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France: Sperm donor granted visiting rights to the child of a same-sex couple

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Reader comments

  1. I don’t think that was the right call. A sperm donor is literally just that. He is not a parent in any real sense and thus doesn’t have any parental rights or obligations. He should not be entitled to visiting rights and he should not be obliged to pay child support (as one man in America was recently forced to). Being a sperm donor to a female same sex couple is not the same as a man having a child with a woman who subsequently ends up with anther woman. This man knew he was not going to be a parent when he donated the sperm.

    1. Well he is a friend of the couple and not a sperm donor in the official sense thus he does have parental rights. Things change: he obviously saw the child and had a connection with it. You can’t just turn your emotions on and off. If the couple wanted anonymity they should’ve gone to a sperm donor clinic and been aware of the law. Legally, he’s not in the wrong.

  2. Colin (London) 1 Aug 2013, 1:42pm

    I think this is correct and the three of them owe it to the child to do whatever is needed to make that child’s upbringing as healthy as possible.

    A sperm donor knowing that they have a biological child can pine to be part of the childs life. They have rights also. The recipient surely will one day have to tell the child how it was conceived.

    What a bonus that the father will be around to be a male influence and wants to be there. To me this is progress…different but progress.

    I have 4 sisters who have children and they know how hard it is to bring up kids so an extra pair of hands is a bonus.

    However we are all different.

    1. Colin (London) 1 Aug 2013, 1:44pm

      To me he should have visitation rights and he should pay child support as part of three parents.

      1. Yeah I agree. If they wanted anonymity they should’ve gone to a sperm donor clinic. Most likely the man saw the child, had a connection to it and wanted to be a part of its life, which is understandable. The couple should’ve also been aware of the law in the first place.

  3. Keith, the eventual winner. 1 Aug 2013, 3:44pm

    He is the biological father. It is his human right to see his biological child. He did not sign those rights away did he?
    I thought you lot were all for human rights but actually you are only for those rights which suit your perversions.
    For instance, you gayers say that it is nobody’s business what consenting adults do sexually then you contardict yourselves by being oppoised to consensual adult incest> make up your minds deviant.s. You don’t like your practices being called disgusting yet you are quite happy to label the consensual adult sc@=t community as disgusting.

    1. Keith, you sound mad.

      1. He is.

  4. Tough one. If clinics weren’t so expensive then I’m sure lesbian couples would prefer this route. I dread to think how much I’ve spent on clinics trying to conceive my son whereas I know other couples have done the known donor route. Where I have legal protections, they are now having second children but I cannot afford any more treatment. The only option available to gay men is surrogacy & that is super expensive so leaves us all with a dificult decisions to make.

  5. This ruling will effectively make gay and lesbian couples who seek to have children more difficult and child-rearing responsibility chaotic. Also, never trust your “FRIENDS” for donating sperms or being a surrogate or anything like this.

  6. That’s a reasonable judgement.

    He gets visitation rights, and not custody.

    He is not any sort of threat to the child so to try to deny him access to his biological child is very unfair and unreasonable.

  7. Presumably he is paying child suport, i keeping with his responsibilities as a father?
    If so, then is there really any issue with the child knowing her/his father as well as having two mothers?

  8. I am Trans gay. I guess Russia is off my holiday list. We (me and my 2 partners) prefer warmer climes anyhow.
    Viva benidorm!

  9. If you don’t want this to happen, don’t chose people you know, regardless of what they say to you, sign or promise.

    Simple like that.

    This goes for women, and for men.

    Choose a professional surrogate mother, men… and choose anonymous sperm, women.

    Otherwise, you have simply made your bed, now sleep in it…

  10. I think a sperm/egg donor should totally be allowed to see their kid, but only if their parents are ok with it. If the parents aren’t ok with it, then I think the kid should be able to make contact if they wish when they are older and to deny them that wish would be wrong !

    If a couple would rather not have a child see the sperm/egg donor until the child is older, then their wishes should be respected. It’s hard and confusing enough being a parent, let alone a gay parent, and to bring a 3rd person into it while a child is young could be too much.

    Mr. Pink

  11. I’m m to f. I have raised four boys not my own. All grown and married with children. A daughter of a friend of mine got pregnant when she was 21 and said she didn’t want the baby when it was too late to abort and I told her I would take it at birth. She agreed and I took it and raised it for five years and then the mother wanted it back after she’d had two kids with another man and said her mother had made her give it away. I didn’t want to give him back but I did it just to stay out of the courts because I knew the judge would rule in her favor. The child suffered a lot being taken from my household to hers. I saw him everyday but he had to sleep at her house and then the visits became less when he went to school and if he needed “mommy” the teachers would have to call me instead of her because he wanted his REAL mommy. He’s almost twelve and runs away across town on three buses to get to my house because he wants to be with his REAL mommy. It’s a mess that should have never happened

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