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Gay former Met police commander Brian Paddick to become Lib Dem peer

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Reader comments

  1. Hey I remember him, I had a bit of crush on him when I was younger, and now he’s a lord ! The sex appeal grows and grows with this one :P

    Congrats Mr. Paddick – Gay Power ! Here’s to more LGBT lords in the future.

    Mr. Pink

    1. Colin (London) 1 Aug 2013, 1:03pm

      Lovin it…me too and I’m not so young…lol

      1. I was only 16 or 17 when he came out a few years back and I’d longed for a positive role model my entire life on tv and elsewhere, and when the freakin’ Cheif of Police came out as gay I was just like… woah !

        He was the Cheif of Police, a silver fox, looks great in a suit and has a police uniform at home… who could ask for more? Felt like breaking a really big law so I could meet him personally, it would be the dreamiest interrigation I’d ever have.

        “they won’t be necessary officer, I brought my own handcuffs.”

        Mr. Pink

        1. The House of Lordsw is an undemocratic joke.

          Brian Paddock is now also a ridiculous joke by participating in this appalling institution.

          1. Hey I know my politics and am fully aware the House of Lords is undemocratic, but as long as it exists I’d rather it includes more minorities instead of it just being old straight crusty rich white men. As long as they’re making the decisions we need representatives of minorities to remember minorities and speak for us when nobody else will.

            Mr. Pink

  2. Shame on him for accepting a seat in that undemocratic travesty.

    When will the House of Lords be abolished.

    It makes a joke of the idea that Britain has any democratic legitimacy

  3. Godric Godricsong 1 Aug 2013, 12:57pm

    If we had a vote…Paddick would get my vote for criticising Stonewall for failing to support equal marriage…despite this Stonewall always try to re-write history.

    Despite this the Lords have to go along with the Established Church of England.

    1. In 2010, “Mr Paddick, along with other senior Lib Dems, criticised [Stonewall] for suggesting that the party’s policy to extend civil partnerships to heterosexuals would cost £5bn”.
      In 2013, Pensions minister Steve Webb MP (a Lib Dem) said the party’s policy to extend civil partnership to heterosexuals would cost £4bn. Doesn’t seem much of a difference.

      1. Dan Filson 1 Aug 2013, 4:56pm

        This Pink News item puts the blame on Stonewall for that figure, which I believe leaked out of the Department of Work and Pensions led by Iain Duncan Smith. I think it was an attempt to kibosh the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill as it then was (it’s now an Act of course).

        1. Arno Van Bulb 4 Aug 2013, 5:35pm

          It was an attempt by Stonewall’s Ben Summerskill to disable the emerging equal marriage agenda led by the coalition.

          Summerskill was widely and anecdotally quoted as saying that Equal Marriage would never be passed at the House of Lords. He was attempting to scupper this passing as he is politically affiliated to Labour.

  4. Colin (London) 1 Aug 2013, 1:01pm

    Sorry but the Lords need a massive overhaul. I am grateful to all of them for Marriage I really am but feel this institution needs to modernise and reduce numbers to about 100. (Both Hoc and HOL inclusive)

    Mr Paddick is a good man I have no doubt but I’d respect him more if he was in the HOC.

    However congratulations Sir. Got to give you that and be happy.

    1. Like many institutions in this country the Lords is old and fusty.

      They’re completely out of touch with 21st century Britain, even if they did vote for equal marriage.

  5. UglyGeezer 1 Aug 2013, 1:03pm

    Tokenism in action, guess he will be sitting next to Oona King.

    1. This guy was cheif of police, he’s gay, he’s pretty young, he’s funny, and he’s a total silver fox super dilf. I’d feel a lot more confident with someone like him making the decisions over some crusty old conservative gargoyle any day of the week. If tokenism and *~*~politcal correctness gone mad*~*~* is what it takes to make more minorities part of the discussion, then who cares ! The more women, LGBT, disabled, and culturally diverse people in power means a better country for everyone. If it’s just straight white rich old men making the decisions then the decisions tend to favour straight white rich old men, as we have have seen throughout history :)

      P.s. Marry me Mr. Paddick ?

      Mr. Pink

      1. He has no democratic mandate to sit in parliament.

        The HOL would be funny if it was not so appallingly undemocratic.

      2. UglyGeezer 1 Aug 2013, 3:36pm

        I would prefer the best people.

        1. Yes me too, I think the country should be run by the best of the best of each department and industry, but are you saying the best of the best cant be women, LGBT, disabled or of
          colour ? Im sure theyre out there but very rarely do we see them. The House of Lords is full of crusty old white men and that would be fine if the entire country was made up of crusty old white men but most of us aren’t, so…

          Mr. Pink

  6. Grayson Perry's Lovechild 1 Aug 2013, 1:03pm

    Thank you Brian Paddick for standing up to Ben Summerskill and Stonewall’s stonewalling of equal marriage. Recall, Stonewall doesn’t care much for the rights of Transgendered. This is the next battle. But let’s not let Summerskill claim victory from those that worked hard for it.

  7. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Aug 2013, 1:47pm

    Congratualtions to Brian, although I’d like to see an end to the HoL and just have an unicameral chamber instead. It would halve the legislative process much more effectively. New Zealand functions admirably without an upper chamber.

  8. Congratulations – hope your time in the Lords will be good.

    1. He’ll be sitting there for the rest of his life, influencing public policy despite having no democratic mandate or qualification to do so.

  9. Well his be hoovering around long enough for something.

    Dont knock the guy if I was offered a seat Id be there right away £300 per day tax free just for turning up thats for starters

  10. Dan Filson 1 Aug 2013, 5:00pm

    In my view Paddick is a political lightweight who rightly got nowhere with the electorate. The gay community must quit the habit of adulating anyone in the public eye who’s gay or lesbian or who comes out. Some coming out is opportunistic, some is brave. Paddick knew he was going to run for Mayor and could see that being outed would follow if he didn’t come out (and it was blindingly obvious anyway).

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