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Human rights group calls on Hollywood to stand up against Russian anti-gay laws

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  1. GulliverUK 1 Aug 2013, 8:24pm

    Yes. Make documentaries about it – that can be done in just a couple of months. Make a film about it. Get the message out because otherwise the general public just won’t hear about it. They need everybody’s help, and a film or documentary is the best way of getting that very personal message and suffering across. Films can move an entire nation.

    1. Like the 4 Dutch documentary film makers who were deported from Russia last week for ‘promoting homosexuality’ ie making a documentary.

      That won’t work.

      The IOC has 1 choice – tell Russia that unless this law is suspended immediately then the Games will be moved to Vancouver which held the Games in 2010, so it still has the infrastructure (and ban the Russian team from attending.)

      There’s not a lot Hollywood can do, so I don’t understand why the HRC thinks this is a good idea.

      1. GulliverUK 1 Aug 2013, 9:51pm

        Good point, but I don’t think they went in to outer space to make Star Wars ! They don’t have to film it in Russia :)

        The IOC should start making noises about considering an alternative venue, before they run out of time to change. There are many countries which would already be geared up to run The Olympics – and Vancouver would be be fine, but I think we could do it here too. Why not.

        Hollywood can get the message out, like Schindler’s List, like few others can. Brighton Pride already made a video;

        I tweeted that back on 29th July.

        Just look at the very powerful work by Ryan James Yezak, and frankly I am so, so proud of the gay community for the immense number of very powerful youtube and other (Vimeo, etc) videos they have products, which put forward in powerful ways our struggle, and our very real lives.

        1. The Winter Olympics in Britain would be difficult – weather wise it is too mild. And where will there be guaranteed snow for the skiing?

          Vancouver is the perfect venue.

          While this law is on the books in Russia, then the Winter Olympics should not be held there.

          And FIFA better take note.

          The World Cup in Qatar will be the next target.

          Countries which persecute their own citizens (gay or otherwise) are not suitable host countries for major sporting events.

          1. Are you not that bothered about the world cup in Russia in 2018 then? That would be the one before Qatar…

  2. If Hollywood stands up for gay rights… it will be a first!

    Years ago when Whoopi Goldberg hosted her talk show, Elizabeth Taylor was a guest. They made one comment after talking about Taylor’s AID’s foundation “But there are NO gays in Hollywood” We all knew as they did it wasn’t true, but it does substantiate why Hollywood perpetuates the myth $$$. We wouldn’t generate revenue as a lead on a marque or leading man, which is why they would cast a straight man to play gay… and when gay is in a movie it is (was until Philadelphia) played for laughs as in the Bird Cage.

    Hollywood of the past didn’t hire gay to play gay because they didn’t want visible gays in Hollywood.

    Yes things have changed and people have come out, but Hollywood stand up against Anti Gay Laws? when they won’t even back many gay movies – story lines.

    Unless Michael Moore, Neil Patrick Harris or Lance Black of the like makes lots of noise I wouldn’t hold my breath that Hollywood studio’s mention Anti Gay Laws

    1. GulliverUK 1 Aug 2013, 10:01pm

      The House of Lords just passed equal marriage rights – there’s a first for everything. Times have changed. If they see a “valuable” story they will do it, and there are all sorts of reasons why this story, about Russia, may well be seen as valuable.

      1. Gulliver, In terms of history I agree you make a valid point. I hope I am wrong… but I don’t think Hollywood has the guts to do this, not unless there is an American angle to “influence change” which could feature prominently in the movie.

        If any thing comes out at all… I would bet it comes out from HBO and the group of actors who influenced the production of “Prop 8”

        One only has to look at the history of Gays in the movies as in the “Celluloid Closet” to get a better perspective on Hollywood and it’s prevailing attitude.

        But… your right “There is a first for every thing!”

        1. GulliverUK 2 Aug 2013, 5:36am

          Matthew Shepard Story, Maurice, Beautiful Thing, Brokeback Mountain, MILK, The Mormon Proposition ? Glee has been very successful.

          1. I agree on the success of these movies, however Mathew Sheppard story was made after the outrage over his killing. Ang Lee had major problems with Hollywood trying to get his movie made re funding. Church of Latter Day Saints I think was independent production? as was Save Me. Beautiful Thing, Get Real were British productions? Glee is a network TV production opposed to a Studio. The biggest problem many film makers have unless they win festivals is major studio’s didn’t back them, or don’t distribute them until they seem to see a market they might miss. Gods and Monsters was a rare studio production because it told a biography of one of it’s own James Whale, distribution as out of Canada. Prayers for Bobby was a TV production. Proving there is a viewer demand, but unless studio’s see a box return most gay movies are independent. (but excellent genre) often limited to or start out in LGBT film festivals.

      2. Well I am still waiting for pigs to fly and you know what, they are never going to. So there is not a first time for everything.

        I think too many people are being optimistic but naive regarding this issue. Hollywood was and remains inherently anti-gay. They do not even think twice before distorting history and heterosexualising the past eg 300, Troy and Alexander – of course to make things palatable for mainstream society and to line their own pockets.

        Hollywood may end up making a statement or two about the situation in Russia but that will be all and it will in reality be lip service only.

        Boycotting Russia (USSR) in 1980 achieved nothing except a game of tit for tat and turned the Olympics into a farce. Boycotting Sochi will end in the same result.

        Individuals and organisations should be putting pressure on governments in more liberal countries to withdraw from the IOC, FIFA and other major sporting organisations and establish new organisations based on charters

        1. that firmly establish the importance and value of human rights for all and will stand by those charters regardless.

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