15. I’d respect Russian law if Russian Law respected International Law.

    But it doesn’t.

    So, nerrrrrrr.

    Mr. Pink

  16. johnny33308 1 Aug 2013, 4:14pm

    The only people who respect laws devoted to BIGOTRY are bigots….the rest of us hold those laws and the people who ‘respect’ them in complete and utter contempt, and rightly so!

  17. The Olympic Committee are a disgrace, they are just whitewashing over this to get their huge pay-packets and then no one will be looking at Russia so who cares.

    Russia is the wrong place to hold these games.

    1. Well they’re hosting the World Cup in 2018. Then we have another country which has a dreadful record for LGBT rights hosting in 2022.

      I don’t see the attitude of either of these countries changing in the coming years.

      These organisations couldn’t give a toss about human rights.

  18. Velvet Steele 1 Aug 2013, 7:55pm

    what is defined as propaganda will certainly be defined by the officials. Ooops I just passed wind, that must be gay propaganda!!

  19. Only gov can “propoganda” something, for individual or NGO or media itself there is no such thing at all.

    And only despotic gov would have a need to “propoganda” something, usually anti-human things, such as homophobia.

  20. Mike Smith 2 Aug 2013, 8:02am

    The simple answer is to Boycott the Olympics all together.

    If it was good enough for the Russians all those years ago, it’s good enough for the Entire World in the 21st Century.

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