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Brian Paddick: I promise to be non-conformist in the House of Lords

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Reader comments

  1. Unless he means he is going to actively campaign for the abolition of the House of Lords and to replace it with an elected upper house then he is talking nonsense
    The HoL is an undemocratic, unrepresentative joke.

    1. That is Lib Dem party policy, isn’t it?

  2. And what democratic mandate does he have to sit in that unelected upper house?

  3. Another failure has been promoted. Do we really want ex-game show contestants in the upper house?

    1. Do we really want an unelected upper house?

      It is incredibly sinister that despite never being elected Mr Paddick will have an influence on our laws for the rest of his life despite neither having a democratic mandate, or through membership of the judiciary.

  4. damnedfilth 1 Aug 2013, 5:03pm

    Nice to see the Liberal Democrats with their “elected only upper house” dogma putting one of their own in the House of Lords because he couldn’t get elected anywhere else.

    Any subsidised kangaroo bollocks in the Parliament restaurants, Brian?

  5. He is such a wet flannel and a loser. Pretty sure he must have been promoted as the token gay and not for any actual talent.

    He loses two election and now he is on the HoL gravy train for life.

    Roll on abolition!

  6. If Brian Paddick give an interview to Pink News then I hope he is asked to explain why he believes he deserves to have influence on the laws of the land for the rest of his life despite neither being a judge or an elected politician.

    And I hope he is asked what specific plans he has to make the House of Lords a democratic institution.

  7. And what are Mr Paddick’s plans to get the 26 Church of England bishops and the chief rabbi removed from the unelected House of Lords.

    Surely as an openly gay man, he understands the hideous evil and bigotry of organised religion.

    You can say what you like about his ‘I’m a Celebrity’ colleague Nadine Dorries, but at least she was voted into her seat in the House of Commons.

  8. Fail to get elected?… get a gift of a seat in the Lords. Will be entitled to claim very nice sums in expenses as well as I presume still drawing his police pension. In theory someone like Paddick who spent 30 years in the police and retired before he was 50 could spend another 35-40 years receiving a police pension till he dies. Nice work if you can get it. And sorry to be personal but what an absolute drip as well! Guardian and Indy reading liberals will surely love him.

  9. He can give all the commitments he likes, it’s still and unelected interference. The equal marriage bill would be in place now, but for that interference.

  10. Godric Godricson 2 Aug 2013, 8:56am

    I agree in relation to the unelected nature of the Upper house. I also agree that the religious element should be ejected. However, it’s strange that equal marriage legislation received a higher percentage vote in the upper house compared to the Commons.

    I’d prefer to see reforms in the upper house to be linked to disestablishment

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