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Canada: Foreign Affairs Minister slams ‘hateful’ Russian anti-gay law

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Reader comments

  1. Well athletes can make a principled stand and refuse to go. If enough do so it will force change albeit probably insincere change.

  2. The Russian sports minister has stated that gay athletes will be persecuted if they ‘promote homosexuality’

    Britain’s Olympic team must boycott these games.

    Tough for the athletes but Russia’s open declaration of war on the gay community cannot be tolerated in any way.

    1. “Tough for the athletes but Russia’s open declaration of war on the gay community cannot be tolerated in any way”.

      So athletes, most of whom are not gay and have worked their butts off over the years to qualify and participate, have to pay the price?. If you feel that strongly about the situation and the suffering of Russian LGBTs then why don’t you go to Russia and protest outside the Kremlin?

      Or would that impact on your own life too much?

      Hmmm…some gays pour non Russian vodka down the drain or refuse to drink it in protest vs athletes being told that they must sacrifice years of training and can’t participate in the games.

      I wonder who is the selfish lot out of the two?

      Do you always expect someone else to fight your battles for you?

      1. Mihangel apYrs 2 Aug 2013, 7:27am

        and just what have you done in this country to promote LGBT rights?

        Someone criticising so stridently needs a record of activism to be so dismissive.

        Your points were also made during the apartheid era in SA, and eventually backed by many countires to the disadvantage of many athletes. Was that wrong?

        1. In your country nothing. In my country I went on protest marches as a young bloke when homosexuality was still considered to be a criminal offence and was abused and punched for it. I stood on street corners raising money for HIV awareness and those suffering from the disease (including my partner) and was once again abused and spat on for doing so. I got up with my partner in a straight venue in front of hundreds of straight people and no other gays there and danced a slow dance with him (almost 20 years ago) and was later smashed over the head with a bottle for doing so. And I can assure you unlike in the Hollywood movies you don’t just jump straight back up (give me your email address sport and I will send you a photo of my skull with all the scars on it). Regardless, we continued to do the same again at other venues to keep making a point even tho’ it meant having to get into fights both verbally and physically.

          1. I may not always be able to physically hold the ground that I am defending but I will always attempt to do so even if it means taking some punches in the process.

            I am also the only openly gay man in my profession in an industry that is extremely homophobic.

            Enough for you mate? And whats your background?

  3. Canada is one of the leading winter Olympic nations. If they the US and some of our Scandinavian friends boycott then the games become meaningless.

  4. Colin (London) 1 Aug 2013, 11:00pm

    Simple…move the Olympics quickly. Slap in face of a dictator.


    John Baird????

    you mean one of the “conservatives” who was leading the charge against marriage equality?

    his “righteous indignation” is hysterical, and truly ironic.

    1. LOL, well, it seems some of PN’s readers have no clue whatsoever about Canadian politics.

      people here in Canada ARE laughing at how preposterous someone who so vociferously fought against marriage equality is suddenly “championing” gay rights. it is hypocrisy of the highest order.

      1. The ultimate irony is this wanna be Tea Partiest is that he’s gay himself. Of course, his right wing party never mentions this fact.

        1. John Baird is far from Tea Party in his politics, Comrade Ivan, and he is OPENLY gay. It’s not a secret just because the news media don’t trumpet it daily. He also one of the ministers most trusted by the PM.

          You socialists don’t have a monopoly on equality.

          1. David Myers 3 Aug 2013, 12:26pm

            Yes Baird is listened to by megalomaniac and would be dictator, Steven Harper. But it was Harper who directed his government members, including (yes, openly gay) Baird to vote against gay marriage. Having said that, I welcome Baird’s condemnation of the Russian government for their hateful bigotry and repressive laws. Enough said.

          2. lol and I’m far from a Comrade. Baird is nothing more than a gay uncle tom. As for his openness about being gay, just look at his website – not a single word about him or any LBGT issue.

      2. I have to admit I know very little about Canadian politics so apologies for my ignorance and I will take your word on this chap. Although I haven’t been to your country I have met alot of Canadians over the years and think your people are generally very progressive and friendly. So this is why I will say the following.

        I hope your PM and government do not offer to host the Olympics instead of Sochi. The US is not the superpower it once was and Russia is not far off being the superpower it used to be. I do not think it fair that Canada bear the brunt of Russia’s wrath should you host the 2014 winter Olympics, as many seem to be calling for Canada to do.

        The IOC is corrupt. I would rather all those nations who consider themselves to be progressive wrt human rights withdraw from the IOC and start a new Olympic organisation, one that guarantees human rights in its charter and is willing to stand by it.

        1. The Olympics could simply be postponed and held in Canada at a later time (should your country decide to do so) but at least this way Canada will have the full support of other nations, who should also help with the costs of holding the Games at rather short notice.

          1. Colin (London) 2 Aug 2013, 7:19am

            To avoid the “Wrath of Russia” I’d suggest the UN ask Canada if they would be so kind as to host the winter olympics.

            It should be the UN that takes the heat. The UN is there not just as a talking shop. It has powers and need one blood good shake.


            If it does not then to me it is a waste of space and should be disbanded.

          2. Colin I have stated on other posts that I think the UN is useless and I would wish the same liberal, progressive countries would pull out of the UN or at least establish another organisation to rival the UN. If you are relying on the UN or IOC to do the right thing I wouldn’t hold my breath as both are corrupt.

            With regards to Russia, it is an extremely powerful country and a comparison cannot be made between it and boycotting South Africa during the latter stages of the Apartheid era as other are suggesting. Black South Africans were the majority in their country. There were also many non-white countries that could apply pressure on South Africa and the West to do something.

            We have no country of our own so to speak. We are a minority in every country in the world, and even in the more progressive countries homophobia is still entrenched and society is divided over gay equality and issues.

            We may seem to have many allies at the moment but in reality we have very few friends.

          3. Colin (London) 2 Aug 2013, 8:58am

            Hi Jake. Thanks for above

            I accept what you say but is in not a shift in our thinking. Maybe I’m stupid but as a job I used to go into failing companies and effect change sometimes With the management and sometimes I cleared out the management. The workforce were rarely the problem and once I got to them I was honoured to see people from many countries change overnight and fight for their jobs. Management were the issue mainly

            My point is most people are good. People who run countries have their focus but if that focus corrupts then how do we change this. The UN is supposed to be the planets conscience and has an army.

            This is not about gay rights and so we need to get everyone involved and highlight what is going on in Russia. This is a large country but actually adds little to the world. Russians are leaving Russia with state assets.

            How do we get the main media, politicians from every country demanding change in Russia???

            I have written to the PM, the Canadian embassy

    2. Imbecile. John Baird voted in favour of Marriage Equality.

      1. David Myers 3 Aug 2013, 12:57pm

        I can find no mention of Baird voting for marriage equality. He did vote against reopening the gay marriage issue when his leader (Harper) came to power. For further reflection, I did find this comment about his past record on gay issues:

        “I wouldn’t be that kind to him. Baird was first elected in 1995 as a Tory under Mike Harris – that was an election where Harris’s whole campaign revolved around attacking the NDP for trying to give same sex couples equal rights. Baird said NOTHING and went along with the bigoted campaign his leader was waging. When you say nothing in the face of evil, you are complicit. Its true that Baird voted against reopening the debate on same sex marriage. But that’s not good enough. Where was he when the pro-SSM movement could have used him to lobby MPs in the Tory party or to address a public rally. Instead he’s a silent Susie.”

  6. Well I guess its up to the Canadians, if they were to put forward a Winter Games just before the Olympics in Sochi, and the main participitant countries were to help with the funding, then there would be an alternate. Lets see if he will put his politics where his mouth is, over to you foreign minister Baird, but you need to work fast.

  7. Christopher in Canada 2 Aug 2013, 12:44am

    Calgary is still open for business…

  8. jonnielondon 2 Aug 2013, 3:44am

    Way to go, Johnnie! The Right Honourable, John Baird is one of those “progressive conservatives!”

  9. Regarding comments suggesting people either boycott the games or they should be relocated:

    For the athletes who’s dream it has been to go to or compete in the Olympics… perhaps even win a medal, I am pretty sure few of them want to see the games cancelled. This maybe their one shot at glory.

    Regarding the relocation talk to Vancouver or Calgary… well yes there is the reality the infrastructure is in place already. I am quite sure the tourism to Canada would be welcomed… but! where would the Athletes stay??? The Olympic villages have been sold and are now private homes or rentals. This fact alone makes relocation highly improbable no matter how much people wish it!

    1. Colin (London) 2 Aug 2013, 7:23am

      “Where there is a will there is a way.”…But we need a will…. And more it would earn the worlds gratitude and move mankind on.

  10. Russian government wishes to spread information that gays are spreading HIV in the same rate as prostitutes.
    Russian news: “Chief Sanitary Inspector of Russia Onishenko will check russian gays and prostitutes on HIV.”
    Police is going to raid gay clubs for it.

  11. This article, rather oddly, fails to mention the relevant fact that Mr. Baird is openly gay, and the (at least) interesting fact that he’s a Tory representing a Tory government. His sexuality is not a secret here, and his party affiliation certainly isn’t either.

    1. Gray - Vancouver 2 Aug 2013, 10:44pm

      I have heard the rumour that Baird is gay but if that is true he lacks the moral fortitude to really come out. If he is gay then I consider him a Capo train conductor. And I would have to disagree vehemently with you that he is a trusted minister of the crown by many Canadians. As a conservative I am reminded of what a friend said to me many years ago when I broke the law to suck cock. Never say a person is gay unless you have sucked their cock or they yours. I am still in disbelief about Bairds supposedly “gay spot”. Clay could you please add details.

      1. I can confirm, without a doubt, that he is, in fact, gay. There were rumours that he made deals with political journalists many years ago to keep his sexuality out of the news in exchange for access to him. Or perhaps he has managed to build a career based upon his many other attributes and skills and refuses to centre his identity around his orientation. Is it so bad that a politician attempts to separate his private and personal life?

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