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Petition started to urge Team GB to wear rainbow colours at 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

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Reader comments

  1. But by doing that they could be arrested for homosexual propaganda.

    Boycott is better

    1. Who cares! Do you really think they’re going to arrest hundreds or thousands of spectators and athletes in front of the worlds media just for wearing a rainbow pin? I hope they DO fill their jail cells with entire teams and representatives and innocent people because at least then the international community will actually do something and the embassy’s will go absolutley beserk

      Mr. Pink

  2. In 1936 Jesse Owens won 4 gold medals at the Summer Olympics in Berlin, easily disproving the nazi racial ideology.

    It not protect the jews, gypsies, gays and disabled from the Holocaust.

    Sochi 2014 is a similar scenario.

    Putin has declared war on the LGBT population.

    British athletes need to understand that universal human rights are more important than a sportsmedal.

    I will not sign this petition.

    Britain needs to boycott Sochi 2014 entirely.

    1. I’m sorry do you think boycotting the 1936 Olympics would have saved a single Jew, or Gypsy or a Gay or disabled person?

      If so then you’re deluded.

      A winter Olympics without Britain? I think the rest of the world will hardly notice our absence. They may notice rainbows on the kit but it would be better if more teams than team GB took part.

      Boycott the sponsors and put pressure on them, that is the best chance to do anything about these games. Money talks.

      Boycotting Vodka was effective because it got attention in the national press not just the “gay” press but it’s pretty pointless beyond that.

      1. Boycotting Berlin in 1936 would have notified the world of what was going on in Germany.

        Berlin 1936 SHOULD have been boycotted.

        Jut as Sochi 2014 should be boycotted.

        People will soon forget the persecution of the gays in Russia. A boycott will keep the attention firmly focussed on the horror going on in Russia.

  3. I have signed this petition, I also signed the petition to boycott he games.

    However I think an actual boycott is unlikely. The next best thing is if athletes from all over the world showed the rainbow flag.

  4. The Russian sports minister has stated that athletes and spectators will be subject to the fascist Anti-Homosexuality law.

    Wearing a rainbow pin could lead to jail for the athletes.

    Signing this petition is an inadequate response.

    These games must be boycotted.

    Russia is not fit for purpose as an Olympic host country.

    1. Colin (london) 1 Aug 2013, 11:15pm

      Your point is perfect SteveC.

      It clearly states openly to the world that it is against freedom of speech and Equality. This country is controlled by a form of mafia and should be taken down from the worlds influential scene.

      Kicked out of the UN, G8 etc.

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