Reader comments · Enders Game film director: Orson Scott Card’s opposition to equal marriage are ‘very sad’ and ‘at odds with his art’ · PinkNews

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Enders Game film director: Orson Scott Card’s opposition to equal marriage are ‘very sad’ and ‘at odds with his art’

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Reader comments

  1. It is his well developed and consistently developed belief, reinforced by specific harmful actions that have a demonstrable negative effect on the lives of LGBT people.

    I feel the same about Scott Card as I would about the Grand Wizard of the bloody KKK writing a movie – screw him, screw his art, screw how “sad” it is. He is a bigot and I hope that this odious man’s, this noxious filthy swine of a man, movie crashes and bloody burns.

    1. couldn’t have put it better, myself

    2. Ummm…Could you please clarify your position Valksy…I am not sure exactly where you stand on this issue. :)

      Sorry couldn’t resist…I agree with you totally and well put.

  2. You can’t get round the fact that he called the enemy “Buggers” – obviously intended as a reference to gay people despite the excuse that it is because they look like bugs.

    1. How ironic then that his movie will be buggered by this negative press

    2. Sad how directors and producers and people can put a price on their tolerance for bigotry.

      “I don’t like his views, but he’s making me loads of money, so I’ll just speak out about how wrong his views are and how much I disagree with him but still spend several hours a day on-set with him laughing it up and munching on doughnuts while the make up people work on “the buggers”

      Actions speak louder than words. To go through with this movie is to prostitute your own human decency and principles for pure profit – shame on you Director. I hope you go to sleep at night knowing you gave that man a big fat pay cheque that he’s probably going to use to hurt innocent people, and you know it.

      Mr. Pink

    3. having read some of this author’s printed prattle (yawnsome!), i presumed (and others too) that his use of the word ‘bugger’ was some homage to robert a heinlein’s ‘starship troopers’ book (terrible film!!), as both foes are insectoid and called ‘buggers’. alas, card rejected this claim by admitting that he had not read heinlein’s book at that point in his life which is sus-pish-us, to my mind, given the stature of heinlein in the sci-fi community! perhaps he was trying to avoid a charge of plagiarism and a lawsuit! mormons eh?!

  3. Haven’t read Enders Game but Songbird, or whatever it was called, was a blatantly homophobic book.

    His writing, however, is secondary. He uses his money and fame to harm gay people. Giving him more money and more fame is only going to cause more harm to more gay people.

    These people knew who they were getting in bed with before they did it. I have no sympathy for anyone involved in this film. Let them lose money. Let their reputations fall.

  4. Colin (London) 1 Aug 2013, 2:59pm

    To these people this is all about MONEY…Art my arse.

    I stand by my original post for the 5th time. I’ve heard nothing to change my mind. Closed minded bigot and his money making followers…but thats me.

    I stick by my original post:

    “Look at the man first and what he stands for and you will know what to do instinctively.

    I certainly won’t watch the film and am thinking of a protest in Leicester Square when it arrives. Anyone want to join me.”

    I’m serious…Placards ho…

  5. David Jordan 1 Aug 2013, 5:00pm

    I think someone is afraid that he’s directed what’s going to be a box office flop to rival Battlefield Earth, not only is there the issue of Card’s homophobia, but many critics have said that the trailers and clips they’ve seem so far are rather bland and considering the large number of other big-budget science fiction films it will be competing with this year, I can’t see ender’s game doing too well.

  6. Orson Scott Card is not “struggling” with the issue of equality for LGBT people.

    No more so than Hitler “struggled” with the treatment of Jews during the 2nd world war.

    O.S.C. is not questioning his stance, he has no doubts whatsoever. he isn’t only “against marriage equality”. he would have the government implement laws that would imprison LGBT people simply for BEING LGBT. He would have LGBT people executed for acting on their very nature.

    And he would have a revolt to overthrow a duly elected government if it continued to support equal rights for all.

    There is no “struggle” here, except on the part of the film-makers who are “struggling” to make sure their vested financial involvement bears fruit.

  7. What’s not quite so “ironic” is the money that card has donated to funding the oppressing of gay people. Whether Card has all the money he’s ever going to get from the movie, or whether he stands to make further profit is irrelevant. The message here is that companies need to think about the consequences of giving money to bigots. I won’t watch on principle no matter how much damage control spin tries to rationalise this poor decision.

  8. There will be a full court press, in Europe, Asia, and definitely America to soften Card’s homophobia. They’ll say a boycott will hurt the actors, producers, etc. But everyone’s been paid and all this is about is MONEY. More money for Card. More money to allow him to spew his bile.

    1. Wow!! No free speech or thought allowed…unless it’s LGBT FMUTA!
      I agree with Card.

      1. There was nothing in my comment above that said anything about being against any kind of free speech.

  9. Au Contraire 26 Aug 2013, 2:19pm

    Look, O.S.C can have his own views on gay marriage, and if they tick you off then too bad. I personally think gay marriage is wrong, but I don’t think the government should be overthrown, I just think that the gay marriage laws should be removed

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