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New York: Gay bar takes part in anti-homophobia protest outside Russian consulate by pouring vodka down drain

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Reader comments

  1. This boycott probably needs to go a step further than vodka. I gave that guy’s comment on pink news a hard time the other day about his vodka boycott ‘passive activism thing’, but maybe he’s right, it’s hardly going to close down Russia is it.

    Still, at least ‘Boxers, situated on 37 W 20th St, Manhattan’ got some free publicity.

    1. I think we should just burn their gas in protest.

      Sorry. My idea of a joke.

  2. Colin (London) 31 Jul 2013, 7:35pm

    To me this is important….

    If it gets media time and then pressure on our politicians to effect change via the United Nations.

    One act in itself may not change anything but co-ordinated shouts from countries around the globe will.

    Come on what else is Russian….We want the UN to speak out about civil rights and equality in Russia in no uncertain terms and start to put pressure economically, politically and stop Russia influence by banning them from key parts of the UN.

    Well done BOXERS…Good on you guys.

    1. I agree, Colin. Embarrass Putin’s Russia! We should all encourage every gay and lesbian bar in the rest of the world to stage a photo-shoot in which an entire bottle of Vodka is poured into the gutter. And I’m sure before long a lot of straight pubs and bars would join in.

      It may not hurt Russia’s economy a great deal, but it sure as hell would embarrass them and let them know what the rest of the world thought of them! And self-image is very important to the bare-chested horse-riding Putin.

    2. Agnes McKay 1 Aug 2013, 7:53am

      “Come on what else is Russian?”

      Why not get off your asp and google the answer for yourself? Let us know what you find.

  3. Yeahhh, pour good vodka down the drain. That’ll show them.

    1. You drink it then if you prefer, it has to start somewhere, WTF are you doing?

  4. Commander Thor 31 Jul 2013, 8:46pm

    Not sure how buying the vodka and wasting it is useful. Maybe fill an empty bottle with water or something?

    1. They are not buying you idiot, the bars already had it

      1. Commander Thor 1 Aug 2013, 6:50am

        Thanks for clarifying :-) You have a good day too!

  5. they would have been better making that famous russian cocktail with them…the molotov one!..its just about the violent level these idiots understand talking sadly wont get us anywhere

  6. Thanks for the free ad!
    Wow, they must really really care.

  7. Having already paid for the Vodka, it made no sense pouring it away. Far better if the protesters had drank it while singing every iconic gay tune in the book and dancing every camp and sexy move going – at least they would have had fun while making their point to the diplomats inside the consulate.

    1. Selfish Fool!

  8. Common sense 31 Jul 2013, 9:40pm

    So the stupid knee jerk populism of Dan Savage carries more weight than the pleas of activists in Russia and they pour Luxembourgeois alcohol they have already payed for down a drain in New York?

    1. Well what did you expect? Surely you didn’t think they would pour Russian made vodka down the sink and waste the really good stuff.

      While we’re at it can we protest the increased homophobia in France by pouring champagne down the gutter as well?

      Woops. Think half or our community just fainted at the thought.

      1. The French government are not supporting the homophobia there. Keep drink the champers.

  9. Easy to rant on here but at some people did something public

    1. Colin (London) 1 Aug 2013, 7:24am

      Spot on Sir

  10. Better to give itto the poor oops isn’t that what Putin already does

  11. The people that criticise others for taking some action, would be the first to cry and break down if they were put in a Concentration Camp.

    1. And no doubt if Pastor Niemoeller could do it all again the first thing he would do in 1933 would be to pour Chinese made Schnapps down the gutter.

  12. But I bet you won’t give up that carribbean cruise. Black gay persecution ok white gay persecution no so much

  13. Keith, the eventual winner. 1 Aug 2013, 9:32am

    All this nonsense about human rights is a diversion from the truth that the gays are blocking their ears to.
    Russians have more freedom to pursue all manner of sexual avenues than Britain or the US have ever had. In Russia, homosexuality , de-facto polygamy, consensual adult incest and bestiality are all legal. Not so in Britain and the US where all such things are criminal except homosexuality.
    However, the gays take exception to the rules about propaganda. These rules are not a breach of human rights and the promotion of legal yet perverses acts such homosexuality, bestiality and consensual adult incest were never enshrined in the human rights convention.
    Even Peter Tatchell will acknowledge this if asked.
    It remains to say that all sovereign, self determining nations have the right and authority to create laws as they see fit for it’s citizens.
    Do you see Russians boycotting Britsih products on account of our criminalization of consensual adult acts such as polygamy and incest?

    1. Commander Thor 1 Aug 2013, 9:45am

      Go sniff some poop.

      1. I saw a website that names and shames trolls with their IP addresses PN could do domething about this idiot. Just seeing its comments is enough for mr to close the page

        1. Agnes McKay 1 Aug 2013, 5:31pm


          What website is that?

          The IP address will not be helpful if the troll uses a proxy server, which is easy to do.

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