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Millivres Prowler Group launches new gay charities partnership

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  1. perhaps if they did not profit from promoting bareback sex, I could take this press release seriously

  2. So let’s be absolutely upfront and clear about this:- Millivres Prowler, purveyors of rack upon rack of bareback porn, affiliates itself with the likes of the GMFA, NAT and, I have no doubt, the Terrence Higgins Trust to boot?

    Yep, that sounds about right.

    1. And trust Matthew “I don’t believe in censorship even where bareback porn’s concerned” Hodson to be among the first to have his snout in the trough.

      Wasn’t it the GMFA who, laudably as it happens, recently concluded that hardback porn DOES influence unsafe sexual behaviour.

      Matthew, I know you are desperate for handouts these days, but you do yourself no favours prostituting yourself to this gimmick/last gasp attempt to redeem the Prowler organisation for its squalid offerings.

      1. Matt Hodson:-

        “We’re thrilled to be working with MPG on this new initiative. Together we will raise awareness of the particular challenges of HIV in the 21st century and involve gay men in the delivery of new, frank and innovative campaigns to prevent new infections, improve gay men’s health and reduce the harms associated with HIV.”

        Would this include urging Prowler to cease its abominable trade in HIV facilitating bareback porn perchance?

        Nope, thought not.

        Shame on Positive East too:- by affiliating with Prowler you condone the very reckless behaviours you claim to want to prevent.

  3. Some individuals are just never happy are they?

    I often hear “cut tax payer funding to charities”, make them stand on their own 2 feet “free from Government influence”, yet when the named organisations work with the private sector that is also viewed as wrong.

    Damned if they do & damned if they don’t it seems – no pleasing some people!

    Would it ever dawn on some commentators that in working in partnership with private organisations there are opportunities to engage with the customer base that may just be the very target audience for harm reduction interventions.

    Too busy being critical & pushing private agendas to see the benefit of such tie ups!

    THT are not part of the arrangement so why would you assume otherwise Samuel? THT are realising some of their assets (Lighthouse West London) to ensure basic services to people living with HIV are maintained during austerity measures.

    Good, creative financial stewardship is required in these uncertain times!

    1. W6, surely even you are not so blind as not to see the supreme irony implicit in the likes of GMFA, NAT and Positive East climbing into bed with Prowler?

      Does your denialism of the London HIV’s wrongdoings run so deep that you will not concede the grotesque conflict of interests this affiliation represents?

      Or are you as has long been suspected a mouth piece and nodding dog for the HIV sector bigwigs you shamelessly serenade on your Twitter feed without ever holding any of them to account, ever?

      In which case you have no right invading these boards with your HIV sector-kow towing drivel:- these boards are open for genuine debate only and not for individuals banging a corporate drum.

      Go away already and focus on indoctrinating your core 300 “followers” with your HIV sector cheerleading instead.

      1. I would add that as your 300 or so followers mostly comprise HIV sector bigwigs and subordinates you would merely be preaching to the converted and out of harm’s way:- more so now that you have closed your feed to non-followers.

        A fait accompli as far as the rest of us are concerned!

        1. How do you suggest HIV services are organised here in the UK Samuel? All we seem to get from you is negative spin on anything relating to HIV. With your “blue sky” free thinking hat on, what is your model of provision both for those living with HIV & prevention services, not just to MSM but the wider population?

          It is time that you fleshed out what you believe to be a sustainable model here in the UK. Yet again you bring up my Twitter account, why are you so obsessed by my Twitter feed? I am one of many many individuals who engage with social media & what is wrong with having a very keen interest in a particular area – it is my Twitter feed not yours so away with your spurious remarks.

          And let us not forget why I have had to change my security settings on Twitter, because of YOU stalking me, reading my every entry & then lifting out of context snippets of information to post here to troll me!

          It seems the warning you received from PN has gone unheeded! Some people never learn!

          1. As always Samuel very quick to be critical but ever so slow to provide workable solutions or a vision of what is required – very disappointing indeed, but to be expected in my experience! If you do not have a personal vision of what good services look like how do you compare & contrast what is currently being provided against what you think should be provided.

            It seems you have no vision or problem solving skills that will help improve the health of gay men & the wider population! Oh well at least I can put forward credible solutions to help influence commissioners & those who actually implement HIV / sexual health interventions.

  4. As an ex-employee of MPG I can’t think of a company which treats gay men worse.
    Everyone who worked there came out – at best – as walking wounded.
    Still, thanks for reprinting their press release.
    Means a lot.

    1. That’s why this reeks of gimmikry and travesty:- charlatans climbing into bed with charlatans.

      There’s money and kudos in it for both:- they haven’t suddenly discovered compassion because behind the scenes it will be business as usual as Prowler sets new targets for bareback DVD sales and GMFA et al continue to roll out blinkered HIV campaigns which, in their mixed and confuse messaging, serve as incendiary devices for negative men to acquire the virus.

      it is opportunism plain and simple.


    2. @Fagburn:- That’s why this reeks of gimmikry and travesty:- charlatans climbing into bed with charlatans.

      There’s money and kudos in it for both:- they haven’t suddenly discovered compassion because behind the scenes it will be business as usual as Prowler sets new targets for bareback DVD sales and GMFA et al continue to roll out blinkered HIV campaigns which, in their mixed and confuse messaging, serve as incendiary devices for negative men to acquire the virus.

      it is opportunism plain and simple.

  5. Hello everyone

    We are always open to receiving feedback, but it’s obviously important that we clarify some points and respond to some of the comments made.

    MPG is of course a commercial organisation and we need to make money to stay in business, just like our competitors. We do sell R18 DVDs containing bareback sex, along with films containing safer sex and of course thousands of other items. Quite simply, we sell what our customers ask for. We often review items that perhaps we should no longer sell, for whatever reason. This includes bareback DVDs. If we were to stop selling them, it wouldn’t encourage our competitors to stop selling them. Then of course many companies sell/distribute bareback films online. We could pretend that barebacking doesn’t happen, but we figure it makes more sense that if we can help the experts educate the public about risks, methods of prevention and treatment, then why not use our resources to do it.

    1. Samuel B. 1 Aug 2013, 4:05pm

      So this travesty of an explanation is supposed to justify your vile trade in peddling DVD movies during which performers could be seroconverting as we watch?

      Has it not occurre to your unconscionable mind that it takes just one brave peddler of what, to all intents and purposes, are snuff movies in slo-mo to take an industry precedent-setting stand and declare you will stop selling these dangerous films which are categorically known to send out a green light to, and influence, some gay men to adopt risky sexual behaviours?

      Your despicable excuse is weasel words from an enterprise that exists to extort every penny it can from gay men:- perhaps the NHS should make you donate said profits to the UK HIV meds bill.

      Don’t even get me started on your reprehensible involvement in the manufacture and distribution of HIV facilitating poppers.


  6. We are working with GMFA and the National AIDS Trust to produce flyers to accompany all of our R18 films, which highlight the importance of knowing your HIV status, so you can seek treatment if HIV+, or take the appropriate steps to remain HIV-. All of our bareback DVDs do carry a clearly visible warning sticker, explaining that performers were tested prior to filming and are performing only with others of the same HIV status. The warning also encourages the use of condoms to prevent the spread of HIV/STDs. Although some of you may scoff and say it’s all lip service, we feel it’s a very definite opportunity to help actually increase awareness of the need to test and how to protect yourself, rather than putting our heads in the sand and pretending it will all go away.

    1. Samuel B. 1 Aug 2013, 8:20pm

      “We are working with GMFA and the National AIDS Trust to produce flyers to accompany all of our R18 films…”

      And therein lies the rub.

      GMFA, also perversely known as “The Gay Men’s Health Charity”, which takes funding from sleaze nights with names like “Filth”:- insists that “safer sex” HIV campaigns must simultaneously address both the needs of both negative men and those who insist on not wearing condoms:- defends the right of underground sex clubs to allow their patrons to go condomless:- and is now working “with” Prowler to, supposedly, damage mitigate the threat posed by bareback porn.

      You couldn’t make it up!

      If GMFA were true to their name they would be picketing every Prowler store in the UK and demanding an end to the sale of bareback porn.

      “The Gay Men’s Health Charity”?

      What a misnomer:- GMFA works hand in glove with the sex industry and has only advanced the spread of HIV, thereby guaranteeing an endless stream of clients for the HIV sector’s services and Big Pharma.

      1. Samuel B. 1 Aug 2013, 9:57pm

        Are there no ends to which the GMFA will not stoop for a dollar and a dime?

        Will we next see Matthew Hodson smirking at us from the grubby back pages of QX?

        Just how much HAS the GMFA received in its various affiliations with the sex industry over the years?

        I think we should be told.

  7. Our partnership is not restricted to opportunities for each to raise much needed funds in our stores. Each partner is being the opportunity to receive extensive exposure within our publications GT and DIVA, so they can present their own messages to the public.

    Whilst we are always keen to encourage discussion of everything mentioned above, we would like to hope that people see our support of these charities for what it is, rather than taking the cynical approach that companies always have to have selfish motives.

    1. Samuel B. 1 Aug 2013, 4:21pm

      Lol, you have already demonstrated in your lame excuses that your motives are entirely selfish.

      So your customers demand bareback DVD and you are filling this demand?

      Why make such a sweeping generalisation when it is really just a proportion of your customers who demand this?

      What about the majority of sane-minded people who don’t yet are affronted by this vile trade, and the gullible who may enter your stores, stumble on these DVDs and then get ideas into their heads they would not normally entertain?

      Do you not perceive the pernicious effect your selling of these movies have:- your condoning of them legitimises and influneces practises known to facilitate a chronic disease, and that makes you a key player in the spread of HIV.

      Oops, I forgot:- it’s profit-at-all-costs-and-stuff-the-wellbeing-of-your-customers, so for you to ingratiate yourself with community concerns smacks of rank hypocrisy.

      No moral boundaries and zero social conscience sums your attitude up.

      1. Hear hear!

  8. Well I suppose I ought to be grateful that you are having a pop at someone else other than me Samuel – careful you don’t break your pearl necklace as I imagine you are clutching at it with all your might.

    As you work in the commercial retail setting I think you would be wise to re-visit the rants you have posted here & ask yourself one question:

    I the compaby I work for beyond any criticism when it comes to exploiting a market & extracting as much money from unsuspecting customers & turning a profit by squeezing its suppliers & overheads to the minimum.

    Can you be sure of your company’s supply chain it is 100% ethical, do you know the mark up & the conditions that the producers of your products have to endure?

    I will come back to this – but the hypocrisy in your argument is palpable on so many levels it is difficult to know where to start.

    Not only are you drawing a big salary from commercial activity but you are a consumer of the highest order with your iPad, iPhone & mortgage!

    1. Samuel B. 2 Aug 2013, 7:57am

      So let me get this right, W6:- your impudence even stretches to defending the right of unethical, unconscionable merchants to sell HIV incentivising bateback porn, does it?

      I think that confirms just about everything we all suspected about what your modus operandi on these boards is really all about.

      What a sad, wretched and twisted person you are.

      1. Just exactly what are you referring to when you say “I think that confirms just about everything we all suspected”. Would this be the “we” that makes up the several aliases you post under on these comments pages, or is it indeed “we” as in the different characters that consume your mind – which ever “we” it is, you appear to show signs of delusional disorder

        You are NOT the mouthpiece of PN commentators but rather a spiteful & somewhat distasteful individual who has been allowed for far too long to stymie good quality debate when it comes to the important subject of HIV amongst gay men. You attempt to drown out anyone who has an opinion that is at odds with your own ideology & take such steps to make it appear that you have the “PN collective” on your side of the argument

        I suggest to you the “PN collective” is a reference to your delusional state of mind – you should employ a good psychologist because PN comment pages are not the place for you to be seeking your daily therapy fix!

    2. And since when have Dolce & Gabanna EVER incentivised gay men en mass to dispense with condoms, W6?

      You are an apologist for anything and everything that has contributed to the rampant spread of HIV community.

      Thoroughly despicable!

      1. I am not an apologist as you so phrase it, I live in the REAL world not in some airhead bubble. If you were 100% ethical in your day to day living you would be working for a non profit making organisation, taking the minimum wage & not accepting gifts from your regional manager. If you are going to set the bar high then please do include yourself rather than have one rule for Samuel Bass & another for anyone else.

        You accuse me of using these comment pages to push an agenda yet it is you who is constantly trying to impose your moral values onto everyone else. We are all very different Samuel Bass, we do not have to live by the rule book according to you. No one forces the customers into your “high end” D&G concession & the same is true of MPG.

        D&G tax evasion is rather an evil crime do you not think, talk about pots & kettle – the very idea that the company you work for is beyond reproach is ridiculous & clearly highlights the hypocrisy in your argument!

        1. Samuel B. 2 Aug 2013, 1:25pm

          Yes, we do have very different values, W6.

          My values are those which respect life, and the health and well being of myself and those i partner with.

          And I attribute those values to why I am HIV negative.

          By contrast, your morally boundariless free-for-all values are quite self-explanatory.

          And I am sure the poor sod who you continually moan to at PN will confirm I post as myself, Samuel B., under one IP address only.

          Unless of course I am also Eddy, Sister Mary, SteveC, fagburn and dozens of other halcyon PN stalwarts who post prominently on myriad subjects, as do I.

          You really are scraping the barrel in trying to smear me but all you succeed in doing is looking ever more pathetic and desperate.

          At least you have done one decent thing of late and closed off your Twitter feed to your closed shop of sycophantic followers only so you can no longer be a menace to the public writ large.

          1. You obviously do not understand the concept of Twitter – my feed is no longer available to individuals like you who hide behind faceless profiles & too frightened to actually stand up & be accounted for in this life.

            I am sure other readers can make up their own mind about the multiple aliases you use, which could include those you list as I note like you, I believe I am correct in saying none of them have secured their online profile to an avatar – so other readers have no idea who or if they are actually real individuals.

            One thing about being open & honest is that I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of, unlike yourself it would seem! You have shown your true colours once again with your remarks insinuations about +ve people I do hope you will not live to regret your judgmental & spiteful ways – what goes around, comes around!

          2. Samuel B. 2 Aug 2013, 8:31pm

            Well other commentators certainly seem to be making up their own minds if the thumb-scoring system is anything to go by.

            And t’would appear to be game set and match Sammie B.

            But then again ’twas ever thus.

          3. LOL the scoring system that is open to abuse & is not secure? Because you have multiple devices (iPhone, iPad & no doubt desktop or laptop) it is clear to anyone with a cursory interest that you clearly manipulate the scoring system.

            In debates where you do not contribute I am yet to be in negative territory, so lets be clear Samuel the scoring system tells us nothing what so ever, only to confirm how devious & spiteful you are as an individual!

            I also note that all these commentators who allegedly mark me down very rarely bother to comment & put forward their own views on the comments I post here, therefore vote or no vote there is no meaningful debate per se, but you alone have ensured that situation has arisen!

            It is never about “winning” but putting forward a reasonable alternative view, that is factually based.

            Now I have reopened my Twitter account under a different profile name I intend to ensure my followers are kept well informed of your antics here on PN

          4. Samuel B. 2 Aug 2013, 9:16pm

            Ooh I’m all a quiver!!

          5. What a frightful image that has conjured up in my mind – never underestimate social media Sammie, whilst it has its down sides it has helped change the world & uncover wrong doing!

            Have a nice weekend, I do hope I don’t have the displeasure of bumping into you at your D&G store when I am out shopping this weekend, the odds are quite high for such an event, given there are not many D&G outlets in my area!

          6. Samuel B. 2 Aug 2013, 9:35pm

            “Now I have reopened my Twitter account under a different profile name I intend to ensure my followers are kept well informed of your antics here on PN…”

            Yes indeed, W6, or should that be Westie_63, and looking forward as is Mz. Powell to your new incarnation commencing Monday.

            Nothing stays secret from me for long.

            And to think you don’t look a day over 45…

          7. Samuel B. 2 Aug 2013, 9:49pm

            Speaking of which, isn’t “westie” one of numerous non de plumes you have used on here W6, even as you have the temerity of accusing ME of posting under various guises?

            Your hypocrisy knows absolutely no bounds:- I just hope your Twitterati realise what a fraud and opportunist you really are.

            Twitter ye not, sweetie!

          8. Good for you Mr Bass, all this latest comment tells both me & other PN readers is that you spend an inordinate amount to of time stalking the twitter-sphere for little snippets of information either about me or my followers.

            I guess I will have to be a little more creative in yet another edit of my profile – all because some little twerp (who claims to uphold freedom of speech) continues to stalk & troll me. No one should be subjected to such harassment, bullying & intrusion. I suggest you take advice on your recent antics, as I am already in the process of having a high profile law firm look at the defamatory comments you have made here about me.

            If you want to continue with your childish behaviour, that is up to you, but I do not take your trolling & stalking lightly, this is the first time it has happened to me & it will be the last – watch this space sunshine I am a very determined individual who will seek the correct outcome for your defamatory comments.

          9. Ooh now I really am shaking in my DG boots – not!!


          10. We have had this conversation before, I think I posted twice using westie or something similar. Perhaps a call you D&G Head Office is in order as I am sure they would consider your behaviour to be bringing their brand into disrepute! I’m not fussed really, you either stop your underhand antics or you avoid lifting comments form my Twitter feed to use out of context here on these pages!

            I am quite prepared to go through these comment pages to provide the necessary evidence that clearly shows you to be a bully & to have made disparaging remarks about the customers who visit your store – it’s up to you Mr Bass I really have had enough of you!

          11. FYI W6 my area manager is well aware I post on here, and D&G are themselves advocates for gay people.

            My boss was a wild child of the 1980s and so all too aware of how the fight against HIV became a free for all for careerists out to line their own pockets.

            Indeed it was my wonderful boss who equipped me with my iPad mini to enable me to stay abreast of the news while on the shop floor.

            I think you’lll find the biggest weakness in your argument is that I speak out of compassion and am on the side of the majority on PN in my condemnation of the HIV sector.

            Whereas YOU are more or less a lone voice squawking on their behalf and forever being shamed and disgraced while trying to shamelessly stymie and silence open debate.

            Your attempt to shut me up will have to be an altogether more convincing argument which I’m sure even now you’re conniving and scheming to think up.

            You can’t silence the truth and that’s what frightens your massive ego so.

            The truth will always out!

          12. It seems that you have been emboldened by a glass or 2 of gin & dubonnet or some other intoxicating tipple yesterday evening Samuel – alcohol often relieves a mind in turmoil or blocks out the negative effects of stress, but in the cold light of day individuals often regret their foolish actions!

            Have it your way, but I will not tolerate the personal nature of the comments you post here! It is one thing to make spurious comments about organisations, but something very different to target an individual whom is a complete stranger to you.

            I am a very determined individual & whilst it is not my intention to “silence” you as you claim, I will ensure that your defamation of my character is dealt with in an appropriate manner. I suggest you think very carefully about any further personal remarks you post here about me.

            As I have said many times good debate is about challenging the point, not the person making that point, something your over inflated tormented ego seems not to understand

      2. Samuel B. 3 Aug 2013, 9:41am

        Threat and intimidation are always the last resort of those who cannot win an argument fairly and squarely.

        I welcome the day when your perceived slights can be forensically analysed in court and the judge slams down his hammer and declares “I hereby find that W6 Blokey suffers acute cognitive dissonance which propels him to maintain his stand even when he is so isolated in his position as to be untenable for 99.99% of halfway reasonable folk.

        “I therefore sentence him to a year in a correctional facility where you will be unprogrammed from your irrational beliefs and world views and conditioned into accepting that in a civilised society people have the right to free and open speech, and in which no institution or charity is being reproach or criticism.

        “This will also serve to erase your persecution/everyone’s-out-to-slander-me complex.

        “Take this ‘orrible little man down.”

        1. I think you will find that the comment that was removed by PN was not a “perceived slight” but a breach of the terms & conditions for the use of these comment pages – after all PN has to protect itself against possible litigation – the very fact that comment was removed adds to the strength of my claim against you Samuel Bass, this has been confirmed by the legal team I have referred the matter to.

          Let us be clear, I am not making no threats towards you, I have clearly stated I intend to seek the correct outcome of your defamatory comment placed by you on these comment pages. Whilst you appear to champion free speech it is clearly evident that this concept only applies to Samuel Bass, one rule for you & quite another for everyone else

          As I say it is not my intention to silence anyone, but to ensure where wrong doing has occurred for it to be corrected in the appropriate manner, that is why we have the Law of the land, & you would do well to consider that. You are not above the Law!

        2. You may like to take note of this important statement provided by my legal advisor:

          “Freedom of speech is an important and valuable right. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that people can make untrue and damaging comments about one another without consequences.”

          You should note that published comments amount to a claim of libel not slander as you seem to suggest. There is an important principle at stake here, whilst I find your intrusive & inaccurate comments irritating, the main issue here is that no one individual has the right to make accusations of wrong doing without the evidence to back up such as statement. The comment you posted here inferred that I am or have been defrauding the State, which is a very serious accusation to make in a public forum.

          You have the option to post an apology here on PN, (which I have previously suggested you do) as a potential way to prevent a claim being made against you. I suggest you think carefully before you post any further comments here.

          1. Samuel B. 3 Aug 2013, 2:02pm

            If I was wrong in that comment I posted that was removed then of course I apologise and regret what I said.

            If that was the case then I overstepped the mark and will be the first to put my hand up to that and say sorry as I take full responsibility for what I post on these boards.

            No excuses.

            But I do hope you will extend me the same courtesy and not in future make personal remarks against my good person:- a recent remark you made was clearly antisemetic but I let that pass.

            Yes things do get heated between us from time to time but we should always be weary not to cross that fine line.

            So long as you know that as much as you think I hate you, that is in fact far from the truth.

            Frustrated with you, categorically yes!


          2. I am very happy to accept your apology in relation to the comment that was removed by Pink News & also to draw a line under this particular episode.

            We owe it to each other (& other PN commentators) to try & debate in a way that does not get personal & emotionally charged & I also apologise for any personal comments that have caused particular offense. As you say many unfortunate comments have been made in the heat of the moment but I think it is safe to say that we are equally matched when it comes to personal remarks, which have done nothing to further debate. We both know that the Samuel & W6 “show” is well known here on PN, this is not helping matters when it comes to the important issue of gay men & associated health inequalities.

            I will in future avoid making personal comments & challenge the point not the person making that point, it may make for less than interesting reading, but the internet is a difficult medium to judge when the nuances of face to face debate are lost.

          3. On the subject of Twitter, my page is a personal profile & I would prefer to keep it open, because I am a very open individual – all I ask is that if you continue to read my banal tweets you respect the context in which they are posted & that to re-post part of such comments here does appear as overly intrusive & the context of the tweet is lost.

            I suggest that what I post on Twitter stays on Twitter & similarly I will refrain from making capital out of the intrusive use of your personal details, which whilst they have been placed in the public domain by your good self I am more than happy to respect your need for privacy of such information.

            I do hope that this will once & for all draw a line under this most recent episode & go someway to putting past difficulties to one side. HIV prevention services are being systematically dismantled, so we all need to get the message out there that everyone can make a difference in one way or another!

            Enjoy the rest of your Saturday

          4. W6, what more can i say other than thank you for being such a gentleman about this and I am pleased to proceed forth on the entirely fair and reasonable terms you state.

            I will adhere entirely to the debate from now on and not get personal, no matter how frustrated I get.

            I think I ought to explain just why I am so outspoken in these debates.

            Ten years ago a very dear friend of mine was introduced to crystal meth here in London.

            It was offered to him as something less addictive:- he rapidly seroconverted and spiralled downward.

            In desperation I called the GMFA and all they were interested in was referring my friend to the THT:- theirs was a “these things happen – all drugs are evil” attitude.

            So in researching how to help my friend I found a flier for the Life or Meth web site and, decry it as you may, it told me all I needed to know about what my friend was going through and also confirmed my worst suspicions about the London HIV sector:- they just do not care…

          5. My dear friend got sucked into the “party and play” weekend-long shoot and slam scene:- this was ten years ago, it was going on then and Gary Leigh was clearly trying to raise the alarm about what would, if not tackled, manifest into the scenario we now have today where spikes in HIV transmission of up to 20% have been recorded in London, all attributed to the rise of this unwholesome scene.

            My dear friend burned out and is no longer with us:- but the one thing I will never forget what he told me about these parties is the fact that the campaign administrator of a key HIV charity – who had the power to decide what campaigns to mount – was a frequent attendee at these events at leastt up until 2005.

            This should put a few pieces of the jigsaw together and explain my anger and upset over the selfish interest of a few that hold sway over the rest of us:- particularly when the same people today when commenting about the meth problem in London today claim to have never seen it coming.

          6. I hope it also puts into better perspective why these debates have often been emotional and personal:- I now see other acquaintance (not more close friends, thankfully) being sucked into this lost world and it makes me so angry.

            Gary Leigh claims he sold his home to get the message of crystal’s uniquely destructive qualities out and did many interviews in the press at the time.

            That the problem we have today did not manifest to the same extent back then can be attributed entirely to his selfless work in getting the message out.

            Criminally THT and GMFA didn’t pick up the baton and sustain the message and seemingly Gary is no longer active in this work, and so crystal has developed into a major problem here.

            And that is entirely the fault of these charities who always wait until the problem is too large to ignore before acting.

            And while you accuse me of conspiracy theory, even you should be asking WHY do they behave in this way?

            Isn’t prevention better than cure, W6?

          7. Samuel B. 4 Aug 2013, 1:35pm

            PS: I would add that at times like these you never fail to humble me.

            I think it shows that when we put our egos aside we are on the same wavelength.

            I have said before on such circumstances you have a big heart and ultimately mean well, and you have developed a very skilled and fluent writing style.

            I do hope from this point on we can find a better and less confrontational way to air our differences.

          8. I appreciate your frank & open replies, very moving & powerful to read about the loss of your close friend. It certainly fills in the blanks & I can much better appreciate your position relating to your quite justified upset & frustration with GMFA, THT et al.

            I became aware of the party & play scene probably about 6 yrs ago & it was only by chance that I got talking to an individual at the gym & asked about his collapsed veins – he was honest & upfront & explained his intravenous drug use to me. At that stage I was given the impression that the scene was very much underground, mainly groups of +ve gay men who organised invite only parties – I did get an invite but never went along, group sex has never been my thing!

          9. So I can confirm that for a limited number of people meth use has been around for at least 6 yrs & probably longer as you confirm & I guess as drugs such as GHB, became more readily available then Crystal meth use also increased, these 2 drugs are particularly known to reduce inhibitions & vastly increase sex drive. This is going to sound like a cop out, but my personal view from my own experience of addiction (not drugs, but alcohol use) I would not have considered any of the HIV charities to have been able to help with my addiction problems. Addiction is a very complex area requiring a great level of expertise & most of all the addict needs to want to stop what ever they are using. That said the help I got from THT enabled me to confront my difficulties & seek the expert help I needed.

            I guess here I am making an assumption that the death of friend was as a result of his drug use & was accelerated by him not having the necessary support in terms of managing his HIV well.

          10. It is a real shame that it is only now that links between drug use & new HIV cases are being taken seriously, even now I understand it is difficult to get the DoH to fully recognise the problem, simply because of the lack of reliable data – again I know this seems like a cop out, but we have a broken system here in the UK when it comes to the way we fund & commission all kinds of services as there is a “silo mentality” of how funding should be used. I have long acknowledged that the HIV charity sector have been too protective of their income streams – & this has given rise to the feeling held by many that HIV services have become a gravy train to line the pockets of a few at the top. Personally I am of the view that it is the Government who has let down the LGBT population on many health issues, HIV & drug use being one.

          11. When I look back at the activism particularly in the US we can see the divide when ACT UP split, with the treatment & data committee going it’s own way – the treatment guys wanted to work with the system to improve drug trials, the main Act Up group were in favour of direct action. I certainly would have been with the treatment guys, tey & work with the system to create change & this is evident in the way I approach things – perhaps I can be accused of having a “wait & see” view, we are all very different.

            I am a huge supporter of organisations of London Friend who are working with the NHS & charities such as the GMI Partnership to tackle the “chemsex” problem. This model appears to be successful & I believe charities such as London Friend are much better equipped to deal with this than say THT. We need to fund intensive programs for the few rather than the many & for me that funding is best spent with drug & alcohol charities leading with HIV charities playing a supporting role.

          12. I understand that this sounds like the “apologist system server” that you accuse me of being, but for me I try to create change from within, try to influence & hopefully make an impression. Sadly there are not enough MSM interested in health inequality & there are many reasons why MSM just switch off when HIV is mentioned – as a population group we should be demanding more & holding people to account. Some of the action needs to come from MSM themselves – this is beginning to happen with community meetings becoming more common place but we need momentum to continue, that way we can challenge those who ultimately make the decisions about the health inequalities that exist.

            I do not have the answers in terms of prevention it really is a very tricky area to get right, but we should now focus on those most at risk & the charity sector must work together to make the best of the resources available…………..just my humble analysis!

          13. also alludes to the HIV sector campaign strategist who was a frequent attendee at these crystal meth sex parties:- and in fact implicitly states that he was the partner of the then main importer into the UK of crystal meth at that time.

            What is your opinion on this, W6, and do you think this individual should be named publicly at this critical time when a crisis summit to deal with the rise and proliferation of crystal meth into the UK gay community is about to take place?

            My friend said that these orgies were often recorded so pictorial evidence presumably exists to prove this individual’s participation?

            If proven it would certainly wake a lot of people up to how HIV prevention policy in this country has been mishandled and corrupted by self-interested parties.

            The protectionism of this morally bankrupted individual must end and the truth should out if only to finally jolt our community into action!

    3. Ah I see so it is OK for D&G to turn a profit but the same rule does not apply to MPG? Where is the hard evidence that confirms that bareback porn incentivises individuals to dispense with condoms? There is at best low quality evidence regarding this principle, which may influence some individuals. The GMFA survey, which I note you have previously quoted found that a high majority of respondents thought bb porn would influence the sexual behaviour of others, but would not influence their own sexual behaviour – something I am sure you can confirm from your own experience. This is not high quality evidence & should therefore not be treated as exacting proof of concept!

      1. Enough of you Samuel Bass, in recent days you have shown yourself to be a very unsavory, yet unfortunate character – PN comment page readers should note that you are no better than David Skinner, as like him you have joined the ranks of those who have had their comments moderated & removed from PN – you are certainly no beacon of selflessness or a shining example of an inclusive non judgmental gay man. Shame on you!

      2. I have to agree with the argument that bareback porn encourages people to ditch condoms. I really don’t see how an intelligent and sensible person would stop using condoms because they saw a porn video where the actors weren’t wearing condoms.

        To be honest I very rarely notice if the actors are wearing condoms or not, and their wearing or lack of wearing a condom would have zero influence on my decision to use a condom in my own life.

        I think anyone who stops using condoms because of bareback porn is painfully stupid to begin with, and was probably looking for any excuse to ditch condoms and would practice bareback sex any way.

        Mr. Pink

        Mr. Pink

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