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LGBT sports and human rights coalition rules out Winter Olympics boycott in favour of visibility option

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Reader comments

  1. Now this is getting interesting…I hope the IOC members are squirming in their seats over this as they well should be given the IOC is absolutely corrupt and self-serving.

    I would like to see every country which says it values human rights to establish a Pride House at Sochii. Furthermore, I would like to see all athletes from these countries wearing rainbow coloured uniforms in the opening ceremony, regardless of how much has already been spent on uniforms. Imagine Putin’s face as he would have to stand there clapping as they walked past him.

    And if they truly believe in equality and human rights like they say they do, let Obama, Cameron and Rudd lead the way on this issue.

    1. When the law is not for everyone, it is discrimination.

      1. de Villiers 1 Aug 2013, 7:40am

        Discrimination by itself is not necessarily wrong. It depends on what ground the discrimination is based.

        No-one seems to be opposed to a compulsory retirement age of 67, which is age discrimination or that only people over this age can claim a pension which is also discrimination.

  2. Colin (London) 1 Aug 2013, 7:46am

    We need much more than this…money is winning…again

    My goodness Russia has been ruled by nutters for so many years. Even today as the west needs Gas and Oil we bow to them. Where is the United Nations? I hear nothing. The silence is deafening.

    Please folks a simple letter to your MP’s Please.

    I certainly will have my own protest…I will delete the channels that will be broadcasting the Olympics and make sure i do not buy any Olympics junk. My personal protest probably affecting the BBC, ITV, (I don’t support cable) May be useless but if everyone did it then the media money would be wasted.

    I was hoping that the UN would ask the Olympic committee to move the event from Russia and ask Canada if they would step in at short notice.

    I feel the IOC have let gay people down.

  3. There is no one more selfish than a trained athlete.

    You cannot expect someone as self obsessed as an olympic athlete to ever put anything ahead of getting that medal.

    Don’t forget that the obsession is what keeps them in the closet in the first place.

  4. Keith, the eventual winner. 1 Aug 2013, 9:28am

    All this nonsense about human rights is a diversion from the truth that the gays are blocking their ears to.
    Russians have more freedom to pursue all manner of sexual avenues than Britain or the US have ever had. In Russia, Homosexuality , defactom polygamy, consensual adult incest and bestiality are all legal. Not so in Britain and the US where all such things are criminal except homosexuality.
    However, the gays take exception to the rules about propaganda. These rules are not a breach of human rights and the promotion of legal yet perverses acts such homosexuality, bestiality and consensual adult incest were never enshrined in the human rights convention.
    Even Peter Tatchell will acknowledge this if asked.
    It remains to say that all sovereign, self determining nations have the right and authority to create laws as they see fit for it’s citizens.
    Do you see Russians boycotting Britsih products on account of our criminalization of consensual adult acts such as polygamy and incest?

    1. Commander Thor 1 Aug 2013, 9:42am

      Go sniff some poop.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Aug 2013, 10:22am

      You lost the equal marriage debate big time with your failed predictions. The only thing you are winning is the LOSER’s game nothing more and that’s what you’ll always be.

      1. Keith, the eventual winner. 1 Aug 2013, 11:06am

        Why not address my actual post instead of your usual ad hominem tedium.
        My remarks about Russians having greater sexual freedoms are actually true if you bother to check . This exposes the attacks on here against the Russians as pure racism. Do you have some comment to counter my assertions? Unlikely!

    3. Next time you bore us with your rubbish, could you call your self Keith – the stuck record.

  5. Godric Godricson 1 Aug 2013, 9:39am

    The positive point for me is that I’m a Citizen of the European Union and that LGBTI people in the EU have the freedom to write to legislators and sports oraganisations etc We have rights that Russians cannot even imagine. Please write to your representatives in the home nations to let them know we aren’t happy about Sochi and that LGBTI people are suffering.

    1. Keith, the eventual winner. 1 Aug 2013, 9:55am

      Will you be complaining about the criminalization of consensual adult acts in Britain such as consensual adult incest and polygamy and the fact that these acts are legal in more progressive nations such as Russia, or will your complaint be self seeking? Are yoiu seeking to change Russian propaganda laws? Do you not realize they have not breached any EU or human rights agreements by creating theses laws?
      Finally, do you realize that homosexuality is legal in Russia?
      I have to ask, what is the basis of your complaint and what do you hope to achieve or change?

      1. Seriously Keith, There are Neo Nazi Russians who are physically abusing children as young as 12 and you ask what we are trying to achieve.

        You have made it obvious you don’t like us, we get it, but surely you cannot condone the abuse of children by these people.

        Try fighting against true evil in this world, you might just redeem yourself.

        1. Keith, the eventual winner. 1 Aug 2013, 10:59am

          Physical abuse of chidren is ready a criminal offence in Russia so what elseChhildren are also abuseed in Britain you know but do you boycott British goods? Do you expect criminal offenders to change their behaviour because you boycott goods from their countries?
          What a clueless lot!
          Also, I have never indicated that my hatred for homosexuality extends to actual persons and it is dishonest of you to suggest otherwise. Do you find scaa’;t disgusting? The answer is likely yes. Does it follow then that you hate all those that carry out such behaviour? According to your illogical reasoning, it does.
          As for the term evil, it is subjective. I find the creeping insidious moral decay in society evil, you see no decay nor evil. I speak up for what I believe to be right.
          You also ignore that certain consensual adult acts are legal in Russia yet criminal in Britain or are such prohibitions below your radar of what is evil.
          You also ignore that Russians have greater sexual freedoms than most.

          1. keith francis farrell 1 Aug 2013, 12:27pm

            You are a fool, just a great pity we share out first names, What we are seeing is pure haterid of LGBT people, Russia must be taken out of the world, we will continue until Russia is on her knees. You need to consider equal human rights and get that mad man Putin and his cronies out of office, take all those people who are hurting young LGBT people and posting the videos on the web, and make sure justice is done. they would be charged with crimes against humanity. Your political leaders stripped of their freedoms to travel outside Russia. It is time for change. I hope that you LGBT people don’t decide to really go to war, because there will be a lot of bloodshed.

      2. Beelzeebub 1 Aug 2013, 10:46am

        F\/ck off.

        Were not interested.

  6. keith francis farrell 1 Aug 2013, 12:17pm

    I do think a total boycott of the games and Russia is needed. the only way to make change to hit people where it hurts most. South Africa suffered boycott and they have the best equal rights constitution possible. Everybody has the same equal rights and have had since 1994. it is time the world stood up and said we don’t want to see any more hate. the videos we are seeing coming out from Russia are horrible.
    Do we really need to repeat the past misstates when Hitler (Putin) was in power. lets change it and demand that the games be moved now. the same with the world cup and athletics, that are also due to take place. Don’t wait. let us demand change or turn our backs on them

    1. Cuirmichael 1 Aug 2013, 2:42pm

      The problem is that at least one gay organization has pleaded that we do not mount a boycott but visit and show support. That has changed my mind about a boycott; after all, it is Russian gays who are shouldering the burden of campaigning for lesbian and gay rights in their country – and who must bear the consequences. I think they must have the right to call the tactics when they know much more about the situation than outsiders do, however good willed.

  7. They need to demand that the IOC move the Winter Games from Sochi to a place like, say, Vancouver that values human rights. The disgrace is that an uncivilized country with a tyrannical government was chosen to host the Games in the first place.

  8. This is complete BS! Discrimination is discrimination! What the hell is this ‘debate’ about, anyway? Would the OIC have staged the Olympics in South Africa during the times of Apartheid? Would they? Was South Africa barred from taking part in the 18th Olympic Games in Tokyo over its refusal to condemn apartheid or am I dreaming this? Wake up people! We are less than human! DEMAND that the IOC drops it’s ridiculous plans to continue these games. Yes, I feel sorry for the participants who have trained hard for these games BUT, sometimes these sacrifices have to be made in order to fight for common decency.

  9. This is unexpected and deserves a lot of support. I completely agree with with the Russian LGBT Network’s statement. There is a real opportunity to do something people won’t forget.

    I also think this calls for some praise from every person who were paying no attention to this issue until the opportunity to trash other activists presented itself (and there are a lot).

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