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US: ‘Ex-gay’ group claims ‘gay cure’ therapy awareness could have prevented AIDS epidemic

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Reader comments

  1. Some relevant information missing from this article (then again that’s typical of this website and this appalling ‘journalist’/copy and paste merchant).

    How many members does PFOX have?

    How influential is their message if it does not get publicity.

    It is utterly disgraceful how PN continues to tirelessly promote homophobic bigotry in order to get page hits.

    It is insulting in the extreme then for PN to pretend it gives a toss about equal rights, when this website is one of the worst offenders in promoting this type of extremism.

    PFOX is a worthless, tiny group who will be very grateful to PN for getting their message of hatred to a wider audience.

    1. If you’re young and come here you could easily think the whole world hates you. this site is like a scandal rag if it bleeds it leads. There is no class here

    2. Westboro also features with depressing regularity.

    3. Agnes McKay 1 Aug 2013, 9:00am

      Well said.

      I wanted to see details of the “controversial practice of ‘ex-gay’ therapy”.

  2. Fewer Than Ten People Show Up For Ex-Gay Pride Event That Expected to Draw ‘Thousands’

    There are even a few pictures of the “event”. It’s hilarious.

    1. Hahahaha There were more cameramen than participants of the event.

  3. If the world wasn’t full of religiously-inspired homophobia, there would be no ‘stigma’ about being gay. Therefore, there would be no need for anyone to seek a ‘cure’. So why doesn’t this bunch of confused self-haters concentrate their efforts of erradicating a much more harmful and insidious problem than homosexuality? The homophobc bran-washing of innocent victims by religion?

  4. This article is sick, very sick (shakes head). Religion is a conformist to oppression.

  5. You could almost hear crickets chirping. This news footage should be used as legal evidence against this quackery every time this subject is brought up for debate or lawful decision-making.

  6. I’m sure the gays would have attempted or committed suicide during or after the therapy.

  7. Or it could have lead to thousands of women having HIV because their husbands are out sleeping around with men while pretending to be straight at home.

  8. Agnes McKay 1 Aug 2013, 8:33am

    Well said.

    I wanted to see details of the “controversial practice of ‘ex-gay’ therapy”.

  9. Graham S. 1 Aug 2013, 9:45am

    I don’t know why Pink News bother reporting this rubbish

  10. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Aug 2013, 10:12am

    What I find so extraordinary is that PFOX and NARTH claim they’ve cured thousands of people from the ‘gay’ but nobody knows who they are, nor have any come forward with the exception of Greg Quinlan. Even Alan Chambers. the former head of Exodus admits there is no cure. They’ve now ostracized him as a traitor to the cause.

    None of their ‘cures’ have been accepted or published in any of the scientific or medical literarture. It’s all a scam to make money on the misery of vulnerable and insecure people.

  11. Guglielmo Marinaro 1 Aug 2013, 10:16am

    The number of gay men whose sexual orientation has been changed to a heterosexual one by means of “ex-gay” therapy is somewhere between minuscule and zero. The “ex-gay” movement has now for some time been on its beam ends. It is not surprising, therefore, that its exponents should be trying to justify its existence by ever more fanciful and far-fetched arguments.

    Another one being used at the moment is that making it illegal to inflict “ex-gay” abuse on minors will result in those who have been sexually abused being denied the psycho-therapeutic help that they need – a plain, coal-black lie.

  12. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Aug 2013, 10:25am

    It hasn’t cured the likes of the troll Keith, the winning loser has it?

    1. The Narnian, he is so blatant isn’t he.

    2. justusboyz 1 Aug 2013, 1:37pm

      Excellent Robert lol

  13. GingerlyColors 1 Aug 2013, 10:29am

    Even if more men did undertake the therapy it still wouldn’t have made a jot of difference because you cannot change a person’s sexual orientation.
    In the UK it was only thanks to a rigourous government aware campaign that the AIDS epidemic didn’t end up worse than it is now.

  14. How do you train to be a conversion therapist? Apart from being a bigot and a repressed homo.

  15. Next it will be the Ex Ex-Gay movement as more and more people who went to these quack groups only to eventually realise that they were being had, go to the press or Internet with their story.
    Quite the extraordinary turnaround that now anti-gay micro-groups like this have cheek to pontificate about the shame and stigma of Coming Out.

  16. the whole “ex-gay” thing is a huge stain on what is already an embarassing history of human rights abuse and sheer human ignorance and stupidity.

    When I’m 60 years old and everyone finally /gets it/, this stuff is going to look so stupid.

    “ex-gay” – what a load of **************** **** ****** ***** ******* ****

    Mr. Pink

  17. Unfounded nonsense – Maybe ‘curing’ Heterosexual Men in Africa of eating Bush meat and F@*king their women without condoms – could have prevented a pandemic – although I seriously doubt it – But as all well informed – evolved people know Gay Men did not create this pandemic – neither, by the way, did a non existent deity floating in the sky begin it to punish gays!

  18. Thiis is a very confusing article, bad journalism at its best.

    From what I can understand this is related to the New Jersey (and California) laws banning, conversion / reparative / pray away thegay / ex-gay “therapy” which outlaw these practices being perpetrated on under 18’s.
    And specifically JONAH being sued for their practices, harming people.

    Apart from these practices and others not “working” they cause demonstratable lasting harm and some times result in suicide.
    These present day “snake oil salesmen” are attempting to change nature to fit their “religious” beliefs inspite of the harm they leave in their wake. It is a form of child abuse and these people should be in jail, in my opinion.
    Religious freedom does not encompass physical and phsycological damage and harm and rightly should have no exemption from the full force of the law.
    These present laws in California and New Jersey are being challenged by these charalatans, they do not apply to adults – they should.

  19. Tom Cotner 1 Aug 2013, 4:33pm

    It’s as though these bewildered persons are saying as much as: “If black people in Africa could have had their complexions bleached out, there would have been no slavery”.

    Ridiculous (as well as insulting) of course, but it follows the same misguided logic.

  20. RoughRugger 1 Aug 2013, 5:27pm

    Wait, wait, wait…

    “The group’s leader, Christopher Doyle, explains, “We want federal protection just as gays are given.””

    Um, why, precisely would you need the (limited) federal protection that GLBT persons receive? You’re ostensibly not gay anymore, so what do you need protecting from? I’ve not heard of any ex-gays (the small handful that may actually exist) being discriminated against or bullied or harassed or anything else, so why don’t you all just sit down and STFU.

  21. “The more we talk about it the less shocked they and society will become, and healing will finally take place.”

    Yet it’s leader Christopher Doyle does not want to talk anymore about his experience as a child molester of girls.

    Almost everything he says is the exact opposite of the truth.

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